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  2. Ray nodded and let her leave going back to work. There were five people there, one with a snake who refused to eat anything for a few months, two with a wild bird each with broken wings (both crows) and two with a litter of puppies for their check up, trying to keep them from eating the wood and messing up the waiting room.
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    Prize Central

    Have: 3G stair w/Mutamore -- Trade me! 3G stair w/male Celestial -- Trade me! Want: An egg or two of the following - preferred from nicely named parents. (in order of priority and the total number of each I will eventually need) 2G tan Ridgewing from male tan Ridgewing x female Speckle-throated (example - 1 needed) 2G Whiptail from male Antarean x female Whiptail (example - 1 needed) 2G Blusang from male blue Siyat x female Blusang (example - 3 needed) 2G Falconiform from male blue Firegem x female Falconiform (example - 3 needed) 2G Spirit Ward from male Spirit Ward x female red Firegem (example - 3 needed) also looking for CBs: (m), (f), (blue, m), (f), (f)
  4. Have: 4G silver tinsel stair with all alt sweets Looking for something equally fun and interesting. Doesn't need to be another alt sweet line. Listed here for the alt sweet owners and collectors. Would be fun to see how long this one can grow! Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  5. Request: need a 2G Purple from M Purple x F Script happy to breed in exchange thanks!
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  7. It does indeed, and you can't use fertility etc either. But still, if it bothers you THAT much, olympe... And I do indeed have a toggle !
  8. I only had 3 to gift for the basket will it still be considered a basket?
  9. ...aaand bad luck breeding everybody again. No donations here. Sorry guys. Looking forward to the raffle though!
  10. 8G GoNkin, with 2Gs from 64 different people (gawd, breeding the last pair took more than 2 weeks, weird success ratios for Aqualis) And now to ascend this to 9G :v
  11. Midsummer Colorweek Massbreed starts TOMORROW! To kick things off, I’m hosting a raffle for a 2G Prize hatchling from female Bronze Shimmer and Green Copper. The hatchling will (unfortunately) gender male. The winner will be drawn and announced on 17th of June at 3AM Cave time, and the winner will have 24 hours to pick the hatchling up. Everyone can participate in this raffle even if you're not participating in the massbreed! PARTICIPATE HERE - Good luck everyone!
  12. I was having some issues with Google being slow to save last night, so the fourth egg options must have not been kept when I closed the tab. I'll get that fixed. The double links are fine though. Thank you for pointing this out to me! Edit: fixed! Anyone else that already donated but wanted to gift four eggs can either PM me or fill out the form again--just mention in the "Anything Else?" section that I need to delete your original submission.
  13. Free Golden Wyvern hatchie! Claim my hatchling!
  14. [ vaccaria ; -- add. 0 ; for. h. t. l. u. ]  -- 树倒猢狲散. ] a tiny flame, planted carefully wilts elegantly to the frost a tiny herb, grown peacefully welcomes the coming dawn. -- The battlefield is alive with the sounds of cheers. Vaccaria makes a sharp left on his broomstick, the wind rustling against his cloak, as the pillar he had been flying past only moments ago explodes in a shower of rocks and a tumble of roaring noise. The Witch grips the edge of his hat, analysing the situation with a calm eye, as he draws to a stop for a mere second to lock eyes with his opponent. Swoksaar's black flames lapped at the ground of the field, making it impossible to land safely anywhere; Vaccaria pitied the opponents of the Warlock that were mostly land-based in their abilities. The Warlock himself was seemingly unbothered by the status of their current battleground, remaining steadfast in one place as he raised a slender hand forward, the curved staff following the shift of fabric as the red eye of his staff glittered with forbidden magic. Not fast enough. He would have to displace Swoksaar if he had any hope of uprooting the other God-Tier User, and for that -- he needed to be fast. He draws himself forwards, pulling the cloak inwards as he rushes in the Warlock's direction, a fast hand enchanting his broomstick with magic as he does so. His growth of ice cuts through the Warlock's black flames, bright pillars rising from the dirt ground, and he sees the other man's eyes widen just slightly at his actions. Vaccaria blinks behind the brim of his hat, a brief moment of self-reflection as he realises -- this is the Magician, his true ability in battle, set free without the hindrance of a partner to adapt to. To challenge another Guild Master in battle ... it was the highest honour, and he intended to take it seriously. He had to -- knowing Lord Grim was out there. He can still remember the clang of metal when he had battled the Glory Champion, realised the other man was merely playing with him even though Vaccaria had given it his all. It wasn't insulting -- no, of course not -- but rather eye-opening. He is just about to leap off his broom -- to use the momentum of his flight to rush forwards and seize victory -- when there is a large burst of light, and he is momentarily blinded. A disruption?! In the arena? What could have happened? When the light dies down, Vaccaria blinks, stunned. Before him is not the heavily draped appearance of his opponent, but rather a bright field -- not unlike the beginner's farming areas the guild uses to train in. How could he possibly be here? He had assumed such areas beneath him -- he is not a vain man, but even he has his standards ... This could not possibly be a prank, could it? Someone altering the battlefield arena to taunt the two of them? If so, he is quite aware of who it could be. With that thought in mind, Vaccaria scowls under his breath and turns his attention to the gathered figures in the arena. His eyes wash over them; some people, potentially NPCs pulled from around the towns, and a couple monsters -- Vaccaria briefly rolls through his head the list of useful enemies, and, not being able to match any of the strange creatures before him to the names, decides they are ultimately not worth his time. He is a Champion, a Guild Master, an important figure -- and there is too much on the line. He does not appreciate this joke, in terrible taste. "I fold," he says, gathering himself; with a sweep of his hand he gathers his cloak to cover himself, raising Stardust Extermination up with the other. He tilts his head up to the sky, addressing no one in particular. "Troubling Rain, if this is your idea of a joke ... let me assure you, it is not very funny." He frowns, taking a sweep at the gathered crowd. They seem to be talking, interestingly enough -- how had Troubling Rain managed that? What connections did he have? Suddenly self-conscious -- why, they were just Quest Aides -- at the thought of other people, Vaccaria clears his throat and stands up even straighter, his posture tight. "Please undo the changes you made to the arena," he continues, speaking at the sky. "I don't want to break my way out of here, but I will. I have a dungeon to run at midday, Rain." Utter silence. How could anyone possibly find this funny? Vaccaria tugs on the brim of his hat, feeling the familiar material to calm himself, before he sighs heavily. With a swift movement of his broom, he raises his weapon up at the sky. "Star Ray," he murmurs, the spell lighting up the end of his weapon before shooting a star-like construct of light forwards into the air above him. Squinting, Vaccaria is briefly surprised when the spell does not seem to rebound -- it continues forwards, not hitting any hidden barriers from the arena, before exploding in a ball of bright light. An extended area? How could that be -- unless -- Was this a challenge? A new dungeon, unlocked through the arena? That was creative -- he'll give it that. Shame, too. The mobs looked so human. And one -- fell down? A glitch, perhaps? So ... a terribly designed dungeon with mobs that glitched, interrupting him in the middle of a battle in which both of their guilds had been watching very closely. "Rain," Vaccaria sighs, the name spoken softly between his lips. "I am going to set your bedsheets on fire." Then, the Witch takes a step forward, towards the group gathered together. His abilities are wide enough and this is easy enough; the area seems to be a beginner's land -- most likely the easiest thing to glitch into a new area -- and he hasn't drawn any aggro. Another step, and he sweeps open the folds of his cloak with one hand, the other hand reaching forward. He mounts Stardust Extermination easily, taking flight into the air, and then in a heartbeat he draws the red bottled flask from his belt and tosses it into the air. "Lava Flask," he says, instinctively calling out his spells regardless of if there were teammates around to hear or not, and the glass bottle cracks near immediately upon being thrown, exploding into a bright ball of crimson as he swerves to avoid the explosion scattering mounds of lava onto the ground below. Vaccaria waits, pulling to a stop as he watches the effects of his spell. Briefly, he wonders if the mobs would drop any good loot -- he would forgive Rain slightly for this silly little prank if the blond had hidden any rare drops within the NPCs' code drop files.
  15. Have: 2x 2nd gen PB golds https://dragcave.net/teleport/3844922aca91dec107fbaa4e12f44867 https://dragcave.net/teleport/4cbe7af3b29682fb7e5fd0bb7ddd8ccf W: CB mint hatchlings
  16. Have: CB Thalassa Xenowyrm Want: Swap for CB Astrapi, Chrono, Gaia, or Thalassa egg OR male hatchie! Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Traded
  17. Had to snatch this, thank you!
  18. CB Royal Crimson, precog female
  19. I’m up, put me on the remind list as well, please.
  20. I have finally reached the 60th generation of my pb, very inbred, golden wyvern line! Started this line back in January of 2012, when I got the two caveborn originators of the lienage.
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