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  2. Hmm! Possibly something along these lines? "Original Vines were a recoloured" x "Dragon Pod from Final Fantasy V" "Whites' BSA Ward was added" x "on their 11th anniversary" "A Vine's alt status used to" x "determine the colour of the egg" "Vines' two elemental affinities" x "express their destructive nature" Aah, I getcha! Thanks for letting me know - and don't worry about it! Mistakes happen and this one should be easy enough to fix. ❤️
  3. hmm thank you for a responsive answer I have changed nothing but gmail and google have been mucking up stuff a lot lately
  4. Give them a negative number You can use -1 and -2 etc to make sure some things will *always* stay above newly coming eggs. Anything new to your scroll will be given the number 0, too. Also, don't use tile sort or somesuch after giving numbers. I find that this re-numbers things.
  5. That might have been your own browser's doing (auto filling of forms). Maybe you changed something in its settings?
  6. I'd also like to know this, I'm interested to see some of the creations that didn't make the cut; I'm sure there are a lot of cool ones out there that there just wasn't enough room for this year.
  7. TJ answered my question What do you mean by retaining previous searches? I'm not sure I understand. now only the current search shows whereas before .. other searches would show beneath the current search such as d c community justie purpledragonclaw ... would show beneath the box with tiny little questions
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  9. dragonpuck

    Z Project

    CB Aqualis in HUB https://dragcave.net/teleport/02d5ae40625a10a0969dedac19d7c711
  10. Kaini

    Pokemon Go

    Added you! Eventually we'll get around to battling
  11. Odd - the little thing under Infinis has now vanished in Opera.... But it is still there under all artists in firefox.... including you - and try to view it and you get:
  12. Yeah, I didn't use Fertility since I don't have that many Purples and I breed before reading that it would lower the chance of rejection. 😧 Like I said, I forgot that it was a thing and that there was a way to possibly attempt to prevent it. Thanks, I feel really sad that it happened.
  13. I CAUGHT MY FIRST CHEESE IN MONTHS! https://dragcave.net/lineage/8DQfh And I caught him all by myself. I have been trading for Cheeses for months without catching one! So excited!
  14. OKAY so this isn't just me lol, the little... incomprehensible thing under my name has been driving me nuts :'D
  15. Anyone made a post or forum for rejected eggs? ~ those who would still like to share their work?
  16. Must save egg. 😮 Thanks~ By the way, I totally thought you said 2 days and when I went to check the egg, it said 2 hours and I panicked and added it to all the click sites, so hopefully it works out because it's cracking now so it looks like it has a chance. 😮 ...I kinda hope it doesn't turn into a ND, I always found those guys so sad, I mean, poor guys can't fly. Wow, click sites are pretty good. I thought for sure it was going to die but it's already at the full cracking stage after 19 minutes. Impressive. Yay! It hatched into a celestial dragon!
  17. 2 hours left, low time egg; take good care of it (claimed) x
  18. Btw, I missed out on the last 2 episodes of season 2. Can you tell me what happens? (Doesn’t have to be very detailed tho)
  19. Herk

    Z Project

    acci-grabbed  Z'nobo in the cave
  20. Can someone give me suggestions for name pairs for my Vine and the new White?
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