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  2. So these two together pretty much represent my username (ok, that's probably more of an octopus than a squid but I'll take it). I love them and I'll treasure them forever, thank you! (All the eggs are great. Even the creepy leg one haha. Thank you spriters!)
  3. If I knew anything about how to sprite eggs I would definitely have made a Dead Cells egg. I know exactly how I'd have designed it.
  4. When exactly does this event end?
  5. Got 'em 62! Lots of pretties this year, I can especially appreciate the Hollow Knight and Transistor ones! Also loved the lantern one, super pretty! 💖
  6. Coheart → chandelotic: Aeon Wyvern (OFFERED)
  7. Yes, but they're APNG, not GIF, so not all browsers display them correctly. If they're not animating for you, it's probably your browser.
  8. Set a timer! (Mine's at 14 minutes... ) Then click, then reset the timer. Are the two purple eggs supposed to have actions?
  9. Of course you can. I am living a life AFK and have them all - and there's still a day and a half to go.
  10. Oh boy, no way I can get all those eggs in 3 days
  11. Ah, makes sense! Thank you for the info ^^ Looking forward to next year's even more now~
  12. I never said it was ugly D= it actually looks like a dinosaur skull so I was trying to find answers for it! It's actually one of my new favourite eggs because of that fact and I linked it to Jurassic World at first 😂
  13. My seed orders have finally arrived! Hawthorn, Witch Hazel, Elderberry, Cramp bark, Lupine, Marigolds, and a few other flowers. I'll update with some photos of everything prepared for planting in a little bit 😁
  14. Unfortunately for you, the banner works as a separator: it only appears if you also have eggs from previous years.
  15. Today
  16. Just grabbed the last egg!~ Also, the fancy banner I've seen in some of these posts isn't showing up for me. Am I missing something?
  17. I think I've collected all the eggs now, they're so cool! The spriters have done well. I hope everyone's been having a pleasant Easter.
  18. Yes! It was Gothic, holy , I forgot it
  19. Google is useful. I now know which is the Lugia. The only other I know is Totoro - and Detroit, with help from its creator ! I feel sort of - PURE !
  20. Gothic, old(2001) cRPG game of German origin, very popular in Europe, considered a classic of the genre in Poland (where I live), and probably the first game with a successful living, responsive, open world. A game from the times before RPGs got all destinations marked on the map - you had to find everything on your own, with the help of the clues from NPCs etc. Gothic and Gothic 2 are the games of my teen times^^ You may say ugly, but I say very immersive and enjoyable. This game even inspired the makers of The Witcher games, the pride of Polish game industry:)
  21. Not seeing this problem, or not seeing the badges ? I am on Opera too, as default; but tested also in Firefox, PaleMoon, Chrome and Vivaldi ! (I considered iE, but REALLY.... !
  22. I think I got all of 62 finally
  23. @Bugzilla Pretty cool test. I would love to see you submit an egg next year. And yay. I finally got my own egg in the FoE.
  24. I'm on Opera and not seeing this either.
  25. I have all the eggs, and I still can't get the references being mentioned here - not even the Lugia
  26. I swear it's reference to fantasy game, that I can't remember its name, sadly
  27. Just got the Lugia egg! It's so cute! ❤️
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