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  2. My opinion, speaking just for myself, not anyone else. At present (and for as long as I have been here as far as I know) our moderators have a lot of work to do. Because of this descriptions have not been a priority. This has led to description queues that have run into the thousands (at least once it was over 10,000). With description mods, each mod would only have to worry about descriptions. With each putting such time as they can into the issue, it should never get so out of hand, simply because the description mods will have no other forum duties to fulfill. I still see this as the best solution An automated system could open whole new problems. The more you campaign for an automated system, the more convinced I am that it would just create more trouble and consequently more work for already, admittedly overworked mods.
  3. Liubov

    Prize Central

    Have: 2d gen bronze tinsel egg from Ice Want: 2d gen shimmer (male shimmer x female non-holiday), 2d gen gold or silver prize from non holiday mate, CB ND Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  4. Have: 2d gen bronze tinsel egg from Ice Want: 2d gen shimmer (male shimmer x female non-holiday), 2d gen gold or silver prize from non holiday mate, CB ND Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  5. I'll now make you angry and say If only there was a 'like' button! 😈 Never say never but not yet!
  6. Nope, not necessarily true. In general, yes, if you see a huge one-breed wall that stays for a long time, you can assume that maybe most people looking at the AP don't want those eggs right then. But it can be just as possible that people *do* want those eggs but can't grab them. Egg limits are a huge factor when it comes to helping to clear AP walls. Even if every single person looking at the AP at a given moment sees things they want, they only have at most 8 slots to work with. There are currently 24 users in the AP, even if you assume that all 24 of those people have the max 8 slots, that's still only a possible 192 eggs that can be picked up. After that, no matter how much users actually *want* the eggs, they can't take them.
  7. EG3 Hellfire Wyvern x Shadow Walker m - Claim my egg!
  8. While I personally don't really care either way about this suggestion, I don't really think it would fly. Yes sickness is frustrating, and viewbombing is a horrible thing, but in general we are supposed to be responsible for our own dragons. Keeping an eye on them, knowing to fog if and when it's needed, even using Ward if needed, those are all things that we as users should be responsible for. Automatically fogging every egg is basically just 'I want to keep my eggs safe but don't want to actually put in any effort so I'll just have the game do it for me', which... Given TJ's opposition to changing sickness, I can't see that actually happening.
  9. Had pretty good results with my Green stuff, didn't take too long either! Tomorrow is going be the hard day for me.
  10. Take as much time as you like, PDC! We don't mind. (We're perfectly happy to just keep counting until you are fully awake. ) Or, start back at one!
  11. You can change your nickname on the forums, but not on the actual DC site. To change your forum nickname, hit the drop down arrow next to your username at the top left of the page -> Account Settings -> Display Name. You can change your forum name every 90 days.
  12. Nimras

    Prize Central

    Have: -- 3G Bronze Tinsel from a Green Copper x Bronze Tinsel checker Lineage: WFdR6 Want: -- 2G Bronze Tinsel from a Green Copper father x Bronze Tinsel mother unrelated to w6q22 and RjD0p -- 2G Aeon from Aeon father x Red mother (mate for 2CupP) -- Interesting egg/hatchling offers. Signature always applies. Make an offer on my 3G Bronze Tinsel egg!
  13. Do you mean nik as in nickname (on the forums) or scrollname (the link to your scroll)? (Or both?)
  14. Today
  15. Can't I drink my caffeine from a long-night gaming session in peace?? The nerve of you all. Back to zero. ...Zzzz...
  16. Pft, a secret is a secret - you get the point!
  17. Full suport for this! My heart cryes that I can't freeze the beautiful Pyralspite and Shimer eggs. I adore them
  18. I've checked the search bar and can not find a thread about this topic. Its a bit disappointing that we can not change our sign on niks. Like many many other sites from gamer sites to official government sites once you sign up and have everything established you are able to change you sign on information. Often the one you always use is already taken and it takes time playing around with it in order to find a permutation of your nik you can log on with, so many people sign up for sites like Dc with a quickie password or nik to get through the signing up process and then they go back at their leisure to make it more personalized only to find out you can not change it now, you are stuck with something you often don't really like. DC does not have the option to change you nik, some people even like changing their nik over time, what you like one year might change a couple years down the road. Sign up information and the ability to change a reconsidered nik need to be enabled. The Goddess knows I never would have picked mine for DC If I had known I would never have the freedom to be able to change it. Is there any way to make it possible to change a nik on DC and the forums, that way we can make them mesh better as well
  19. Huh. A leftover from Dirtytabs's bingo last September and it looks like it hasn't been noticed in all the bingos in between!
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