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  2. You'll probably have like 4 or 5 weeks or so to finish this, so don't despair immediately. Batch 1 Regular Bingo Pick a letter and stick with it. Hint: Don't pick J or Q R1. Something whose name starts with that letter. R2. Something whose code starts with that letter. R3. Something whose breed name (encyclopedia) starts with that letter. R4. Something whose name ends with that letter. R5. Something whose user description starts with that letter. R6. Something with at least one caveborn ancestor whose name starts with that letter. Tricky Bingo 3 points T1. Something that matches all of R1 though 6.
  3. Awww, I was hoping they'd have a BSA. Been a while that we have some BSA Dragons released... Still, love the Adults!
  4. HAPPY MAY DC BIRTHDAY RELEASE WEEKEND - HOW ABOUT A BIRTHDAY HOLIDAY RAFFLE?? Glittering Gold Giveaway Raffle - NOW ACCEPTING DONATIONS - OPEN FOR FREE ENTRIES TONIGHT!! I know you may be full of eggs, but consider any space and consider donating something extra nice/fun for this round to help celebrate the end of the DC May Birthday Super Dragon Release Weekend! Holiday Weekend for some Folks as Well! I DONATED A 2G GOLD PRIZE TINSEL EGG!! So enter for that and all the other awesome stuff people donate each round, and I'd love you to share the news! Not any slots, or don't want to hold egg slots? Grab eggs from the AP, Incuhatch, and Donate Them!! Share the News, Post in the Thread!! Let's have a Super Birthday Bash Party Round for this Raffle! PSST... if you like these super low AP times, you can also spend the weekend flooding the AP a bit to make it last a bit longer and as the dragons are growing up, people can Cave/Biome Hunt AND AP Hunt, Hatch & Have Fun ALL THRU THE END OF MAY!!! This Birthday Month Isn't Over YET!! Let's Keep the Party Going!! What else do we have going on that we should be sharing, or ideas that you have for some player fun and participation?? POST THEM!!
  5. Usually, if there is no dimorphism, TJ has two of each breed and keeps one adult and freezes the other one to show off the hatchie. Also,usually he's late with freezing the hatchies so he has to revert one of the adults back one stage. So not, unfortunately nothing unusual there I'd love the idea to have another summon BSA, I just wish you won't need a new batch of six (or twelve) dragons for each new try.
  6. I have donated a 2G Gold Tinsel Egg Prize (x Undine Fem). I expected a Prizekin and thought that would be nice. Oh well, already committed here. The naming rules in my profile will apply to this gift, and it will not be allowed to be traded or re-gifted. So as I'm about to go spend some time with my family today, I hope this draws a little attention and excitement, I hope others will donate as well so we have a nice group of gifts this round, because it is the weekend wrap up of the Big DC Birthday Bash Release, and this would be a fun event to help end that with. (Again, consider those Incuhatching Hatchlings from AP, people love hatchlings, individually or as packs, they are awesome gifts and you have more egg space!!) Also thanks for hosting this @The Dragoness and please consider "helping out" by being willing to deliver your teleports via PM if you are able as this helps keeps things simpler for Dragoness (and any helpers she may have). Peacing Out most of the Day, but as I still have a little time, I will be making a final post or two, and I hope you all can help out with the rest! Share the Joy, spread the Joy, and Enjoy the Joy!
  7. Also, when TJ posts new dragon releases he usually only posts two adult sprites if there is dimorphism. If the male and female adult sprites are identical he only posts one. In this thread he posted two of each adult dragon even though the sprites are identical. That can't be a coincidence.
  8. Had to try more fire. I can't draw fire to save my life :'D But hey, I love blue. FIRE. 🔥 BLUE FIRE. BURN 'EM ALL.
  9. HAVE: Release Day Vremya female - Make an offer on my hatchling! WANT: Release Day Geminae or Galvanic Wyvern FEMALE
  10. So happy I got to breed on my birthday! The Lineage gets longer! Proof (link to egg's lineage): (K5Fcr) What Gen are you on now?: 6 Today's Date: 05/26/2019 Forum Name: chandelotic Scroll Link (optional): Scroll Challenge Group Link (required): Group
  11. HAVE: Release Day Geminae (Desert) precog MALE - Make an offer on my hatchling! WANT: Release Day Geminae FEMALE or Galvanic Wyvern FEMALE
  12. Okay, now I'm really curious about the Aeria dragons. What are they looking for? What is their alien/primordial connection? It sounds like there's an interesting story behind these dragons.
  13. Just noticed a rather interesting code among my eggs. Obong
  14. https://dragcave.net/teleport/df49715073e2d793b662eeb72ece0e9f Enjoy!
  15. Have Paper - https://dragcave.net/teleport/95daa1906e6013e2f416798e56e3d162 Want CB Sapphire(s) CB Celestial(s)
  16. Happy birthday, Dragon Cave! I came super, super late but managed to grab one of each kind. They're so beautiful! Thank you to TJ and spriters.
  17. Today
  18. Please donate if you are able. I have a few slots open, but am going to be out for the rest of the day so I'm seeing what I can get in this hour, I know it has been a busy week with the Birthday Week, and now weekend, and for some of us now a Weekend Holidays, but if you have some space, please donate as others who may normally donate may not be able. Also, if you have less space, just try to shoot for something cool, or consider some incuhatching from the AP and donating some hatchlings, everyone loves hatchlings!! And that keeps some egg space open faster too! So don't forget to give some views to the hatcheries as well! I'll try to post in the Player Events Thread but if I don't, please someone consider sharing there. Thanks for Donating, and also get ready to enter as well! And make sure you are always following and if you are aware and want to show support, consider a post to remind people this raffle is alive so they don't miss the chance to donate and/or enter!! Share the news!
  19. Thanks! As I said, I do, too. 13: happy 13th birthday to DC!
  20. Let's take a look at prices now. At least for the rares. I'll probably post a full pdf of the prices later today. But yea for new dragons! - It looks like prices dropped by 100 for at least some of these guys. There are still really expensive though...
  21. Diamond, please! *leaves brownies for everyone*
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