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  2. Exactly - so stop views when in a teleport. I did come around to that...
  3. With the Caligene, I always assumed it was one big red eye with a slit pupil (like a cat's eye), really. Is it confirmed anywhere that these are, in fact, two eyes per side?
  4. IIRC TJ said he wouldn't be opening them again after the confusion over a few days, ages ago, when people were getting on the list and then falling off again....
  5. I am not messing with ANYTHING groupwise until this works.... One or two have actually fallen out of....
  6. OMG me too - first it looked like one group then two groups seems to work This KILLS the group feature for me *panics*
  7. I'm not seeing what you're seeing. On the hour yes, it's mostly the new breeds but I'm still trying to get a second pair for some of them and having a little trouble with that. I have a tendency to miss the top of the hour and any other time I check, especially the alpine, I only see older breeds. Of course, isn't it always that the one thing we want is the one thing we can't find.
  8. And the inability to fog things in trade is the major problem we all have with trades. Having a protection for things in trade that stops items in teleports from gaining view would alleviate that problem just like the other idea of allowing things in teleports to be fogged. However, there's no point of abusing the feature to save your eggs from getting killed by viewbombers by putting them in teleports for that exact purpose because you can already protect your eggs by fogging. In other words: There's no potential for abuse here.
  9. It suddenly seems to be impossible to add a dragon to multiple groups. If I check a group, it unchecks the other group. I have a few I need to take OUT of some groups - and I daren't in case they leave their secondary groups too.... Help me ? ETA I seem to be able to add to two groups but not more than that....
  10. I don't really mind as this gives those who missed the event the chance to catch up to the rest of us. I'm actually relieved they're not annoyingly rare, as I need a bunch more to reach my scroll goal. Hoarding for the win! But I'm sure they'll become less common soon as the cave gets back to normal.
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  12. Free 2g ice! To cool you off!😓 https://dragcave.net/teleport/3d3b9eb8fdf1d4d9a8e69c5050e19d5d
  13. I'd be up for it tomorrow (if your dragons cooperate, of course)
  14. I know - but PLEASE not right now...
  15. Oops - yes indeed; that was PART of my original issue. I think I even had a screenie. But now I have a NEW screenie - it should indeed be there - like the artist one from last time, I get a placeholder if I use Firefox (but not in Opera by usual browser) I suspect the address has simply changed ?
  16. I recently found out about the "hidden" thuweds request page in the game, but requests seem to be closed. Do you know if those can open up again in the future or are they closed for good?
  17. How cute - and a love declaration, too! Some old vinyl: White Album by the Beatles, Queen's A Night At The Opera and others
  18. That last one is a static bronze Lunar though?
  19. I wondered if you took any of the other colors off the planet it was found on cause yeah, theres very little to go on with that one xD And everyone did think the stone was going to end up with Heimdall anyways, because of the sight thing. It turned out GREAT, btw, for being the one with the least references to pull from. Am I right at all about the black front of the Kovos being a reference to the pillar Evil Elf keeps it in, or the thing they gave it to the Collector in? (you gotta understand, I L O V E you guys for these, my good god theres Infinity Dragons. So im super dhgiudshaf excited about the inspirations)
  20. It doesn't, but I did realize after writing the adult description that their soul-sensing ability was vaguely similar to Heimdall's ability to see every living creature in the nine realms. The design was me going 'wah, the soul stone doesn't have containers or second forms to reference. let's try putting irrelevant cool-looking stuff instead and see where it goes'. xD The one you're seeing is the third version. Could you requote my original info post again? The one you have there is the old version with the wrong image link, which I fixed later on.
  21. Why thank you! I love freckles ❤️
  22. I am going to finish this lineage if it kills me! I followed advice and triple checked my eggs and hatchies. Safe as houses. Flourished a Fertility at the Aether, and you-little-beauty! No egg!!! NO EGG?????!!!! Someone upstairs is testing my patience and forbearance!!! The Lineage gets not longer! Proof (link to egg's lineage): You attempt to breed the two dragons, but no egg is produced. What Gen are you on now?: 3 Today's Date: 05/25/2019 Forum Name: Justie Challenge Group Link (required): Challenge
  23. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! cb freckled hatchie
  24. Okay I remembered this from long ago when you said it but until you said it, I was like 'we have BADGES?' So not displaying for me either, lol. I do see a little broken image box under every mod including myself.
  25. Have: - 2g from Garland: https://dragcave.net/lineage/z1kGe Want: - 2g from Spriter's Alt (would love a common of my choice!) - 2g Thuwed from CB Hybrid or Alt - 2g Prize (would love a mate of my choice--I'll be reasonable!) PM or offer below, please. https://dragcave.net/teleport/ea869fc607408df844bebc004ace77fa
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