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  2. Shokomon

    Can't Access Group

    My errant group works for me now! @Starbit and @Confused Cat: How about you?
  3. Seems to be. And it IS quicker than having to open a new tab. But at least I CAN carry on grouping !
  4. Aw, @Justie, reading that was a roller coaster of emotions!! I can't believe the unlucky streak you're on.
  5. 46,405 Hey, Darien, where've you been?
  6. So then, it's just the dropdown menu that is causing issues.
  7. I've got a slot right now--thanks! ETA: Ah--but you mean it's on cooldown? I'll be in and out tomorrow--I'll take it it if it's there--but not calling dibs, anyone who wants it, go ahead.
  8. Ruby Eyes

    Z Project

    Snatched a CB golden z'Lunar Herald. Dibs, anyone? Will send (or post here) tomorrow. @random_dragon_collector Will send it your way tomorrow
  9. Today
  10. This Nebula from Upsidedown Mint is still here and I'll throw it in the AP in a few hours if nobody takes it
  11. .....I am so exceptionally happy about all of this. I was screaming "ORB BITS" at friends through text, this is just...I cannot believe these dragons are real, I cannot believe this is happening. I was 100% sure it was in his Hammer. It fit with the T.H.A.N.O.S thing, it made sense. I had visuals. But no, it was Hand. Kovos is legit one of my favs because I immediately knew it had to be Infinity Dragons if the red one had the smokey stuff around it, and...I may not have been Dark World's super fan, but the visuals were great, and it nailed that (even though it lead to Knowheres partial ruin and why wont anyone tell me if its ok?! Did they rebuild? It feels like a delicate economy there, the in-house insurance is probably a scam. Im just really worried about how it'll bounce back from this. Its a criminal space mall in a dead gods head, its my fav location in the entire MCU other than 'wherever Bucky is'.) Ok, who made the Vremya cause I got questions about the antlers. And the Geminae! Why two heads? Is one of them Ultron? Cause one the left one's horns def remind me of Ultron.
  12. Okay so here is a batch for my first attempt ❤️ I didn't use any dragon cave images, but if you'd prefer something totally different, let me know and I'll explore other options or styles. Option 1 - Static, different border style Option 2 - Static, rectangular border Option 3 - Animated, rectangular border because GIFs don't have transparency! The 'I support' text is handwritten by me for that chalkboard-y vibe that the Mentoring Project's other banners have.
  13. Well, at least now I finally know where to look. Thank you!
  14. Nahh. It's just that so far there were only two Brushes of Might, because SkyWolf didn't have one, not having a sprite in the cave. Now that they are an official spriter as well, with such a gorgeous dragon, bones will have three favourite spriters, some giant dwarf on a godforsaken planet will forge another Brush of Might, and we will discover that SkyWolf is able to wield it, because they actually were worthy all along, too.
  15. Thuwed drop?? O.O what time did this happen? Looking forward to the raffle.
  16. Geminae are the only kind I can think of with a name that comes close (yellow). They're not fat though. I think they're rather lovely.
  17. Thanks Fuzz, appreciate the info. Though I am now a bit sad. But I'll stalk that thread I suppose!
  18. I took the desert bundle!!, egg locked sucks! Thanks for the hatchies!!!
  19. Trade Offer May 23, 2019 9:21 pm EDT Accepted https://dragcave.net/images/bJzP.png Looking for a member named Kat Willow. I offered a prize on their trade for a CB gold and CB silver. Got home last night 5/24 and the offer had been accepted but both eggs are dead. They must have been super low time and I didn't realize that when I offered. Super gutted and hoping they will offer to replace?? Bloodwings
  20. I took the Forest bundle! Thank you, so much!
  21. There have been a lot of threads suggesting improvements to stop eggs from getting viewbombed in the Trading Hub. Some of the best ideas are centered around preventing an egg from gaining views while it is in the Hub: https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/185122-prevent-items-in-trade-from-gaining-views/ https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/153851-fog-while-in-teleport/?tab=comments#comment-7635151 https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/183466-teleport-option-invisibility/?tab=comments#comment-9739007 I'd like to throw out a related idea for a BSA to do the same job. Being an optional BSA instead of a fundamental change to how the Trading Hub works means it would only affect people who choose to use it and would probably be easier to implement. The BSA could have a name like Bodyguard or Escort. It would go to the Guardian Dragons since I think they'd be a perfect match and are common enough to be good as a BSA dragon. Their description even says, "Often, they will guard the eggs and hatchlings of a nest while others are away." When used on an egg or hatchling the BSA would prevent them from gaining views for 24 hours. This way it wouldn't be a 100% guarantee, unlike options to turn off views altogether, but it would provide significant protection during the most vulnerable period. (People could either use it preemptively when they first put the egg in, or they could use it later if they notice the egg starting to gain an unhealthy amount of views and they don't want to take it out of trade to fog it.) Unlike fogging, people would still be able to see the egg and view its page, but doing so would not give it views. That way there would be no concern about trading blind. The action would only be able to be performed on eggs and hatchlings which are currently in trade, not on eggs or hatchlings which are not up for trade, so it wouldn't have any overlap with fogging. When performing the action with a Guardian Dragon the message will be something like, "[Name of dragon] accompanies the egg/hatchling to the Hub to protect it."
  22. Have: Male & Female pair Male & Female pair Male & Female pair Male & Female pair Male & Female pair Male & Female pair Want: 2nd gen Tinsel x Soulstone as a mate for her. 2nd gen SAkin, 3rd gen SAkin checkers, 2nd gen Shimmer/Tinsels. PM me! Have: Male/Female influenced hatchling pairs of all 6 new dragons. Want: 2nd gen Silver Tinsel from Soulstone 2nd gen Spriter's Alt-kin PM me!
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