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  2. I want to train: User: Tigerkralle Dragon Name + Link: Bulraz Blackfyre Do you have enough points?: Yes How many hours since you last trained?: 20 hours Still no skill unlocked, but next training should reveal his first skill. @OutlawQueen So my commander is a Blackfyre will that change anything?
  3. Welcome ... and enjoy !!! Hope you love it here too ..
  4. BeLovE

    Heya o/

    Welcome ❤️_❤️
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    Hello Eseriel! Welcome
  6. Heya, I'm Eseriel and I'm new to the forums
  7. Today
  8. Thank you everyone for all the explanations (and your time)! I understand now. 😊
  9. I know, but decided to not get too technical because it's often too complicated. KISS... The "top of the hour" thing, though, is news to me. I know I've seen eggs some time or other which were far in the negatives, sometimes even days. @Confused Cat Who of us got confused now? Oops.
  10. Next Saturday is the mass breed!! I will send reminders out Friday to all those who wanted them.
  11. Kozmotis

    Prize Central

    Have: 3g Bronze Tinsel Stair, (light) x F Vine. Lineage | Teleport Want: Idk, offers. Offers from my signature 'wish list' a plus. Preferably hatchlings only or one egg per offer, I am currently egg-locked. If shimmer/tinsel swap, I will reject lineages I already have.
  12. AP has a nice color scheme today!
  13. 47,970 *Waves at Darien*
  14. Exactly lmao - I only meant my earlier comment as an example of something that could be said to give a bit of flavour. While I don’t think morphology-specific comments would be too difficult to include, it would be pretty easy to include a neutral comment to cover all bases. Like “it licks its lips as it devours the treat you offer it”, or “it chirps happily as it wolfs down the food”. Doesn’t have to be mega-convoluted.
  15. Technically the egg won't die until it gets viewed or the cave hits the turn of the hour, meaning if you leave it fogged you can have a fogged egg hit 0 hours it can still linger a little in the fog despite it supposed to be dead. Unfortunately this info is useless unless it's incubated and you can unfog and abandon directly from the actions page which has a high chance of saving it as it regains the 1 incubated day once it's dropped into ap. (Spoken from experience) tl;dr if the egg hits 0 days 0 hours it should be dead.
  16. Amphiptheres, actually. Morphology-specific messages don't have to mention something silly like the lack of wings, just give them another action of approval like jumping up and down or something. Their feet are pretty finlike if you ask me, and they can certainly paddle with those. Quite frankly I think it'd be be neat to have a message like "They bob their heads", plural, for 2-headeds, and maybe something jokey for the joke breeds. Though I do personally think there are better QoL things to focus on than an entire new system that's almost all flavor text.
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