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  2. Just found another egg and OMG it's a Golden Salmonid egg!!! Dude that's from Splatoon 2 and I love it! Thanks to whoever did that one ❤️ EDIT: Typo
  3. Happy Easter everyone! Have fun egg hunting!
  4. OMG there's a Stargate egg! Coolest thing ever!
  5. Holy Those sakuhanas are gorgeous! Love them ❤️❤️
  6. Thank you, I love adopting cute miscolour babies!! Happy easter to you too!
  7. This is exactly what I see too! It's a little broken link but only under some artists' names, and not others? Very odd.
  8. Yet another red gemshard who should've been blue... Happy Easter! Gone - Thanks Nordana!
  9. sh20000sh

    Post Ctrl+V

  10. Thank you all ! A bit more today, with a special bonus!
  11. Happy Easter everyone! Just started to collect the wonderful Easter eggs, looking forward to all the pretties
  12. Keep: Green Siyat Abandon: Brimstone Kill ( then eat): Chicken Nebula, Candelabra, Shadow Walker
  13. That's would be considered spam, too Anyway, it started. Happy hunting!
  14. Thanks for Thalassa-kin Shimmer, @anetofstars ! I will try to get Prize egg from this dragon, but if she or he will produce Xeno egg, it'll be nice too. And happy Easter!
  15. Trying for a Market Vampire. Spent my last 400 shards. Got 2 killed and 2 repulsed. Stupid dragons.
  16. Ruby Eyes

    Z Project

    Well, Market eggs CAN be bitten. And tossed. https://dragcave.net/vampire-progeny/0fkLd
  17. I do the same (I only do user reviews, of course). On the other hand, I have gotten rejects without any message whatsoever, so I've attributed them to generic dislike and not something specific to my description. Thus, absolutely not notification-worthy.
  18. Anne - HP: 100 Anne looked out towards the horizon, the strange platforms seemed to be heading towards several large rectangles in the distance, judging from their faded colour they were quite far away. The blonde had been separated onto the next platform leading towards the rectangles. “You. Do not touch me. I am not your bud” came the deep voice from behind her. Anne glanced back in surprise to look at the broad-shouldered Charles, her smile fading briefly before returning with a raised eyebrow. His attitude reminded her of a mix between the girls from her island and Nomu. The girls had always been distant and had never acknowledged any of Annes attempts at friendship. And Nomu had always acted with a strong sense of superiority, though behind her cold exterior she was basically a big puppy. Anne’s grin widened as she envisioned the large burly Charles as a puppy. Maybe a beagle, with it’s dopey ears and slowly wagging tail. She probably looked quite peculiar to the others around her. Charles was talking again. It seemed like he’d come to the same conclusion Anne had that the platform with Blondie on it was the next step. Anne also wondered whether or not Cody would be able to jump it. He likely didn’t have haki and he certainly didn’t possess one of the six powers of the navy, the moon walk in particular which allowed one to leap off of the air itself. When training, Garp had suggested Anne learn the powers but she had focused on haki instead, as it would be more useful in the long run. Charles then turned and pointed at Anne “You. Make your decision: Jump if you can or wait for me.” Anne’s second eyebrow raised, her lips pursed, as she was referred to as a ‘You’. “I have a name you know Charles. It’s Anne,” She replied, loud enough so that it would carry to Blondie on the other platform. She didn’t quite get what he meant when he said wait for her. Then he was suddenly grabbing the equally shocked Cody and leaping across the gap with the blue haired man in his clutches. After putting the traumatised guy down, Anne was really starting to feel sorry for him, Charles jumped back over to her platform, looking expectantly at her. And leaned back and crossed her arms. “Ahh I see. So, I can’t touch you, but you can grab us whenever you want huh?” Anne asked, in the same manner a teacher would a rebellious student. With a few quick steps she reached the edge of the platform and soared across to the other side landing both feet down. Anne turned back to Charles on the other island and tilted her hat towards him. “You know you should watch that attitude. If you’d spoken like that to my friend… she would have eaten you… or at least crushed you. If she wasn’t hungry,” Anne remarked. At full size nothing short of an Island Whale or a couple Seakings could really sate Nomu’s hunger. She stepped over to Cody and lazily draped her arm around him. “Don’t worry Cody. Next big jump we have, I’ll carry you across, would you prefer over the shoulder like Charles or bridal style?” Anne asked him her friendly smile once again adorning her features. “I could also just throw you. Unless Blondie here has a more sensible way to get across,” Anne said, shifting her attention to the blonde girl who still hadn’t introduced herself.
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  20. Found the Lugia egg someone else mentioned! Found a bunch of others too lol. 18 eggs in and I still haven't found mine even though a couple other people already did within the first 30-40 minutes of the event according to some posts :')
  21. Until 10pm local time on Sunday. Good luck on your shiny hunt!
  22. Happy Easter, please offer a dummy! Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! enjoy and also thanks @DragonRoz
  23. Have: female 2g Royal Blue (f) x (m) Silver Tinsel from (Sarea) (f) x (m) Glitters like Tinsel https://dragcave.net/lineage/S2JG3 Peered into S2JG3’s (f) future with All Mystic. Apr 20, 2019, 5:47 am EDT Want: 2g Common Guardian x (m) Silver Tinsel Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! *PMs and red note in signature are most welcome!
  24. Have: female 2g Royal Blue (f) x (m) Silver Tinsel from (Sarea) (f) x (m) Glitters like Tinsel https://dragcave.net/lineage/S2JG3 Peered into S2JG3’s (f) future with All Mystic. Apr 20, 2019, 5:47 am EDT Want: 2g Common Guardian x (m) Silver Tinsel Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! *PMs and red note in signature are most welcome!
  25. Happy Easter, everyone! May your egg hunting be successfull!
  26. I never get more than about two references; I so don't care - I just like the pretties.
  27. Happy Easter! Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Offer a dummy! Enjoy tjenny
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