All members must follow the following rules:

Respect Others
It isn't possible to get far in the world if you refuse to respect others. Treat others kindly, don't insult them, and others will do the same in return. If you refuse to treat others well, then you will get not only a warning, but a bad reputation, which opens the door for more negativity.

No Spam
No one likes spam, it clutters the board, so don't contribute to the problem. Messages that do not contribute to the topic or forum are considered spam and the poster will receive a warning.

No "Click my dragons" Posts or Topics
There are tons of people doing this, yet their dragons are almost hatched and they still have over 6 days left. Most people don't need the clicks desperately enough to spam the entire forum to get them. Put a link to your scroll in your sig and post them on other sites (providing you do not break that site's rules) and you'll be fine.

No Eggs/Dragons in Signatures
Because this is a forum created for Dragon Cave, there is a much higher ratio of Dragon Cave members to non-members than on most forums. Thus, if eggs were allowed in signatures, there would be a higher concentration of dragons/hatchlings/eggs on this forum. This leads to egg spam, which is prohibited in the above rule.

Use Constructive Criticism
When someone posts their art or other types of creation, they generally do not want it insulted or put down. If you do not like a work, post how you feel it could be better; Offer suggestions for improvement, but do not insult the creative works of others.

Post Content
The following list explicitly and exhaustively defines what is considered inappropriate. Posts may neither contain nor link to any of the following content:
  • Adult material (Nudity, pornography, or explicit sexual acts)
  • Extreme violence
  • Viruses, spyware, or malware
  • Illegal downloads/piracy
  • Accounts of illegal activities
  • Threatening, harassing, or obscene content.
  • Swearing/censor bypassing (links are allowed if a disclaimer is included)
Note that this list refers to direct references; high-level discussions are fine. Thus, a topic on the use of extreme violence in video games is okay, while links to or detailed descriptions of specific instances of violence are not.

Anything not forbidden by the above list is fine for discussion.

Read pinned topics and make sure to post in the right section
Pinned topics are there for the benefit of all. They save members from having to recreate the same common topics, and save mods the time of reviewing posts. Duplicate topics are a waste of both your time and the time of the moderation team, so any duplicate topic will be closed and their poster will receive a warning.