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  2. I'm glad the infinity stones look so generic, lol. I had no idea they were a reference until people mentioned it. I don't care about superhero movies but I can still enjoy them as rainbow dragons.
  3. omg Happy birthday to the dragon cave!!! Thanks for those cute new dragons. Can't wait to find them all!
  4. The Lineage gets longer! Proof (link to egg's lineage): Finally What Gen are you on now?: 4 Today's Date: 5/23/19 Forum Name: Verandi Scroll Link (optional): Scroll Challenge Group Link (required😞 What the Fluff
  5. "That sounds good to me. I have the week to teach you and it'll be something you can do, and help regain your strength as well. I can move the mattress down here so we could sleep together and still be near food for you and milk for the baby..." He said looking down at the kitten who was asleep again. He managed to eat a few more bites of his omlet. ----- "It's still really good. I can cook too, but I usually get home late. When I'm off though, I'd like to make a meal for you and have it ready when you come home like a wife would. " He started to sniker. "Alex tried cooking a few times but ended up burning some cookies we were trying to make for mom and dad. "
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  7. "There is more than two bathrooms in my castle. I'll make her clean them all. How was your dinner? I'm sorry I brought the mood down. Three days here are already gone. We can do a different activity each day. Skiing, snowshoeing, sleigh rides. I'm just glad I have a lovely woman to spend the rest of time with.." he said hugging her from behind and holding her close. ((Wanna skip to them back after their vacation?))
  8. “I just feel bad that I made you cut your hand because it wasn’t my intention for you to get hurt as I freed you from the effects of that potion. Oh and you wouldn’t have lost me. I was also in control this time and I knew what I was doing. I just wanted to bleed the slightest bit. I didn’t think I was wearing any armor the first time I was stabbed but I should have been. Okay,” she said in reply while enjoying the feeling that him trailing the back of his fingers against her cheek left before hearing what he said in reply to her compliment. “Well those paid off because you’re really good at it. Maybe you can also teach me how to cook so that when you’re staying at the castle late for extra training, I can make you something to eat when you get back.” -•-•- “I made it by looking at a recipe in a book. I wish I knew how to make it without having to look at a recipe but until I have it memorized I’ll have to that each time,” Cody said in reply after swallowing the bite he had put in his mouth earlier and before he went back to eating some more.
  9. "Dad has been giving me the silent treatment since we got back from the town when you and the other girl where taken. " He said softly and then smiled when a tanned wirery man came in with a notebook and pencils sitting down across from them. "Oh wedding portraits! I love doing those! Now pick a comfortable position and stay there until I get the main bodies down then you can take a break until I need to add fine details. " He said sitting down and took out one of his pencils starting to sketch with a ruler then set it aside for a erraser .
  10. 46,387 *waves* @Lagie hihi!
  11. Sam smiled a bit at him when she saw him roll over to look at her before hearing everything he said. “Well thank you. Okay and I like the idea of her doing hard labor as a punishment. Perhaps both cleaning both the bathrooms and kitchen as well as organizing the other rooms in the castle? That would keep her busy for a good long while,” she said as he got up to wash off his dragon claw and then heard what he said last with a smile back on his face. She was glad she was able to make him feel better with just that suggestion as well as see the calculating and conniving look back in his eyes and the smile he had once again. “That would be very fun to see. I can’t wait to see that.”
  12. She had also put on the Celtic symbol necklace she had on when they had the wedding in Shadowgrove before she helped him put on the suit and he helped her fasten the dress in the back. “Thanks love,” she said when he combed her hair before hearing what he said about his hair looking weird when combed. “I don’t think it does. I think it looks nice but I also like the other style as well,” she said before nodding when he said to go show her and then taking his offered hand and following him out to the sitting area. She then waited anxiously when he called in his mom to see them. She then smiled as her anxiousness faded when she saw Ray’s reaction to what they were wearing. “Thank you,” she said in reply still with the smile on her face when she hugged her back before hearing everything she said regarding her knowing early on that she was to belong to Adonis. She adopted a surprised look on her face at hearing that but then it faded when she heard what she about Andre. She nodded about sitting on a bench being better for him to draw them and then sat down on one side of it after Dominic brought it in. She smiled at him kindly before he walked out again, confused as to why he hadn’t said anything before doing so but then just mentally shrugged it off because it wasn’t anything important to think about right then.
  13. HAVE: 2g gold shimmer from Ninja x almerald https://dragcave.net/lineage/XPeMm WANT: egg or S1 ND, any lineage https://dragcave.net/teleport/255122e55944a103e5d6b46ad4aa57ac
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    HAVE: 2g gold shimmer from Ninja x almerald https://dragcave.net/lineage/XPeMm WANT: egg or S1 ND, any lineage https://dragcave.net/teleport/255122e55944a103e5d6b46ad4aa57ac
  15. I joined DC in Jan. '09, just missing the Yulebucks. '09 was the 1st year of the Valentine dragons, but I only got one because of the kindness of another player who gifted me one--this, in the days before safe and secure teleport! I caught one Halloween dragon, the Pumpkin, for myself that year. I was rather pleased.
  16. I DIDN'T KNOW NEW DRAGONS DROPPED! Time to go hunnntttiiinnggg~
  17. 46,385 *waves @purplehaze*
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    Z'Birthday pygmy in the hub https://dragcave.net/teleport/72c5277b6d096d8f769ef4df378fe41e
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    Have Gen 3 gold tinsel x daydream Inf male Want CB aeon or new release hatchies. (egglocked) Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  20. I'll think of a theme and put the new topic up tomorrow night after work!
  21. Ooooh! Yes PLEASE that'd be SO useful at times!
  22. Another wonderful DC birthday to remind me that I've been here since 2008....where has the time gone? Thanks TJ! Thanks spriters!
  23. They are an actual rainbow and a gorgeous one too TJ thank you for that! I am truly loving these bright colors! Cannot thank you enough!
  24. Eleven hours until adults! I'm getting hyped already.
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