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  2. Dragon cave birthday is 22th of May, usually there is a big release around that week. I dunno if April will have one, if it does I belive it will be a small one to compensate, hopefully this weekend.
  3. should be a release sometime this month. same as every month. FoE is separate and has nothing to do with releases.
  4. I've finished my little egg collection for this year. It was good fun, I didn't get most of the references but the MBMBaM and Lugia ones really made me smile, thank you spriters for submitting your wonderful works of art.
  5. Dracaena

    Z Project

    Is also clueless about the current discussion (at 59, maybe too old to get it?). But here's a couple cb Z commons from AP if anyone wants them. Z cb electric! Z cb ridgewing!
  6. Will there be new dragons released soon? I can't remember when they came out last year compared to the festival of eggs.
  7. Round 4 Regular R28. A messy lineage where every dragon is Neutral-aligned bingo: https://dragcave.net/lineage/t1XjL R29. Something that is forever nameless... Aww no I'm now sad that I didn't manage the snatch Slipknot song "The Nameless" as a name for one of my dragons R32. Prize-fail that's also a miscolour of the non-prize parent bingo: https://dragcave.net/lineage/r4rDt Cascade Cas2a. Nebulae of all four variations (blue, purple, red, green) Cas2b. CB nebulae of all four variations bingo: https://dragcave.net/view/KE3QD https://dragcave.net/view/JNLRK https://dragcave.net/view/Q87CI https://dragcave.net/view/KKVNF Cas2c. CB nebulae of all four variations from Alpine and CB nebulae of all four variations from Desert
  8. 62 is a bit much tbh. Enjoying the artwork and appreciate everyone who made an effort, but maybe it's smart to keep a limit. Especially since the drop rate can be up to 15 min.
  9. Oof, managed to collect all of them in time! Lots of great eggs this year, but my favorites are the one with the octopus and the one with the purple dragon
  10. I should add, being the one whining about math, that I AM on track to get all the eggs myself... But it's still a pain and I'm having to basically work my entire evening two evenings in a row for it. Honestly, I feel that this greatly diminishes the point of the event: it should be FUN to collect the eggs, not a chore to desperately scramble to race to get them all before the deadline. It doesn't have to be easy to get them all, just reasonable.
  11. This is literally describing me this year. 2 days of family obligations, 1 workday. I literally had to sit here at my PC for ALL of my spare time though those 3 days to catch them all... And my workday is 6h right now (will be 8h next year tho) and I diidn't even need to travel anywhere this time... Right now I have to go to sleep and if I had a morning shift this week, I would have been asleep for at least 3-4h by now, because timezone. In the past it was even worse because I had to travel and also study and missed the event until the last day's evening... sacrificed a night's sleep and still didn't collect them all last year, which makes my completionist self bleed forever, even if it's just the Basket stuffs. I wnted to have 100% from all years since I joined, forever ruined a few years ago because of life an not enough time left. (also, I feel like I'm only expecting the 15min intervals, especially whenever I'm missing a lot...)
  12. I guess that must've been it, I spent a good 30 minutes re-reading that description being all like "Where is it?? Where's the gay implication? He has a wife?? " Oh well Maybe one day I'll write such a description for a dragon... maybe I'll do it for this one.
  13. Indeed. I hate myself for being so late in collecting them all this year. I collected every single egg so far, the only exception was my very first Halloween event. Not giving up, I will stay 'till 4 am collecting eggs... That being said I would appreciate more time next year.. Even just an extra day
  14. Not sure I've ever seen a 5 min drop for these (or tot). The interval is supposed to vary from 5 to 15. and I've ALWAYS experienced 10-15 myself. Marrto used to infuriate me, he would sit right next me while we hunted and get twice the eggs in the same amount of time because his always dropped faster.
  15. Yeah, I really really need to go to bed too, but damn it, I've always managed to get all the eggs in most of the previous festivals and I'm NOT going to fail it this time! I just wish the time between each egg drop wasn't so crazy long, though.
  16. I'm so happy to have filled my basket once again. Many thanks to the kind folks who used their wonderful talents to create them for us. Thanks too to those who tried but whose eggs didn't get selected this year. Please know that your efforts are appreciated and I wish you better luck next year!
  17. @Justie It is a great idea. I would recommend you create a "Help me Name My Dragon, Win a Prize" one time Thread in the Forum Games section and let people post their suggestions or send PMs, or you can announce it here, so people can send suggestions via PM, and feel free to post things here if you like and updates reminding people about it whether you do it privately or its own thread or however you want to do it. But if you want to run a private event, and announce the winner and make a few announcements here to remind people about it, go ahead. I am 100% ok with it and it will encourage people to do other things. For example, on another game I played, having signature art, banners, forum avatars, unique art, etc. was a big thing. So people ran contests and gave prizes for that. I don't see why naming your dragons, helping someone write a description, making art, making funny puns, writing stories (which has been a Prize Raffle Contest in the past as well), are all great and valid alternatives to just the normal raffle and win - and all varieties are great. Especially if someone wants some help, especially creative help, and we add some fun. If you do it, other people might do it for things they are struggling with and/or want some help with, especially if they have some creative endeavors. No reason not to reward something that helps you, helps the game, helps people be creative and helps people have other options of entries or whatnot. I'd say go for it, and you can use whatever format you want. Hope that answer helps. If you want more suggestions on something or the other, or others wish to comment, please feel free to continue the discussion any way you like. We don't just discuss events and promote them, we also help people create them and ask questions about them to get inspiration and feedback. Getting that feedback often makes things a lot easier than just winging it on your own. Although winging it and giving it a try is never intended to be discouraged. Some people just like to dive in, be it a one time thing, or do stuff themselves and improve themselves thru their own process. Whatever works for you! Just be aware if you are granting a prize of a breeding voucher and want to be specific about it, you can promote the event, but you cannot "reward" the prize here. You can announce the results, you can post you are taking private PMs, but if you want to run an event where people publicly discuss and post about the event, you might want to consider the Trading and/or Forum Games Forum Threads. There you can offer prizes of whatever you like. The Forums Games is probably easier cuz you don't have to worry about any lines if they consider talking about a "breeding voucher" as an IOU, if that makes sense, because they are sometimes sensitive about that under the "Trading" banner, but in a Forum game, you can offer whatever you like within reason. Hope that helps a bit and it is totally ok to make a one time only disposable thread. People do it all the time!
  18. Pramheda

    Trading problem

    Got it, thank you so much!
  19. I have the same problem, I am not sure if I can finish my collection this year... it would be the first year I wasn't able to finish my collection... really sad but just too less time and too many eggs.
  20. Herk

    Trading problem

    The trading partner is egg-locked - so THEY would go over the limit by you accepting the trade
  21. The longer intervals between drops are definitely problematic. Let's look a this mathematically! Say someone has family obligations on Sunday, so most of the day they're out of the house and in places where they probably won't be able to even check on mobile. Let's give them 10 eggs and otherwise call the day a wash. That's one day down and 50+ eggs to go. Now say our hypothetical person works a typical 8 hour day, AND has at least some commute to and from work, AND works a job where playing on sites like this (whether on your phone or otherwise) is frowned upon, if not outright impossible. Which is going to cover a fair number of users! So, including commute, lunch, etc, that's about 10 hours dedicated to job, plus 8 hours to sleep, leaving a grand total of 6 hours left in the day to attempt to get the eggs. Now, if the eggs are dropping at EXACTLY 10 minute intervals, and our person is always able to grab them right the moment the drop (maybe they set a timer?) that means they can get 6 eggs per hour or about 36 eggs each day, approximately. So... enough time, right? Oh, but wait! We forgot to account for meal times, bathing, chores, basically doing anything else at all for the duration of the event. Which seems pretty unlikely to me! What does this mean? Well, instead of that nice 6 hours per day to egg hunt, our hypothetical person, if they're really good, has maybe closer to 4. So around 24 eggs each day, or 48 for both. Add in the 10 we gave them for Sunday and that's a total of 58, AND that's assuming they put a reasonable effort towards it. Gee, that's kinda harsh, isn't it? Now, if the egg drop timer were back to what it were in the original few years, where it was about every 5 minutes, that's literally half the time and thus double the eggs. Now, our hypothetical person only needs to spend, oh, maybe half of their evening two days in a row, and they should be able to obtain all the eggs with a little effort. You still can't phone it in, you have to TRY, but at least it's fair.
  22. I love your eggs and the thoughts behind it, my boyfriend is a huuuuge fan of the Witcher so it was one of the few references I noticed. Dziekuje bardzo 🙏🙏
  23. Pramheda

    Trading problem

    I have a trade up of an egg and an offer of one hatchling that I don't have but it won't allow me to accept it. There's another offer for a different hatchling and it's allowing that one to be accepted. How come? I'm not at my limit of eggs/hatchlings.
  24. Round 4 Regular R31. An even-gen. with exactly ten breeds in its lineage Bingo! R32. Prize-fail that's also a miscolour of the non-prize parent Bingo! R35. A 2nd gen. aqualis dragon with a non-aqualis parent Bingo! R38. Dragon with a sakuhana wyvern parent Bingo! R39. A lineage of any shape with exactly one breed each from the Creation, Change, and Destruction elemental groups Bingo! R40. A lineage containing an amphiptere, sea serpent, and wyrm Bingo, I guess Cascade Cas2a. Nebulae of all four variations (blue, purple, red, green) Cas2b. CB nebulae of all four variations Bingo! @@@@@ Cas2c. CB nebulae of all four variations from Alpine and CB nebulae of all four variations from Desert
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