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  2. Have: CB Spring Looking for: CB Fire Gem CB Kyanite 2g Glacewing from M Mutamore x F Azure Glacewing https://dragcave.net/teleport/fbc1b14627cb13e390316f21f01652d4
  3. When I was a kid Easter was a Big Deal for the family, everyone gathered at grandparent's house for lunch and egg-hunting, they had a big front yard with lots of great spots to hide eggs. Nowadays Easter is a difficult time, my grandpa died on Easter years ago and we were really close and I still struggle with it.
  4. I've collected all of them :D. This is also the first time I've managed to achieved that.
  5. decided to use some breeds I haven't before at least for Lovely commons-- and make mates for checkers I had first one albino x sunstone x hellfire using the suntone checker( re bred for albino) I already have made it go somewhat faster to a finish https://dragcave.net/lineage/roo5m
  6. Personally, I'm in favor. And all I'm missing is one year's complete set of easter eggs. Nothing major. I think the best way to implement this is that *during the event* (ToT, egghunt), once you've collected all the eggs/treats of the current year, the game goes back the the year before that - until all eggs/treats are collected, then to the year before that - until either the event ends or you have collected everything. This way, you'd have to spend the same amount of effort as someone who was there when the original release happened, yet gives you the option to complete your collection. Just buying a whole set from the market - even for an exorbitant price - cheapens the accomplishment needlessly.
  7. I did/do because you can name it but you didn't.
  8. Arc pondered over what Mike had said. ”Well... Hm. I have heard that before, but.. Well, I had a friendly bird, once. It was a.. Pidgeon, methinks? Anywho, met some nasty dragons. Plucked his feathers. It did the trick then, should do the trick now. If it doesn’t work, there is a more difficult to obtain, but more effective medicine that..” Arc thought about how to word it. ”It uses magic, for one. So it uses that sparkly magic stuff to kinda.. Well, from what I know, you lose all your feathers, but then grow back new ones immediately. Plus, the new ones are stronger and stuff. It’s just that you have to.. Um, well, it needs some flowers, said magic, the magic is actually pretty easy to find, I think... It’s in crystals or whatever. And the last thing... Well, it needs willingly given blood from at least three dragons. The more, the better. Something about devotion, willingness to hurt yourself to heal another.” He looked to the wound. ”It is pretty bad... I doubt you’ll be able to fly again, if we don’t heal this. Um, but it will heal, don’t worry.”
  9. Since the version 2 of the topic is closed I'm just gonna post it here. These banners looks so cute and cool as the same time. I'm not kinda breeder for anything, I would love a Proud Hoarder banner though, but it's cool enough. I used the Vampire banner on my signature to make my signature prettier lol. Thank you.
  10. These banners are so pretty, I used them in my signature. Thank you
  11. I didn't go anything in particular other than use that time to get dry wall up and... organise my basement.
  12. Support from me. My Seeker eggs like to be with their friends - I see no harm in it.
  13. I'm on the 'week long event' train like, if you want to push yourself to get all the eggs asap go for it, be the first completion, but we can't all get them that fast. Heck, even when I was watching it closely it was taking more like 20min for most of the eggs. We shouldn't need to be watching a page like a hawk for hours for what's supposed to be a fun event with lots of nice sprites. It shouldn't be so stressful, but it is.
  14. I... definitely thought I'd already missed the event when I logged on early Saturday. Logged on again today and whoops looks like I missed it for real this time. ^^; Maybe I'll get lucky and the cry for the event to be extended a day will succeed, but considering I managed to log on the two days surrounding the event but not on the event itself I doubt it
  15. Today
  16. Keep: Seasonal Abandon: Floret Kill: Truffle (too many of these out there lately) Falconiform, Striped River, Tan Ridgewing
  17. Mom makes us go to grandma's house and spend time with family members I don't know. The only ones I spend any time talking to are my cousin I play World of Warcraft with and my grandpa, who has Alzheimer's, so every conversation is new and interesting. At least for him.
  18. I guess the fact that a high number of people didn’t manage to collect all the eggs kinda begs for an additional day. Tbh I wouldn’t mind up to a week of casually collecting.
  19. Starscream

    2019 Banner?

    I do not see the harm in having the banner at the top of the basket. It would be basically the date of the eggs in that basket - lets say someone doesn't collect for a few years. I think it would be a simply addition, causes no irreparable damage to the site in any way, I see no reason that this is denied first time collectors. I can understand not having them with original eggs, we didn't do a banner that year, but with that said, every year we had banners, then I do not see why users, new and old can't get them. As @Haki said, they don't remember when they got theirs. I echo each statement by the users here.
  20. BlueLatios

    Z Project

    @Ruby Eyes accepted Putting that 2G Z from Cavern Lurker X Horse back here
  21. R30. Something whose user description contains multiple exclamation marks YES ! Bingo ! https://dragcave.net/view/QXO2
  22. Have CB Silver, can influence & hatch for you Want (see signature) ♡ 1–3 SAltkins (depending on the SAlts' rarity and how much I like the lineage, I guess). Must be 3G & even-gen with matching-coloured lineages. ♡ 2G Bronze Shimmer from female Almerald ♡ 2G Silver Lunar Herald from Gold Tinsel x Gold Lunar Herald (please note it is gold season atm) ♡ Offers? PM to negotiate or offer here.
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