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  2. Thank you for the gorgeous Shimmerkin! ❤️
  3. Oh I love it! Holidays can be pretty busy for people, so people often miss out on getting all the eggs. Plus it would be really nice to have the full collection even if you started late.
  4. Thank you for the lovely shim!
  5. Darn I forgot about this event.
  6. had a bunch of no eggs this time around for my weekly prize giveaway, so only 2 2nd gen striped river prize-kin from my silver shimmer https://dragcave.net/teleport/2bcf26c5477bf7e6fc3eeb4816fe7284 4th gen gold shimemr x soulstone https://dragcave.net/teleport/5ff85a692bfbdd64811a1703f9042c28
  7. What a coincidence* I just fed my chickens some broccoli today, hopefully that'll bring me some luck to get this bab. Good luck everyone. *not really, my girls get broccoli fairly regularly, it's one of their favourite treats
  8. Round 4 Regular R28. A messy lineage where every dragon is Neutral-aligned BINGO! R29. Something that is forever nameless BINGO! Not sure about forever, but she has been nameless for 5 years now and not scheduled for naming any time soon. R30. Something whose user description contains multiple exclamation marks Nope. R31. An even-gen. with exactly ten breeds in its lineage BINGO! R32. Prize-fail that's also a miscolour of the non-prize parent Not that I know of! R33. Something with one or both parents with messy lineages but the subject's lineage is "clean" (has a pattern in its shape) - one way to do it is if a parent is messy and the user built the other parent's lineage to match or mirror it. Like this. There may be other ways. I don't think so, but I'll keep looking. I have a Holly that I very carefully bred a matching mate for, but I never kept one of the offspring! R34. A 2nd gen. blancblack dragon with a non-blancblack parent Nope. R35. A 2nd gen. aqualis dragon with a non-aqualis parent Nope. R36. Dragon with an arcana parent BINGO! R37. Dragon with a starsinger parent Nope. R38. Dragon with a sakuhana wyvern parent Nope. R39. A lineage of any shape with exactly one breed each from the Creation, Change, and Destruction elemental groups Still looking! R40. A lineage containing an amphiptere, sea serpent, and wyrm Still looking! Cascade Cas2a. Nebulae of all four variations (blue, purple, red, green) Cas2b. CB nebulae of all four variations BINGO! Red Green Blue Purple Cas2c. CB nebulae of all four variations from Alpine and CB nebulae of all four variations from Desert Competitive Com2. Most BSA dragons. 3/2/1 point(s) to the users with the most/second most/third most. Provide every member of the BSA breed, except eggs. A BSA is a breed-specific action, something on the action page most other breeds don't have. BINGO? 1,108
  9. The panda is cute and Totoro!! 😍 I'm such a scatterbrain. I remember when I started the site crashed and I had to start over. I didn't notice, so missed a lot. Ever since then I only missed a few on one occasion. Oh, well. Next time I'll be alert. 😁
  10. That's a terrible comparison. A business being handicap accessible is waaaaaay different to you not having time for an event on a free website. xD
  11. To say it's not TJ's concern that we have jobs is imature to say the least.... It's like saying it's not a shop-owner fault that you are in a wheelchair, why would he enlarge the door to fit you too? And with all the fact that I have a diffrent Easter (and I wasn't even expecting an event on 21) I'm not the only, I'm not even one among a minority, THE MAJORITY OF PLAYERS couldn't collect all 62!
  12. I agree with decreasing the waiting times to not vary so much, 5-10 minutes should be good, 5-15 is a bit much, personally. Yeah, it really sucks that one spriter wasn't able to get their own egg. And yeah, I think a week should be allowed for any quantity of eggs, actually, I think 2 weekends should be good for people with jobs since it's two full days for them (well, unless they work on weekends too which is brutal oof.) Well, either the wait times between eggs should be less or the time frame of collecting eggs should be longer. Good point, haha.
  13. unfortunate! =_= in this year i do not succeed complete the collection eggs
  14. I hope so, looks like a lot of people didn't get all 62 eggs. You can see my basket if you want to see them all now though, it's on the bottom for this year: https://dragcave.net/easter/KenKazaki2
  15. Sugar Honey Ice Tea! I forgot the event! 😅 Oops! Is there a way to see the past eggs?
  16. Today
  17. Maybe now I will finally get one! Thank you! Good luck, all!
  18. A couple things: -- I'm a big fan of freezing eggs by any means. I had a BSA suggestion a while ago for Spitfires about encasing the shell in glass, but it ran into the same issues of "killing" the hatchling inside (which I personally am not opposed to, for the same reason as others here) -- I don't think the Frostbites would work for something like this. They don't flash-freeze anything, which is probably what you're going for with this kind of magic. Even if they did, they'd leave behind a frost/icy residue on the actual egg, so it wouldn't make sense that the egg would look the same as always and not deteriorate. -- an idea: whether by bsa or natural action, we could attempt to pry/evacuate the hatchling from the egg. Something like, "You make a small hole to coax the hatchling from the egg." Dependent on age, either the hatchling refuses and you get a regular egg (can't use the action on this egg again), the hatchling bolts and ends up in the AP, or the hatchling bolts and ends up in the wilderness. "The hatchling refuses to leave the confines of the egg, so you decide to wait for it to hatch naturally on your own." "The hatchling makes a mad dash out of the shell and disappears into [the distance (ap)] or the wilderness. You patch up the egg shell left behind and preserve it on a shelf." Or it doesn't even have the chance of going to the AP-- perhaps it either doesn't hatch, or goes to the wilderness. That way people can't complain about the hatchling dying, but you don't get to have an alternate early-hatching/forcing method that circumvents using the kill action/Earthquake. It could increase in chances of success (ie, hatchling running away) the lower time it has? Would work on different stages too, perhaps with more success.
  19. Did you check the link? In the United States, it's officially on the 21st of April. Sorry that you use a different calendar but officially, it's not on the 28th. Sorry, but most of us go by this calendar. My college was out on Friday 19th in preparation of Easter on Sunday 21st, classes are back this week. Easter isn't officially celebrated on the 28th according to Google. https://www.google.com/search?q=easter+2019 You appear to be going by the Julian Calendar but most of us are going by the Gregorian Calendar, since, well, we aren't the Eastern Orthodox Church: https://www.almanac.com/content/when-easter-2019-how-easter-date-determined "Given this, the first full Moon after March 21 doesn’t occur until April 19 this year. That means … Easter will be celebrated on Sunday, April 21. As mentioned above, Easter can fall as early as March 22 and as late as April 25. So, now we have a rather late Easter!" You aren't the majority, so you don't have the don't speak for all the users of this site. Again, it really isn't his problem that you don't have the time, because he can't cater to everyone, let alone people that don't have time for a long easter egg hunt. If you don't have the time or forgot, that's your problem if you don't have time for a free service that only costs you your time that you willingly gave.
  20. Just found out about this. Gonna try
  21. I stay home to eat candy and be an atheist while my family goes to church 😆 In all seriousness though, Easter is important to me, but not really for the reasons it's important to most people. I'm incredibly proud to be an atheist, so when I'm able to really show it, like not going to church on Easter with my Catholic family, that's an important part of me expressing who I am.
  22. I think this puts it perfectly -- I've been able to collect all the eggs for the last 9 years because I was lucky, but this year, I had some personal stuff that meant I didn't have the time or access to log in frequently enough, and I'm stuck at 52 this year. As someone who has played continuously since I started playing in late November of 2009, through college and marriage and jobs, missing this event just sucks. I'm not trying to be whiny, and I know that other people were able to manage just fine, but I'm really sad right now. I've been here through a lot of events in DC and I love the game, I've donated to the site before... I just wish there was a way to allow a little room for error, for life to get in the way. If it was within my power, that's what I would want to do. Anyway. Happy Festival of Eggs, y'all.
  23. YAY wonderful - thank you so much. Entered - even though we have run out of broccoli (we had a lot for diner last night)
  24. APRIL RAFFLE Better late than never! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ One M or F ND. I forgot to precog, but it will gender. Sign up with the form link on the first post! May the broccoli be ever in your favor.
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