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  2. So the wrigglers are full fledged fry and have now started swimming and seem to be eating to powder-formula stuff that I was recommended so that's a relief. I've got SO many babies, only four eggs didn't hatch out of the group. Here's a school (this isn't even all of them) I'm pretty happy with how things are going.
  3. Pink Thuwed Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  4. Pink Thuwed Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  5. My Liege, I'm gonna risk it! Username: Tigerkralle How many dragons?: 3 Total points spent: 6 I want to train: User: Tigerkralle Dragon Name + Link: Bulraz Blackfyre Do you have enough points?: Yes How many hours since you last trained?: More then 24 hours for sure I wish to announce a new Targaryen! Name/Link (please use lineage link): Hesa 'La Gata' Targaryen Gender: Female Parents: Lawleus and Saenerla Targaryen Generation: 9th Scroll name/Link: Tigerkralle @OutlawQueen Can we train while the commanders are in a party on the battlefield? I think that's weird when they can train during a battle out there.
  6. Can someone remind me why spinels are not allowed to breed with mutamores? It was explained to me once, but I don't remember the answer, and it's not in the encyclopedia nor the wiki. ETA: Oh, I just bred one! Maybe it's been changed? I thought I remembered getting refusals every time except during Valentine's season. Maybe I'm misremembering and was just disappointed I couldn't get a red one? Nevermind then...
  7. I donated! Omen -> Seriva Senkalora | 2G Pink from Aria and Yulebuck | https://dragcave.net/lineage/1cMoN | sent
  8. I haven't forgotten about GGG! I've been thinking about when I'll host the next raffle for a few days now. I work every day this weekend, so it will probably be next week(end). In the future, the two games will run at the same time. I just haven't had much time for GGG unfortunately. Alright, gotta get back to work now. My break is almost over.
  9. Now that the first Lucky Lotto has concluded, is there a chance of another Glittering Gold Giveaways raffle in our future? Just curious
  10. Have a good weekend, PDC! Hopefully we will, too! one
  11. Update: I'm going to be away from my computer for a few more hours, so don't worry if it takes me a while to open your PM. I will get to all of them tonight
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  13. Lagie is so awesome I'm taking the weekend off. *Hefts hammer and leaves thread*
  14. Congratulations, @TerraAnne @rihannalexis @purplehaze! Thanks for setting this lotto up, @The Dragoness. It's been a lot of fun competing/participating so far. Looking forward to the next challenge. Hopefully we can encourage more people to join in next round! Sending a PM now about the runner up prizes.
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  16. Just got a Leetle Tree - I didn't realize what it was at first and went to the desert but managed to go back to the forest and grab it ;0;
  17. I imagine the "18" changes to whatever is applicable (10 for level 0/trophyless, 12 for level 1/bronze, 14 for 2/silver, 16 for 3/gold, 18 for 4/plat). That's probably an Easter egg/surprise for players and therefore not alluded to, since I see Expunge isn't in help either. And updating the help page to include the relatively newer features would be nice.
  18. Take 'em if you want 'em - 4 hatchlings (variety) from random AP eggs (set 1) Take 'em if you want 'em - 4 hatchlings (variety) from random AP eggs (set 2)
  19. Have: 2g Speckle-Throat from Silver mother. Want: Bloodswap. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  20. secret strange numbers bingo: https://dragcave.net/view/zPlep
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