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  2. I'm loving the fishbowl and drumstick eggs!
  3. 29 left for me to find. So many fun, interesting, and beautiful designs.. I can’t pick a favorite.
  4. Dracaena

    Z Project

    A couple more Z's from the AP. CB Green. Silver Shimmer, 4th gen spiral.
  5. Mother fans unite! But yes, lovely work on that! Also just found one that's just a leg of chicken. These are brilliant.
  6. Welcome back! Site had been changed a lot since then!
  7. Welcome to DC forum! Happy Easter!
  8. I saw some white backgrounds on some eggs. Could staff tell spriters about it and asking about removing it?
  9. Welp, go fish. I have 7 days and five days on Siyats though. Xeno x Zyu lineage.
  10. Just nabbed an egg that's an animation of the Earth with city lights turning on. I'm really sad it's America-focused It would have been amazing to see it like a rotating globe to include all of the continents.
  11. I spy a Magic the Gathering egg I believe? And one that's an emoji. Only references I know so far.
  12. YES! YES YOU DID! Someone recognised my egg! I could cry!
  13. It's been over half an hour since my previous one and the last egg just won't appear
  14. Did I just find a Giegue egg??? I've no idea there were Mother fans here, it's beautiful!
  15. Today
  16. This one's MALE: https://dragcave.net/lineage/Inixi The trader accepted the offer *just* as the egg went from 3d 1h down to 3d - which is *just* too late for influencing. A creature that hatched 6 days after its egg laid date?
  17. eh, holidays are not a good time for those events... I JUST could login and start the hunt and grab my first FoE egg of 2019...
  18. Thank you ❤️ Feel free to resize/crop and use it if you want ! I drew it after your dragon after all
  19. Take 'em if you want 'em - 3 split hatchlings from random AP eggs, all 2G
  20. Awesome! Thank you for making it!
  21. Yep, that's mine! Glad you like it.
  22. That's mine ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ !
  23. https://dragcave.net/lineage/x3qdu Good old Drake A dragon who's lineage is over 3g and it gendered the opposite to what you needed to continue the lineage.
  24. No idea if anyone else is collecting lineages of that sort - as far as I can tell, most people would drop them. But that Dorsal is just perfect - I have a 5th gen of that sort, but no 3rd gen yet
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