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> A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~, Please, read the rules before posting.
Posted: Aug 2 2015, 01:31 AM
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Level 4

Group: Members
Posts: 233
Member No.: 218,656
Joined: 4-May 15

user posted image a albino with a pretty lineage
user posted image

offer what you think its worth
im almost always interested in CB xenos if you are willing


This post has been edited by blockEdragon on Aug 2 2015, 01:31 AM
Posted: Aug 2 2015, 01:37 AM
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Level 9

Group: Members
Posts: 1,955
Member No.: 32,800
Joined: 19-February 09

Have(my scroll):

5th Gen Gold Shimmer egg (Toys I Should be so Lucky x Magma) ~2015 line~

5th Gen Gold Shimmer hatchling (Gratz x Golden Wyvern) *Influenced female* ~2015 line~

Have(friend's scroll):

nothing atm

-2nd - 4th Gen Prize dragon from 2014-2015 (Shimmer or Tinsel) (no GoN or evengen lines) (Swap/lineages I don't have/look at profile)
-Any Neglected hatchling (on my scroll I need a male and on my friend's scroll they need a female) (We can dream right?)
-CB Gold egg/hatchling, 2nd gen with a common mate or PB (but no holiday lineages except Holly)
-CB Silver egg/hatchling or 2nd gen with a common mate (but no holiday lineages except Holly)
-CB Copper eggs or hatchlings (red or green)
-CB Pyralspite eggs or hatchlings (Almandine and Spessartine only)
-CB Tan Ridgewing eggs or hatchlings (4 or more)
-CB Chronos Xenowyrm eggs or hatchlings
-Also looking for mates for these: this and this
-pm me

*Please don't cancel your offers and if it hasn't been declined we are seriously considering if we want it or not and we might be scroll locked.
**Please stop adding these eggs/hatchlings to click sites. We don't need your help!
PMEmail Poster
Posted: Aug 2 2015, 01:38 AM
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Level 9

Group: Members
Posts: 1,769
Member No.: 195,668
Joined: 17-September 12

have: paper hatchling and CB bluesang hatchling
trade: http://dragcave.net/teleport/85d0e6f635f86...9a39a677ae40a45
want: offers?
(pm to seperate)
PMEmail Poster
Posted: Aug 2 2015, 02:47 AM
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Level 7

Group: Members
Posts: 996
Member No.: 71,058
Joined: 19-January 11

user posted image CB green Copper - Offer

CB Xenowyrm (not from Volcano)
CB Pyralspite orange or pink

Don't need any more Spirit Wards
PMEmail Poster
Posted: Aug 2 2015, 02:54 AM
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Level 3

Group: Members
Posts: 117
Member No.: 213,790
Joined: 13-August 14


  • user posted image user posted image CB Blue or Purple Nebula Hatchie
  • No other offers, sorry.

Trade Link



    user posted image user posted image 2 CB Sunrise/Sunset Hatchies (Auto if it includes 1 sunset)
  • user posted image Other Offers? (Preferrably CB Hatchies, at least 2 unless rare)

Trade Link
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