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 Those Who Watch For Aeons, They are forever and ever angry...
Posted: May 15 2017, 01:13 AM

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Satisfied with her work, Milla took a peek and was ready to go through, before another figure approached them. They (she?) seemed to know the hooded mage -- Issadora -- and seemed to have quite the personality and quite the ability. The short-haired lady used her hands to pull the fog into a ball and compress it, and as she could see further so could she think clearer.

"Fascinating... I've never actually seen anyone with abilities like yours, replicating terraformation on a micro scale..." Milla was mesmerized by the process. She couldn't stop staring at the mini planet.

Both these women appeared to be mages of some reputation. They seemed fully capable of defending themselves, and that made them respectable.

Drawn back to the present by Issadora, Milla took the prompt to introduce herself. It was only polite. "I'm Milla. Milla Maxwell." She gave a small smile and reached her hand out to shake, but Issadora was too busy with her spell already. She counted the seconds the hooded woman spent casting. Purging the room was an unnecessary precaution as she was sure that, as a group, they could swiftly destroy any monsters.

The room had no ambushes. Milla examined the walls, the ceiling, then the floor. There was the ring of runes on the ground with writing she didn't recognize, but it reminded her of a shrine of some sort. A place of some significance.

The purple mage, again being cautious, tossed in a knife instead of stepping in the oval herself and upon contact, the blade triggered an explosion that sent her flying into the wall. Milla shielded her face with her arms, but she too was tossed by the power of the magic, which sent her tumbling to the ground.

Milla righted herself with a roll and drew her sword, her eyes darting around the room as she knelt low. Thanks to that short haired woman, the mist cleared enough for her to see. There weren't any other threats, but it seemed like the oval was a trap of some sort they would best stay away from. But why a trap so obvious? There was ample room to walk around it.

The sound of the explosion attracted a white monster who slid through the opening they made in the wall. Milla prepared for a fight, but the creature bumbled into the circle. She braced herself for another explosion, though all it did was thicken the fog and in turn, dampen her memories again.

Interesting... so the ring has multiple effects.


"Get it!" Grip shouted, running out of the room, past Kyun, and after the flying crystal shard. There was only one direction to go, so even if he couldn't see very far through the mist he had an idea where it might have gone. What was that thing, anyway? It was like a small flying rock -- and not the kind of rock Moonstone was.

The room only had one exit and touching the letters didn't seem to do anything, so there was no choice but to press forward and perhaps learn the next part of the story.

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Posted: May 15 2017, 03:57 PM


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Jess rubbed the back of her head. "You wanna know who we are?" She looked at her quivering friend behind her with a slightly confused expression, then returned her gaze to the dragon. "I...really don't think you could've ever heard of us, but, uh, I'm Jessica Velcheck, and my friend here is Kyle Ossler. My apologies for his...behavior, I guess you could call it."

Kyle met her eyes with a glare. "Hey! How else would you expect any reasonably-headed person to a F**ING LIZARD! Whatever that is! Look at it! It has claws, and teeth, and if it's an actual dragon, oh I dunno, FIRE?!" He screeched the last word, and Jess reeled back.

"Oi! Don't scream in my EAR! And don't be rude to the clearly sentient animal."

"Well so-rry that I can't help but be scared! Not everybody is a dragon-fanatic like you, Jess!"

"If you value your life, maybe you should stop insulting the dragon!"

That got Kyle to shut up. Sticking his hands in his pockets, he looked at his feet, slightly embarrassed. Suddenly, something caught his eye..."Guys...why is there a chair there?" Jess looked in the direction Kyle was looking. Would you look at that? A random chair, sitting upright, in seemingly perfect condition. It was a curious sight, especially remembering how she and her friend had entered this strange place. Pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose, Jess examined it closer. There was no mistaking it; it was a chair.

"I'll go check it out." Jess shrugged, walking towards it. Kyle put a hand on her shoulder. "W-wait! Maybe we shouldn't investigate the chair? It could be a trap."

"Kyle...Kyle." Jess sighed. "It is a goddamn chair. What could go wrong?"

"Everything. Everything could go wrong." He moaned softly.

A curious object was peacefully rested in an orbit around Earth, among the satellites and other chunks of space trash. It was an old Gem warship, once the fastest fighter in its fleet. Now it could barely be recognized as such, painted black and covered in graffiti in several different alien tongues. Its pilot was reclined in the seat, fast asleep with her muddy boots on the dash and a copy of an erotic magazine on her face. A loud snore ripped from her mouth. A tiny crack emitted from one of the alien-creature eggs that she had to deliver; she was amused by how desperate the client was to get the eggs to their destination. He was willing to pay anything to get the job done! With the promise of many credits ahead, Obsidian had stopped here to take a little rest. In a few days, she'd be rich! The idea was tantalizing, oh so tantalizing. A smile appeared on her face as she slept.

A sudden jolt of the ship snapped Obsidian from her nap. Suddenly annoyed, she got up to check what was wrong. I know I didn't forget the shields. Did I? Shoulda known better than to park in a junk-riddled atmosphere. But anywhere else and I woulda drifted off into space. She bent over the dash and looked out the window...and things began to get trippy. Some sort was suddenly thrashing in the zero-gravity did it get there? There was some sort of hole left behind, and it was sucking things in. Suddenly, Earth looked flat. But Earth was far from flat. A split second later, panic sparked as the gem realized what was happening. Her ship was getting sucked into the hole.

She let a colorful string of curses fly as she jumped into the chair, kick-starting the ship into action. But alas, it was too late for Obsi to pull out of the hole's grasp. As hard as the thrusters worked, she was helpless against the tug. The ship whacked the creature's head as it slipped into the hole, and Obsi heard the abomination screech as she fell in...


Various bits of space junk were landing on the ground, and soon Obsi's ship nose-dived into the ground, the whole front of the ship crumpling with the impact. She clung onto the seat, afraid to hit something too hard and be forced to revert to her gem form. Obsi avoided using her gem form when she could, as it was inconvenient and a pain to wait. She always felt refreshed afterwards, but she always had business to do, and that couldn't be interrupted.

After the ship slowed to a stop, Obsi landed on her feet and looked at her wrecked ship. "My baby..." Obsi groaned, hugging the ship's broken wall. "How could I let this happen to you?" She patted the wall, sniffling. "I'll miss you." There was no way she could fix this, and the price of having a professional do it would be a fortune. It would be cheaper to buy an entirely new ship!

Crouching down, Obsi examined the eggs. Smashed. Her money, ruined. There was one egg left, a lucky survivor. Might as well have something to sell. She picked it up carefully and looked for a way out. She pushed the door and it fell out, clanging on the ground. She walked out, and the first thing she noticed was that a wave of amnesia hit her. Gasping, Obsi rushed back into her ship, but she couldn't see anything; already, a thick fog had filled the ship. Running back out, Obsi began to panick, running in a random direction. "Help! Help!" She cried, but no answer came.

Suddenly...something was up ahead! Obsidian stopped and examined it. Some sort of glow shone through the fog...ah, what was the term?! Frustrated with the sudden memory loss, Obsidian walked towards the light, eventually entering a room. The fog was lighter here and she could see, and there was something inscribed on some sort of stone. Obsi squinted to see...wait. How could she forget how to read?! Obsi growled, then returned her attention to the thing. It was in some sort of hallway, where the fog was thicker. She was determined to keep up with that glowing thing. Obsi began to run again, trying to catch up to the glow...
Posted: May 16 2017, 01:43 AM

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Shadow remained detached from the situation. The first mage began helping the other one, even though she attempted to cast some sort of spell to stop the bleeding, so evidently there wouldn't be another free soul anytime soon.
" Healers..." She muttered. Ah, well... it was nice while it lasted. She was too much of a fighter, anyway; it was more fun to take your own souls than to wait around for something to die.
Speaking of fights... some footsteps in the distance made Shadow look up. The large shape she had noticed earlier was moving away from her, now upright and still quite large. She cocked her head in curiosity, wondering where it was going and if the blood smell was coming from over there. Hostilities had died down between this group, so it might be worth exploring a little... at the same time, she needed to get her bearings, and these people might have relevent information.
If only she had enough power to just message for one of the other Arch Angels... not that she remembered their names, or even how to do that... Errgh, this memory loss!

She shifted, tail twitching, unable to decide on what to do. Judging by some clangs to her left and a crash further away, things were still being teleported here. That didn't exactly make it safe to hang around in one spot, but it also just didn't make sense in general... someone around here must be either continuously activating portals, or there must be a... a...... what was that thing called again? Big portal that goes everywhere? Uh... anyway, so there must be one of those, which meant that there was a spellcaster, or technomagician, or just some crazy scientist somewhere holding the portal open. It might be worth searching for him and demanding an explanation... at glaive-point. Yeah, that would be nice.
First things first though: finding out where that tangy smell was coming from. It could be another battle to reap from!

Shadow turned and detoured around the androids, the healers, and the swordfighter, wandering in the direction the large creature went. She didn't mind what any of them thought of it, or even if they reacted; as long as she wasn't interrupted. As she walked though she saw that she was catching up to the large - now evidently white - creature, and slowed, uncertain about coming too close to it.
The hesitance granted her the opportunity to hear a cry of pain nearby, making her perk up and allow the white creature to go ahead. What was that? She wondered, interest piqued. Pain meant a fight!... Or a clumsy fool. Or a clumsy fool that just fell on his head? She grew amused at her own, grim thoughts. Whatever. Any soul is a good soul.
She sent a final look of curiosity after the white creature, before splitting off and slinking toward the noise. It had reverberated off the tiles, so it was loud, but not nearby. She tread carefully, actuely aware of the amount of noise she herself was making; the armor shifting wasn't exactly quiet... if the chances were good though, her targets would be too preoccupied to notice.

The fog seemed to only grow thicker, which annoyed Shadow, but she pressed on, eventually coming across an opening in the wall; no, wait, this was one end of the room... This was a really long room, wasn't it? The opening was large, clearly intended to be a doorway. She tried to remain inconspicuous by shifting close to the wall and coming up to the door from the side; before she could look through to see what was going on though, a creature came out from it.
She held her breath; too close to step away! It would hear her. The creature didn't look too dangerous though... at least, not any more dangerous than she was used to. It reminded her of something, but the thought wasn't coming to her...
Zwip! Shadow jumped and bristled when something flung itself toward them, but the object ignored her and instead struck one of the creature's forelimbs. It jumped, letting out a clearly-sentient yelp, before swatting at the object. Shadow squinted at it as it dodged the swipe and flanked the creature. Was that a flying crystal...? An enchanted object, perhaps?
" Get it!" A voice from within the room. Shadow suppressed a surprised hiss and shrunk back, the shard reacting by flying off. A humanoid shot out of the room after it, but faltered in the chase, as it was already gone. No words were spoken, but she could almost hear it:
What was that??


((EDIT: Adding posts for the bots since not enough other posts have been made yet.

EDIT #2: Mage's map of the place made me confused as to where Grip went, so ignore the part where she noticed him; she's by Kyun and Luna. For the shard, maybe we could say it doubled back around, which is how it escaped up the other hallway?))

The Hound blinked a couple of times, trying to assess the situation. Okay, purple hall... he did not recognize this material, nor the fog that had no moisture. Conspicuous chair has been noted, but... probably not important. Probably. He turned his back to it and looked at the confused man, trying to search his database for identification, but as soon as he did he felt a jolt on the side of his head. He flinched and yelped.
What? What is wrong? Was I damaged? He honestly couldn't remember. Wait... what could he remember? He remembered... very little. A human?
WAIT! His Master! His Master was gone! But who was his master? What did she look like again? He whined and looked up at the man, but he wasn't familiar... so he shakily wandered to the right, trying vainly to remember his Master's features.
Human. That's all he could remember, was human. Not her name, or where she came from, or the sound of her voice or the way she looked... not even the way she smelled. Just human.
So was she here? Was she not here?

A painful sense of loneliness began to settle in the Hound's mind, but he tried to shake himself of it. He could find her! He had to! He picked up a trot, moving in a random direction, senses wide open for anything familiar, but the hall and the sounds echoing along it were completely new to him. He walked, looking around yet seeing no one, until he bumped into a wall; he looked up at it sadly, at a loss of what to do.
I have to find.... find... He tried to think. His eyes then lit up with realization when it came to him: A signal! My Master carried a signal of some kind! I just needed to find the right direction.
He backed up and paced around in a circle, head held up high to use his ears as receivers while he mentally scanned for frequencies; his mind was damaged, but at least he remembered some of his more important functions. Although, he felt a weight on his back that he didn't recognize... it was familiar, and not threatening, but what exactly it was didn't click with him. Certain, benign parts of his body also felt numb. Whatever hostility I fought must have been a Class B threat. He thought, trying to remember the fight... nope, it wasn't coming to him.

Something else was though! He stopped in his tracks as he felt a strange, open-minded sensation to one side of his head. He pointed his muzzle in the direction, and both ears tingled.
An open signal! He realized with joy. Master? Is it you? He bolted toward the signal in excitement. MASTER! I missed you!
The foreign signal was unresponsive, of course, but he thundered after it, metallic claws clacking off the tile, jaw cracked in a happy grin. He found her! He found the signal! Now all he needed was to just-!
He slowed when the signal's increased strength indicated that he was very close to its source; yet, through the fog, he saw only strangers. His excited run died down to a confused trot, then a glum stop. Two female humans, a male human, and two anonymous humanoids. These... these weren't his Masters at all. He didn't know any of these people. They all looked human, but none of them.... Neither their faces nor their attire were in his database...
He shuffled, puzzled and depressed. Where was she? The signal led here, didn't it? He assumed that he would somehow recognize her when he saw her, and looked around just to make sure that he wasn't confused; but the sensation in his mind proved that it was coming from someone from the group. I do not know these humans... Unless I do, and my damages are not permitting me to remember?
His head and tail drooped, and he picked up his paws to walk away from the deceptive signal. I saw no repair terminals, which means I won't be fixed... Does that mean I will never remember?


The Pouncer Drone didn't know what happened to it, but its mind wasn't particularly advanced anyway; at least, not compared to the machine it was struggling with before it fell. Fell where? Who knew? It couldn't blink or move its eyes, so something could have come up behind it. All it remembered was being thrashed by a bigger machine while its comrades chirped loudly, like fire alarms with no batteries left. They all had one simple goal in mind, dictated by a foreign thread recognized as a N.E.S.T. - one of the computers that controlled them - and that was to stop some scavenger's mission.
Then it fell, and the other machine fell too. It landed hard on its head; it could still feel the weird, flattened feeling there. Its attacker had crushed some of its underside plating as well, compressing its left side and making movement difficult. When it fell it was disorienting, the landing traumatic, and the loud voice sudden and scary; so it did what it did best in such situations: hide.

It scrambled and bolted, but the place it had landed was strangely empty, so it forced itself to project the hologram of a dining chair and stay still, right in the middle of the room where it COULDN'T hide best. It felt a false sense of security with the hologram up, and searched for orders from the N.E.S.T.
The thread was missing though. Where did the signal go? Perhaps its receiver was damaged.... so it searched for open transmissions outputted by others of its kind, only to be shocked to find itself alone. It could only pick up two foreign signals, but unknown ones meant nothing to it unless the N.E.S.T. told it that they were.
Well... this was problematic. The drone resigned to confused hesitance, waiting for its connection to the N.E.S.T. to come back, but of course, it didn't. In focusing on its internal functions it didn't notice a human stepping toward it, just to be stopped by her friend; it felt secure by the fact that it looked like a chair.

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Roxy looked the newcomer over. She was pretty and was wearing a strange outfit that Roxy could totally picture wearing instead of her black denim vest and ripped jeans. Both of these women seemed to possess some sort of transmutation abilities possibly linked to their deities. Roxy wasn't sure.

Issadora began to do some magic stuff and Roxy lost interest. She turned back to the other woman when she spoke.

"Fascinating... I've never actually seen anyone with abilities like yours, replicating terraformation on a micro scale..." she said, watching her planet get larger and larger as it continued to collect more mist.

Roxy looked confused, her mohawk reflecting it with a dirty orange color. She looked up at the planet, "I don't know about all that. I Just added a lot of gravity to a single particle and physics did the rest" she said, looking back at the woman, "I did have to keep helping since this is more difficult within an atmosphere"

The woman extended her hand towards Roxy. She didn't notice at first, she was busy watching Issadora step through the hole in the wall. When she finally noticed, her hair turned pink with embarrassment.
"I'm Milla. Milla Maxwell." she said as Roxy shook her hand.
"Roxy Locus", She replied.

It was that moment there was an explosion and Issadora came soaring back through the hole in the wall trailing smoke. She landed in a heap at the base of the opposite wall. Roxy rushed to her side, "Oh ****! Are you alright?" She asked, the color of concern flashing across her hair.

"That's... Going to be a... Pain to get...", Issadora groaned, referring to the knife she had thrown to set off the explosion. She smiled and looked at the knife on the floor,
"Hang tight. I'll be right back"

Roxy rose to her feet and took a running start for the hole. She switched off gravity in the room beyond just as a large, white creature set off the trap inside. There was an explosion of blueish fog that filled the room with enough back pressure to eject it into the adjacent room. Roxy kicked off the ground and floated horizontally to the ground. Roxy assumed the trap was a pressure plate of some kind so she was going to avoid the floor. The fog was making it difficult to see so she was mostly guessing. the knife came spinning from ahead and roxy snagged it with one hand. "Hey! I got it!" She yelled, spinning around to face the direction she came.

Roxy bounced off the large white monster and cried out. She kicked off the thing and collided with the floor. Directly on the glowing oval on the ground.

An second explosion sounded and Roxy was thrown in a random direction. She barely had enough time to increase her density to protect herself when she finally hit something. That something turned out to be the upper portion of a wall. Roxy's body pierced the tiled wall like a cannonball.

Roxy landed with a boom in another, very large room. She left a spiderweb of cracks from her heavy impact. Roxy coughed and reversed gravity. She floated off the ground with fragments of tile and stone. She righted herself and dusted off her cloths.
"Hello? Issadora? Milla?" She called into the fog. SHe had no idea how far she had been thrown. She assumed it was just to the next room.

(((Roxy was thrown near someone. Someone call her)))

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Another healer, thankfully? Cheria relaxed and moved her arms to show her injury to the lady -- who seemed only a couple years older than her. Nobody else seemed like they wanted to pick a fight with the two humanoids, but she couldn't help but have a hard time letting it go. The spell washed over her, easing the pain and mending her wound.

"Thank you," the pink-haired girl said. She pushed herself back onto her feet and dusted off her sleeves. Her pout clearly showed her frustration, but she didn't press the matter. Not when it was two against one.

Instead, she focused her attention on the brown-haired healer, reaching a hand to help her up. "My name is Cheria. It doesn't sound like anyone really knows what's going on around here... but it's a pleasure to meet you."
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(Sorry about the delay a family member got hospitalized, he's fine now.)

Luna watched the flying object with curiosity as it floated into the room, her bow partially drawn as she waited for it to make a move. It was an odd looking thing that looked like crystal and had little wings. The crystal wasn't a gem, of this Luna was sure, but it whistled as it flew through the air. She didn't want to start out aggressive, after all it might be able to help in some way, but when it hit Kyun Luna immediately fired, her arrow embedding itself into the wall behind where the thing had been.

She tore after Grip as he followed the thing, firing another arrow over his shoulder at the thing and missing again. It was fast and nimble, making shooting it a challenge even if they weren't trying to chase it down. She was about to turn a corner when Luna wheeled around and aimed her bow back down the hall, her senses telling her that something was following them.

Luna's gem still illuminated the hallway, although the mists made it less effective so it was hard to see what exactly the thing was, but when the other being stepped into the light Luna's eyes immediately narrowed and she pulled her bow tight, an arrow of light appearing on the string, and aimed it at Obsidian's gem.

"Y-you better not come any closer." Luna said, fear creeping into her voice even though she didn't really know why. "You're a gem and I may not remember why but you're probably from Homeworld which means that you're an enemy. So don't come any closer." Luna was obviously distressed as she focussed on trying to remember.

Luna knew that the memories were somewhere inside her head she just had to get to them. She knew that they would tell her what was so bad about Homeworld, she knew they would tell her why she had enemies at all, and most of all they would tell her exactly what to do now that she was confronted with another gem.

"Just stay there and don't move, I'll shoot you if your gem shows the faintest sign of glowing. Mine does when I do something so I bet yours does too. Now you're going to tell me what is going on. Why can't I remember things? Is this Homeworlds doing? Are you behind it?"
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Kyun pursued as the crystal fled, wondering how such a thing was possible. They took their Plasma Pulser, grasping it in their beak, and blasted at the thing... only for it to evade and continue on its merry way. Kyun huffed angrily. The stupid crystal was also avoiding their partners' attempts to hit it as it fled and they followed.

Suddenly, Moonstone stopped and turned. Kyun's head turned as they sensed that she was no longer with them, only to behold something approaching. Moonstone's bow was drawn. Now Moonstone spoke. She couldn't remember? Kyun could understand for some reason. They reached - was it - the memory loss, wasn't that it? They couldn't quite remember. The fog swirled. And Kyun couldn't recall why they took particular note of it.

Moonstone attempted to get answers out of the other. Kyun raised their Pulser, managing to beak around it, "What is this place? How much do you know?"


"I...really don't think you could've ever heard of us, but, uh, I'm Jessica Velcheck, and my friend here is Kyle Ossler. My apologies for his...behavior, I guess you could call it."

Finally. The duo had been introduced, and how strange their names were to Ashur's ear-holes. They certainly weren't from his world, it seemed. And they didn't look armed, but looks could be deceiving.

Kyle Ossler screeched at Jessica Velcheck, cememting Ashur's belief they weren't from his world. Otherwise, these two hatchlings would've known what sort of creature he was... though it also meant they weren't aligned with the Auroras.

Velcheck the dragon found himself liking more than Ossler as the male continued to gibber on befire finally shutting his mouth. And then opening it again, pointing something out. Ashur examined the duo once again, searching for weapons or indications of a trap, and finding nothing. He turned to a wood construct. In suprisingly good shape, considering what had attacked his city unprovoked. The creature would regret that, he was sure...

Velcheck decided to check it out, and Ashur chose to let her look while he stayed back. It didn't look trapped, but he still wasn't keen on touching it.


Something disappeared. The name for it was just out of reach, and Reshiram growled in frustation. They bobbed up, sweeping white wings to attempt to get themselves floating straight but instead vastly overcorrecting and beating their wings, when something smacked into them. They looked around, before spying a human with interestingly-coloured hair floating away - and into the ground.

Magic exploded, and Reshiram cried out in surprise as they were spun back and into a wall. "Reshi!" Unfortunately, they'd hit wall just right ro deflect off it - and be thrown into a large room with less fog?

"What was that?" they wondered aloud. Or as close to aloud as telepathy can get. A voice called out for others. Issadora and Milla? They flapped their wings as the force pulled them upwards. Should it be pulling them up or down?


Astérix watched as the two women exchanged words, Aerith healing the other. It was like something familiar... but it was missing something, and the Gaul wondered why that was. And why he couldn't quite recall the familiar thing. He looked around, but there was too much fog to notice anyone but the group he was near.

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"You don't know that..." The human protested weakly, stubbornly refusing to accept Penta's words. As soon as a faint aura manifested itself around the human, Tetra scanned it, detecting traces of healing energy. So the human can heal itself. No wonder it was so reckless. A green circle formed around it for a moment, slowing the flow of blood from its wounds, but proving too weak to fully recover it. Pitiful. The human was lucky Penta wanted to spare it.

Fortunately for the weak human, another human came by and knelt down next to it. It spoke a few words to the weak one, then cast a stronger healing spell over it. Evidently, the spell was sufficient to mend the weak human's wounds, as it stood up and introduced itself as "Cheria." Insignificant, but it would be more convenient to refer to it as something shorter rather than "weak human". She called up an empty database entry and filled it in with all the info on Cheria she currently knew, noting its previous hostility. Perhaps if something in the future were to require a live sacrifice... this Cheria would be a good offering. It was ineffectual and easily subdued.

A clicking noise drew her attention to somewhere behind her, though the fog made visibility difficult. Perhaps she should switch to heat vision? But the source of the noise was already becoming clearer, rendering the switch unnecessary. It was a mechanical hound, wires exposed in a state of disrepair. For a few seconds, it hovered around the edge of the group, body language reading as confusion and then disappointment. Penta seemed to notice the hound too as he backed up towards it, keeping the group in view.

{Keep an eye on the group, I'm gonna go check out the hound.}

{Okay. Call me if it's hostile.}

Penta rolled his eyes slightly, but nodded and began to set off towards the hound. It seemed awfully beat up, but maybe he could fix it? It wasn't hostile at the very least, and who knew, maybe he'd be able to reprogram it to follow him. That'd be cute, even though he didn't really need it. Who was he to complain about extra help?

"Hey there. You look damaged, mind if I take a look?"

He knelt down by it, hoping it wouldn't run away. He wasn't gonna lie, he had a soft spot for animals, even if this one was mechanical.
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"Oh ****! Are you alright?"
Isadora raised her head a bit and managed to nod, then rubbed her shoulder as she pushed herself up. The woman, Milla, didn't seem to be too fazed by the explosion, while Roxy didn't look effected at all, if concerned.
"I'm... I'm fine... I've survived worst," Isadora said with a wince. No broken bones, but everything ached, and her humerus smarted. Isadora rubbed her head with a groan. The headache is coming back... But Roxy's mini planet was supposed to have cleared out most of the fog, wasn't it?

"Hang tight. I'll be right back", Roxy said, a confident note in her tone. Isadora looked up, both curious and worried over what the strange woman would do.... And to her surprise, there seemed to be even more fog around. Wait, is there something in the fog over there? In fact, part of the oval seemed to be obscured by something, judging by how suddenly one half of the faint light the runes gave wasn't visible anymore.Then it was gone, but there was still something strangely white and blatantly inhuman in the room.

"Hey! I got it!" Roxy's triumphant shout came from what sounded like the direction of the white thing, moments before a second explosion slammed her back into the wall, along with a strange cry of "Reshi!" and two much louder crashing sounds.

"Roxy! Isadora called out. Did she accidentally trigger the explosion when retrieving my knife? Isadora felt a twinge of guilt at that thought. Something else seemed to push at her attention... How he would be mad if... That knife. That knife, it was a gift. From him. Him. Who was he? So is it the fog that's making me forget these things? It's causing my headache, and I did feel like I was able to recall things much better. She shook her head and pushed herself from the wall before calling out again. "Roxy? Where are you?" And there was someone else with them too. What was her name? Isadora looked around what she can see of the room. "Wind magic is ineffective at dispelling this stuff, but if it has ties to the monster eariler..."
Isadora closed her eyes and focused on that horrendous mana inside her, and was only barely surprised to feel that the unease was stronger now. When she looked back up, she smiled as she noticed that everything was much clearer now. Though her peripheral vision had decreased dramatically, and everything had a purple tint. I know I almost exclusively wear the color, but this much purple is overkill, isn't it? Still, she could see the runes, the... Two new holes on the wall to the left, one giant and one smaller, though it was on a much higher part of the wall, and the woman who helped her break the wall over there. Isadora looked at the wall with the two holes, then walked over to the woman.

"Are you alright?"

((For reference, right now Issa's eyes are a tad greener than the hair of the lady in my signature at the moment, she has slitted pupils, and you can't see her sclera.))

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Jess walked close to the chair, trying to pick out anything strange. Besides the fact that it was upright and showed no signs of damage. It was just a chair, in the fog...She looked at the smooth, polished surface, and looked over her shoulder at Kyle. "Bro, it's a chair. Nothing else but a chair. No traps. You can rest assured, there's nothing but a chair."

"It could still be a trap. Someone leading us into a false sense of security." Kyle called to her, refusing to get any closer. Jess rolled her eyes and crouched down, examining the chair some more. She reached out her hand to feel the chair...and her fingers fell right through, tingling a little bit. Jess froze, utterly shocked. That wasn't possible. She shook a little bit before letting out a yell, jumping upright and running back to her friend. She didn't hide behind him, but nonetheless Kyle snickered.

"Hehe. 'Bro, it's a chair. Nothing else but a chair.'" Kyle mocked in a higher-pitched voice. "'No traps. Absolutely no traps!'" He mock-squealed, batting his eyelids. Jess slugged him in the shoulder, nearly knocking him over. "Ye-ow! Jess, that hurt." He whined, rubbing the inflicted area.

"Insufferable cuck. I couldn't know that it was a...hologram, I guess." Jess huffed. She didn't like admitting she was wrong, and it was hard for her to do. Kyle was a cool guy, she knew, but the fact that he was freaking out like this got on her nerves. "Where could it be coming from? And why a chair? And what would the kind of person who could make this place do with a couple of teenagers?"

Obsidian eventually stopped running when...the glow seemed to enlarge? She could only assume it was getting closer. Great! To be honest, now she wasn't sure why exactly she was drawn to the light. Maybe it was comforting to see it, through all this fog. Obsi smiled, but her grin was short lived. She took a few more steps before she saw the source of the glow...but there was an arrow. An arrow aimed right at her gem. Obsidian stopped dead in her tracks; why did she want to find the glow again? ...wait. Somehow, despite all the strange memory loss, Obsidian could identify what the humanoid facing her was. A gem. A gem, like her. Obsidian clutched the egg a little closer and didn't dare to move further. She examined the gem a bit; certainly a cutie. But Obsi couldn't sleep with another gem; there was nothing to fiddle with.

"Alright, cutie. Listen here. I have nothing to do with this. I was flying nearby this planet called Earth when my ship crashed -I can't remember why- and when I opened my door this fog rushed in. Homeworld sounds faintly familiar, and for some reason the thought of it is funny, but I swear to you, I have no association with this 'Homeworld' stuff." Obsidian said. "Now...who are you?"
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Luna frowned as Obsidian explained herself, the haze covering her memories drawing back slightly when the other gem mentioned earth.

"Earth? Why does that sound familiar?" Luna pondered this for a moment then smiled and lowered her bow somewhat although the arrow remained on the string. "I remember Earth, that's where the humans were!" She said happily. "And if you aren't with Homeworld, then that must mean you were on my side during the rebellion!" She continued, a smile appearing on her face even as her bow disappeared. "That's great! I don't remember you but I bet we were friends then!" She said, moving forward and giving Obsidian a tight hug whether the other gem objected or not.
"I'm Moonstone, but I remember that people called me Luna. Who are you though? Do you remember the rebellion? I remember there was one but I don't remember the details." Luna said excitedly.
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Through the intensifying mist, Milla could only hear Roxy's triumphant shout, followed by a second explosion. She shielded her face from the wind and dust blown her way, but it was hard to see which way the went girl with the strange hair. Hard to see anything at all, and frustratingly, Sylph's wind didn't seem to affect her visibility much.

"Isadora?" Milla called through the fog when the woman's hooded silhouette approached. Milla fully expected her to have been knocked out by the first explosion, but the hardy mage was still able to walk. "I'm fine. How about you?"

Isadora's eyes were strange -- slitted like a snake's -- but she didn't act much different than before. Was this another strange ability? With the memory-altering fog, it was hard to remember if she had met such powerful people before. The humans in this place were a unique bunch.

"What was that?" A powerful voice echoed through her mind, the same one from earlier. Telepathically, not unlike how spirits communicated. She looked at Issadora, wondering if the other lady heard it as well.

"Who are you?" she shouted back through the magical mist.


The hallway took a turn and Grip nearly smashed into a wall, before following the corner. The hall ended for real when he saw the shape of a stairway leading up, and that's when Grip realized that the group was no longer following him. The shard has nowhere to be seen either -- but unless it could phase through walls, the only direction it could have gone was up.

He looked at the stairway for a couple seconds before determining that it would be best to regroup first. Keeping a hand on the wall so he wouldn't get lost, Grip quickened his walking pace, afraid that if he would be ambushed if he lingered for too long.


When he saw Moonstone's glow again, she and Kyun seemed to be confronting another figure with long, dark hair -- but in a strange turn of events Luna seemed to recognize it and give it a big hug. If only he was so lucky to find something familiar, too...

"Lost it," Grip huffed when he got back. He was frustrated that he lost track of his quarry. He pointed behind him with his thumb. "But there's stairs at the end of this hall, leading up to a second floor."
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Roxy dusted the stone dust from her cloths and looked around. She wasn't even sure why, the stupid thick mist still choked her from all angles. On top of that, She needed to go outside at some point. She was beginning to feel tired and was craving sunlight, something that if she went to long without, she would starve.

Roxy extended her hands and felt around the room for other solids. Something was still obstructing her powers but not all of them. Instead of feeling the people closeby, she heard them. At first she couldn't tell where they were coming from so she opened the fins on the side of her head. They acted as a catch for the sounds and told her that the source was somewhere to her right. Roxy collapsed the space to her right and teleported towards the voices.

Roxy reappeared an instant later disorientated. The environment looks as if she hadn't moved. If she didn't feel the satisfying stretch of traveling through a wormhole, she would have doubted her powers worked. The only thing that told her she moved was that the voices were much louder. She still couldn't see the people talking, but she could see a dim light cutting through the mist. Roxy lowered the pull on gravity on herself and drifted towards the light.

No time passed before she stumbled across two strange hued women and a four legged creature with red skin and and a long neck. She restored gravity to herself and dropped to the ground, keeping her distance. After all, exactly half of the groups she has met since she showed up in this crazy place were hostile. She needed to find Issadora so they could get out of here. Whoever brought her here didn't realize one thing, Roxy could move freely through space. She had enough of this not so fun house was planned on bailing as soon as she found Issadora.

Roxy shuffled awkwardly, her hair changing pink in embarrassment. She charged in without thinking, per usual. Now she was standing aside from the two women who were chatting about other planets Roxy just kinda waved,

"Hey. Think this might be a long shot but do you happen to know what's going on around here? I got thrown through a wall an separated from my group"

A blonde hair ed kid with a hairstyle Roxy was familiar with. His style was outrageous, which seemed to be a theme of today. The man announced that he had lost "It" and also that there was a second floor. Roxy's gaze rose to the ceiling out of sight high above.

"Second floor Eh? Sounds worth checking out

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Shadow was still up against the door jam, ethereal limbs hidden so they didn't glow, staring into the room where it had went. A male humanoid in the room had chased it in another direction, and while she was intrigued by the enchanted object's hostility, she didn't dare move with the yellow creature in front of her. She did spot a glow in the room though... perhaps it had something to do with the object? Who knew, with magic?
She turned back to the creature and the humanoid beside it, which was a strangely monochrome, with even the skin having a bluish hue. She had a large bow in her hands, an arrow notched on it while she scanned the fog for where it went.
Fool. It went behind you. Shadow judged, before immediately reconsidering her statement. Maybe... how bad was the amnesia here, anyway? Could it be so powerful as to confuse everyone's surroundings? The shard was fast nonetheless... She really shouldn't expect people to behave like her allies (whomever they were), but she judged them anyway.

The female humanoid suddenly drew her bow and aimed it out into the fog; Shadow took note of the quick wit with caution.
" Y-you better not come any closer." She threatened. " You're a gem and I may not remember why but you're probably from the Homeworld which means you're an enemy. So don't come any closer."
Shadow blinked, absorbing this information even with as fast as she was speaking. Gem? Homeworld? What is she talking about? She looked out into the fog, and saw a figure approaching... another humanoid, and also monochrome like her. So they recognized each other? Did they know this place as well, or did they only know this "Homeworld"?

The yellow creature procured some kind of weapon - definitely an alien gun of some kind - and pointed it at the stranger, joining the blue girl in the interrogation. Shadow observed in interest, wondering what would happen next. The stranger didn't look hostile... and was even holding an odd object, which held a life force inside it that Shadow could feel from here. She tried to pacify the two by answering their questions; the blue female suddenly grew excited.
" Earth? Why does that sound familiar?" She murmured; alarm bells went of in Shadow's head. " I remember Earth, that's where the humans were!"
Humans! Shadow had a lot to say about humans; constantly getting into trouble with the spiritual realms, then being stupidly persistent in fixing their mistakes... she even had to help some boy find his sister in Hell because she toyed with an Ouija board.. idiots... but at the same time she loved how easy it was to just tell them what to do. They may be dumb, but at least they learn quick; which, funnily enough, made them a paradox.
Now that Shadow began thinking about it, she realized she hadn't seen any actual humans yet... there were humanoids, but not humans. Humans didn't cast a lot of magic, or had tech advanced enough to incinerate bodies without a trace; and they certainly tended to freak out more than these beings. Or perhaps she was just seeing a lot of different variants on humans? She didn't remember there being lots of variants...

Mmm. Too many holes. She growled silently to herself, taking note of the vanished hostility and the return of the second, male humanoid. This would be less confusing if I could actually REMEMBER things...
There were a few more explosions in the distance, and she manifested her tail just to twitch it in annoyance. Seems she walked away from a good battle. She then manifested her wings and rustled them, considering doing a short flight over to it just to spectate, even if no souls came from it. At the same time... the male mentioned the shard went "upstairs"? Perhaps there would be a swarm of them up there; then she could get the souls herself!
Ohhh, that'd be fun. Crowd-killing never loses its sport! The question now though, is whether she should do it with a group? For whatever reason she felt she needed the group support, even though she hated the idea. Yet there was a lingering voice in her head telling her it was wise to have backup...
Well. An alien with a gun, a blue girl with a bow and quiver, and two other humanoids were standing in front of her. Why not? She could even use the male as bait.

She moved from her hiding place - which didn't really work now with the ethereal limbs out - and neared the group, but stayed at its edge, eying the alien in particular; she fully expected that gun to be pointed straight at her. She then looked at the male humanoid, addressing him:
" Excuse me for interrupting," She began politely, to persuade him, " but I overheard you say that the shard escaped? Did you see any others where it went?" She kept her intentions to herself, since she didn't expect them to suddenly want to be friends, even though the two girls seemed to know each other well enough. If they ended up coming to the massacre, then great! If not, well... she'll just have to ignore that little voice inside her head.


The Hound moped in his own mind, trying vainly to recall any images... anything that was familiar to his Master. The signal kept tugging at his brain, but he ignored it. He was too knotted up inside about how he failed his mission to protect Master - if he couldn't find her, how could he protect her? - yet he still looked up when he heard someone approaching.
You are not my Master. He thought sullenly, even though he wished the stranger was. Regardless, he stopped walking away, watching as it knelt down; the anonymous blue humanoid.
" Hey there. You look damaged, mind if I take a look?" It asked; no, he asked. A machine with an identity? Or perhaps it was one of those... those...
Data Missing. Hull damage detected The words flashed in the Hound's mind. He whined, dismayed that he couldn't even remember that! How much data did he lose?
He resigned to shuffling in front of the humanoid, accepting the offer, before sitting down in front of him. He didn't have the heart to look him in the face, instead trying to recall how to identify friend from foe. There was a certain greeting... some way...
" Ouch!" He beeped, the wound on his head sparking. Apparently that information wasn't there anymore. The shock had caused him to jump, jaws parted as if to bite, but in realization of the stance his head drooped back down in shame of his condition. " I am sorry."


Even with an unblinking gaze, the Pouncer Drone didn't notice that it was an object of attention. One of the humans fearlessly approached it, and attempted to touch the hologram it projected.
Anomaly detected! The Drone jumped and sprawled like a startled cat, one eye tilted up to the human as she jumped back with a yell. Position compromised! Attack! Retreat! DO SOMETHING!
Even with the flashing warning in its head, the Drone froze up in its position. The human began bickering with her friend as he mocked her. Perhaps she didn't notice?
...Nope. Even if she didn't, the Drone's programming couldn't risk it. Its hologram flickered, before shutting off and revealing its beaten, grey exterior. It looked straight at the pair and chirped loudly, the noise echoing off the tiles. It didn't have a N.E.S.T. telling it how to attack them, but it could use old strategy files from previous battles.
It chirped a couple of more times, as if it still believed that it had comrades nearby, before bolting to the right like lightning. Kite Tactic! It could circle them and strike from behind!

...Ordinarily. Instead the Drone skidded to a halt as it nearly ran into a large... thing! It was big, black, and scaly; it didn't recognize this as a biological creature, or a biomechanical one, or even a pure machine!
In its panic in stumbling upon the large foreign thing - which was clearly alive, to some extent - it forgot about its intentions to attack the humans and scrambled backwards, frantically pulling up its best reaction. A large, unknown thing, plus a lack of friends, meant... HIDE! HIDE AGAIN!
It shrunk up and hastily reactivated the hologram, projecting one of the most benign, usual models in its database... a bag of Fritos. Barbecue flavored.

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(Sorry Padfoot I completely missed your character meeting ours.)

Luna waited excitedly for Obsidians reply, wondering if the other gem could tell her the things she had forgotten. She wanted desperately to remember everything and if Obsidian could at least shed some light on things then that would be a start at least.

Of course Luna's excitement didn't last long as a new figure seemed to appear in the air above them and drop to the ground. Instantly Luna's bow was pulled from her gem and an arrow knocked, aiming at the newcomers chest.

"We don't know anything, but first who are you?" Luna asked cautiously. "What are you?" She asked after a brief second as she looked over Roxy and took in the features that differed her from a human.
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