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  5. Neea The mech kept looking back and forth, shuffling, and fidgeting in place, uncertain of what to do now. The alien beings with flat faces had stopped talking, and collectively noticed something past her, beyond the corner of the ruins there. She swiveled to look past the wall, and noticed that the small group she previously noticed on the other side of the gap was heading toward them. The movement was hasty, but nonthreatening, and the people looked just as confused as the three next to her. Perhaps the massive drone in the distance made everyone concerned? Maybe they were grouping up to think of a plan? Except, despite all of them seeming to be the same species, everyone moved with a sort of tension. She stared at the wide variety of clothing, colors, and facial structures of these new people, and the blue one's apparent pet. They were so different, even from each other... another nationality? Different clans? No one seems to know anyone, she thought, calculating the vast differences, looking between her group and the next. A lot of them have similar faces. Only the speckled one is tan. Two of these new people have weird chest lumps, and they also have long hair, like the one in loose clothes... dimorphism? Looks like it. She looked at the smallest member of the group, closest in size to a Xinschi-uual: a quadruped with no discernible toes, just strange, flat claw-feet, an elongated face, and poofs on its neck, head, and rump. A tiny horn sprouted from its head. Neea felt a little better, knowing she wasn't the odd one out, but it also led credence to a strange idea: Are we all lost? The speckle-haired one didn't look thrilled about the newcomers, as each person examined the other, judging for trust. A bit awkwardly, it tried to say something - again, nothing discernible to Neea - and pointed over the clifftops in the distance, where thick plumes of smoke were still visible. She studied its expression. Did it know what it was, or was it just pointing it out? No one else looked very certain, just baffled. She wondered if she should try and tell them it was a drone, but she wasn't confident that it even was a drone. It just looked like one, to her. She didn't have much against drones, either; she knew they were programmed to destroy mechs, but so far she's seen more aggression from her own Empire. Maybe it was just because she's a scrap build... but she hasn't exploded or leaked yet. Hopefully not ever, as long as she was out here with these people. ---------- [DISTORTION EVENT] Another warping anomaly appeared over the ocean, across from Sector 6. First the waves stirred up, disturbing the wind and temporarily creating a whirlpool as a massive vortex formed. It was present only for a second before a thunderous boom violently pushed apart the air and water, the hole left behind rapidly filling with rock and magma. The surprised screeches of many creatures could be heard immediately afterward as some force suddenly pushed them into a new location. Glowing sea monsters and fireproof avians alike floundered for a bit while they reoriented themselves. Luckily, no one was seriously injured, though one beast did angrily bark at the universe for the interruption. These universes didn't spawn in quite as gracefully as they needed to, but on the plus side, it meant they had conveniently become a single sector. The anomaly left a rippling effect, like water, causing a few other disturbances in Mul'tilennaya. For one, the seafloor had fractured along Sector 4's border, distancing it from the rest of the sectors and, fortunately for it, further from Sector 3. Unfortunately, it also created an expanse of unclaimed ocean that Sector 3's curse readily entered, greedy for more territory. It has now blocked off Sector 4 from the rest of the continent. Secondly, two people were warped around. Satsuki has vanished completely, and Moash is suddenly inside a forest with red leaves, quite a distance from where he was. ---------- The entrance of Sector 12 could only be distantly heard by those in Sector 1, easily mistaken for anything. When Ionhazard heard it, he dismissed it as a distant event that didn't concern him, whereas Neea prickled in apprehension, assuming it was him. Glail perked up a bit from her hunkered-down position, ears twitching. "What was that?" "Nothing," he grumbled. "It sounded like an explosion! Also is the lady still there?" "She's not there," he snapped. She wasn't kidding when she said she's a puppy, his thoughts muttered. Glail sulked, picking up on his agitation, and tucked her tail closer to her. Her curiosity came back though when Ionhazard abruptly looked up and to the right, in the direction the boom had come from, as though he saw something out there. She didn't dare look down to see the person he was talking to earlier, so she stared out into the distance too. She didn't see anything, particularly because there was nothing to see. Ionhazard was picking up on something completely different: a signal? There wasn't a signal when he woke up. It didn't have a signature attached to it, so he didn't know what it was, just that it was weird to have a signal show up in what he would've easily believed was a simulation; but the humans DDOSed receivers when running simulations so the machines couldn't locate each other. Having a signal here meant that he wasn't hacked. He shot another look down at the bright-haired being he had threatened. So was this the future? These were clearly humans, as far as he was concerned, but it would have to be quite late in the millennium for them to have forgotten everything. Although that was plenty of time for a corpotransation girl to fully believe she was a blue-furred wolf. Ionhazard wasn't known for being imaginative, but he could at least decide that his place was as foreign as it could be. That meant no interruptions from post-war generations. It also meant the other Commanders weren't here. Unless that giant boom was the Archivist falling out of orbit, but that would've been obvious, and the reactor might've gone off and, well, killed everyone. Including him. So that wasn't it. The machine scowled further as the list of curiosities grew. Perhaps he was too bored and was finding things to nitpick. His orders were to wake up, "clean up" for recolonization, and then wait for the ships to arrive. That's it. "What was it?" Glail asked again. "Nothing!" "Was it the hello?" Ionhazard abruptly paused. "What 'hello'?" he murmured back, as quiet as a machine his size could. "I heard a lady say hello," Glail said, assuming that's what her new friend had perked up at. She sniffed the air, before wrinkling her nose in disappointment. "I can't smell anything over you." The Commander disregarded the insult and looked around, searching for another human, but he only saw the person below him who was so friendly before, no one else. Not even the Japanese girl had returned. There were some pink blobs hopping by the gate the girl had likely escaped through, but judging by their behavior and dumb expressions, they were no brighter than chickens. He was inclined to snip at Glail and tell her she was hearing things, and distracting him, but knowing how different this place has been so far, he took her question as a word of caution, and scanned the valley again for anything alive that wasn't a plant. It might not be a simulation, but something could be watching them. ---------- The "nothing" in Sector 12 - that is, the signal he picked up - abruptly jolted back into consciousness. Another computer, it picked up sudden massive damages from all over the place, all linked back to the being's body. She groaned at the dull aching and numbness, an all-too-familiar feeling reminding her of air raids, artillery fire, and guerilla attacks. With the protesting strain of metal, she lifted herself up, feeling where all the cracks and breaks were. She was suspended on an angle, still locked into the ceiling, but nearly separated from it. A number of her plates had broken off. One eye was out from hitting the floor. Her tools were... thank goodness, still responsive. She took a moment to adjust the clarity of picture so she could see in the darkness, and gasped. My compound...! It was hardly recognizable. Plates, beams, drywall pieces and dust, LED fixtures laying broken on the floor... so much to clean, so much to fix... this is the third time this has happened. Oh no, and it was flooded too! "Curses!" she hissed, raising up from the water's surface, though she could barely move another inch. The water was shallow and clear, but as dark as it was, she must be underground. She held her head on an angle, letting it drip dry. One con of being a robot, or at least, this kind: you can't feel what's on you. By some sheer stroke of luck she at least hadn't short-circuited. She hummed in dismay as she assessed remote damages to the rest of the compound. Almost everything had no power to it. Some wings were unresponsive, as if missing. Only one server had survived whatever caused this, equipped with only a stack of blueprints. Seems she was back at square one for building the place. She shook off a piece of drywall, letting it splash into the water, and looked around, not daring to swivel on a broken base. Among the refuse she saw a camera, wet and muddy. Solemnly, she moved a mechanical arm out to grab it, lifting it up and letting the water drain from the components and attached limbs. It was a little bot, and a sore sight, too. "Poor thing..." she murmured. She shuffled through the water with another arm, looking for anything soft, and found a piece of what looked like seaweed, which she rubbed the lens clean with. It was a bit scratched, but nothing that couldn't be repaired. She placed the bot down on the console surrounding her, its tabletop a good foot above the water's surface, and examined its legs. They were in a lot worse condition. She scanned her surroundings, thinking. "We have a lot of leaks. Legs won't help you much, here. But there's a grate... I could bend that into a fan, and that would make a good motor case, and here's a rod... I can make this work." She invited optimism in the situation, trying to ignore her persistent aching. She flicked through the assembly of tools under her, found a butane torch, and was both surprised and relieved when it turned on without issue. "Let's get you fixed up."
  6. ((I've been meaning to suggest this, but I kept forgetting. Draco, what if you had a roommate or two that lived with you? You all could pay the bills better and maybe have less problems.)) Yopple gritted his sharp teeth, growling, "Curses..." Annar looked at the cassare worriedly, "What do we do, Yopple? You're hurt and I don't think Fable and I can take him on alone." The two flower pygmies haven't gone up against a dragon of this size before and his wings were powerful enough to blow them away. Yopple let out a grunt of pain. There didn't seem to be a lot of options for him to do without risking possible death. He wondered if he could use his water magic to heal himself. He heard water was good for medical reasons, but he did not know all the details on this. Hopefully, this would get rid of the infections & dead cells so that his body's new cells would allow to rejuvenate and heal the wounds faster. Though he knew he won't be healed instantly like if he were with healing magic. He cast a stream of cool water around his neck and shaped it like a thick collar. The cold water had constrict the blood vessels to prevent further bleeding. "We'll keep fighting until it's too tough for us to handle." He cast another water spell, which was high-pressured this time in an attempt to deal damage to their foe. ---------------------------------- Corona thought over Juna's advice. She said, "Well I guess that could work. But what if it's water magic I'm up against? Or maybe ice magic? How will I go against those?" Maybe a strong enough fire would just evaporate the water? Who knows. ---------------------------------- Kathia's pace increased to catch up over to Azera's side. Then she asked him, "Yes?" She wondered what was it this time. It was probably about Axle she guessed.
  7. Have: a CB Red that is a sad Santa, perhaps. By its code: SaDhO Want: a code collector who wants it. Name your own price
  8. Have: 2g male celestial from female bronze shimmer (https://dragcave.net/lineage/UaIgh and its twin fiRmt) Want: bloodswap, or 3g-4g bronze shimmer from male desipis unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/Pcoar trade link for UaIgh trade link for fiRmt
  9. Surely, if I can keep awake utill your question fini...zzZ... Poster, may I know a random recipe from your favorite food/drink?
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