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  2. purplehaze

    Z Project

    Offered on the Blacktip since I have some space now.
  3. i would just keep it for the dragon it would grow up to be. but that's just me.
  4. https://dragcave.net/teleport/6c37f5e4ee0094db18c52e6e5129ba1c - should gender correctly
  5. Trying to decide if I want to try for a Zombie from this AP find. It would be cool, but with the dismal failure rate I would probably just waste a good lineage!
  6. dragonpuck

    Z Project

    both still available
  7. You mean this? It was begun on the 11th birthday of DC and later modified so that the number of winners depends on the number of entrants. At this point I don't think anyone but TJ can know how many winners there are each month.
  8. Today
  9. Have: 3rd G Leodon from Alt Sweet base (offer here or PM) Want: - 3rd G Carmine with Alt Sweetling base, mate for this - 3rd G Daydream with Alt Sweetling base, mate for this - 3rd G Silver with Alt Sweetling base, mate for this, unrelated to one, two - 2G Pink from Alt Sweetling, for this - 2G Balloon from Alt Sweetling, for this - 3G Black Marrow with Alt Sweet base, mate for this. Will be happy to hold until Halloween breeding/hatch/influence etc.
  10. Have: "For trade" group * CB Golds (hatchling influenced male, egg is a trade offer atm) * CB Silvers (hatchling influenced female) CB female Kingcrowne CB Chrono Xeno (influenced male) CB Copper 4g checker shimmer from Jewel (influenced female) CB Codes: "JOcks" | male Turpentine "uEARN" | male Whiptail "27593" | Kovos Pygmy "meBOB" | Guardian * "uHwhy" | Blue Siyat (influenced female) * "kiing" | Script (influenced male) * "28022" | Water Want: (happy to do many:1) 2nd gen pb bronze prize from M Silver Tinsel x F Bronze Tinsel as a mate for this one (other 2g pb prizes definitely considered!) 2nd gen white or black from Spriter's Alt for a project I'm working on (if interested please DM for whether black or white!) 2nd gen silver tinsel from white 2nd gen tinsel from male tercorn 2nd gen gold from gold prize (from female Gold Tinsel most wanted) 2nd gen silver from female silver prize (from female Silver Tinsel most wanted) For non-asterisks: 2nd gen prizekin: white**, black**, tercorn from Silver Tinsel, harvest from bronze, a mate for these guys CB 5-letter-word codes PB prize checker prize or metal checker from prize x metal See sig! ** From certain pairings
  11. Ali? people have sometimes said the more people they meet, the better they like their pets. yaay for the cats!
  12. No clue. I had enough info I tried to track her down IRL with no success. On the plus side, we know Ali's okay! I am having personnel issues at my shop today. We had a good-bye dinner for one of my former staff and the invite list was basically people who worked with her, so now the newest recruit, who's a hurricane refugee and a prickly personality to begin with, is all huffy and upset because she wasn't invited. Sigh. I think I ought to have stayed with the dogs. The cats made it off safely!
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