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  2. Gosh, these dragons!!! I LOVE them! Lihnseyre is definitely my favorite and Aeria Gloris is a close second. All the rest share a third place! The description of each dragon are so unique and cool, and their designs are outstanding. Well done spriters and thank you TJ!
  3. Are these orange ones' names supposed to be pronouncable?
  4. They look amazing, I'm especially fond of the Vremya Drakes and the Lihnseyre Dragons! It'll take me a while to get used to all those new names though Will we still get surprise site updates or no? 👀 ETA: Oh and the Aeria Gloris is soooo cool and unique! Love the alienness 😍
  5. ((sure. back to the castle on the surface?)) After their vacation was over, Sam was reading in the greenhouse room (forget exactly what it was called but will edit later with the proper name later) where Zen hung out in their castle in the surface. She took frequent naps in order to get used to being back home again from being in two different places where the time was off from their home (jet lag basically). She was in her human form appearance in case other people showed up for tours and such and was only in her demon form while in her room or Jach’s.
  6. I love all of these! The green and orange ones are my favorites I think but it was hard to pick, they're all gorgeous and I'm so happy to see they are still dropping so regularly!
  7. Now that we have these nice Infinity Dragons, will the next release include a Gauntlet Dragon that has a scary BSA (only available if you have at least one adult of each Infinity Dragon)?
  8. Wow, these are pretty odd-looking dragons. The drake looks surprisingly good, the pygmy is quite nice, the eastern is gorgeous, the purple wyvern is pretty great, and the blue alpine dragon... it's... weird, but pretty. But yellows/Geminis... man, what a big disappointment this was. I was hoping they'd just be solid yellow or maybe blue, but the red looks a bit out of place and ruins the sprite for me.
  9. Not sure what the difference between no views in teleport vs. fogging until er to prevent views is supposed to be? We CAN already hoard stuff that long, you just can't try to trade because someone else might post it somewhere. I just had an egg on my scroll for nearly the full two weeks waiting on someone to pick up the trade. It was a private trade do it didn't get posted, when it got down to less than a day l put in hatchries, fogged as soon as it hatched and removed it then let sit till four days then stunned it just in case.otjer than more steps, how is that different from what you are apparently afraid people will do? Hoarding is not a thing remember. If it has to be taken out to get ANY views, it's no different than a mass fog.
  10. I've made a thread for breeding plans for the new six dragons I've unofficially dubbed Infinity Dragons for now! First thoughts: Definitely going with Deep Seas/Aeria Gloris!
  11. Good job, spriters. These were beautiful as eggs and the hatchies and adults do not disappoint! I would hate to have to pick a favorite. The whole Infinity stone thing means nothing to me, as I am not a fan, but the dragons stand very nicely on their own I am loving how bright and rainbow-y the hatcheries look with all these new eggs and hatchies in them. My only complaint is that my old brain is going to have trouble learning the six new names!
  12. Is the red dragon on the cake a reference to anything? Or just for silliness?
  13. This is a thread for any breeding plans you have in mind for the dragons released for DC's 13th Birthday! Have some templates! Kovos Pygmies (Red) Lihnseyre Dragons (Orange) Geminae Dragons (Yellow) Vremya Drakes (Green) Aeria Gloris (Blue) Galvanic Wyverns And finally, some ideas to start us off! (Aeria Gloris/Deep Sea, Lihnseyre/Leodon, Mimic/Kovos)
  14. These are all astoundingly gorgeous. Kudos to the spriters and the writers for creating such interesting bios to match the awesome designs! The Lihnseyre and Aeria Gloris (definitely copypasted that first one) are my unparalleled favorites (good god, I could definitely hoard the both of them), with Geminae and Kovos coming in close and honorable second. The other two are utterly fantastic as well, they’re just not as much my personal taste in terms of palette and biology. 😛 Overall, one of my favorite DC Birthday releases yet. Amazing work to everyone involved, and thank you for another year of DC!
  15. Oh wow. I can't pick a favourite. Those are all so awesome!
  16. But that would also allow the possibility for hoarding. OK how about the time stops long with view - but if the thing gets down to its usual ToD, it dies anyway. So if you had that holiday egg in a teleport and it was there for 7 days - it wouldn't survive the trade, even though the timer had stopped ?.
  17. GREAT stuff. EVIL pygmies. Thanks to all the artists.
  18. Only thing that would do is people catching rares and hoarding them in a non growing state for trades. Or think how valuable a holiday dragon egg would become if you still had a seven day egg a month after. Just not getting views at all in teleport would solve both: trades would not get sick and people couldn't just hoard magis and never pay attention to their scroll. They'd have to be taken out of teleport to grow.
  19. “Oh and you mean Parker? I hope he stops giving you that treatment soon,” she said in reply before also smiling at the tanned, wiry-looking man that came in and sat down across from them. She nodded when told to get comfortable and did so while also staying in the position she had gotten in earlier still with the smile on her face as he prepped drawing them.
  20. I love Kovoses and Glorises. They're my favorites. Time to swarm!!!
  21. All six are beautiful and I‘m happy that 3 of them are not regular dragons
  22. Welcome hun! Here is how you hatch an egg. Go to a click site (examples include The Allure of Neglected Dragons, Valley Sherwood, and Silvi's Lair). Once an egg is one day old (has about 6 days left or close to 5 if you use incubate), add it to a click site by putting in the name of your scroll. If you have an egg that's over 4 days old (they can hatch at 4 days), you can add it to the ER. Having more than one site is good for backup if one site is down or if you catch an egg that's low time and you want to hatch it quicker. You can name your dragons and hatchlings as well as breed them. You can try to collect every breed, have an army of frozen hatchlings, create lineages, collect odd codes or codes that start with a letter (z codes are very popular), or have a scroll that's 90% your favorite dragon breed (called a hoard or army). Building lineages is a popular activity with patterns like checkers (2 breeds evenly bred together making a pyramid shape), stairstep (a lineage of a breed of all the same gender and caveborn/CB mate each generation. can be all one breed), spiral (the same as a stairstep, only the main breed alternates gender), and purebred (like a checker, only one breed). You can share art or crafty creations, work on a possible new dragon to submit, sign up for a group project, gift and ask to be put on gift lists in the various gifting threads, chat, or goof around in the general discussion which also includes an RP group. Really, you get to choose how you want to play and spend your time here. Everybody is very friendly and happy to help. Don't feel weird or awkward asking questions or making mistakes. We've all been there. Remember that mistakes and failures are not the opposite of success, it's part of it. You can't succeed and master something without goofing up. Same thing goes for life.
  23. Enjoy a Vremya bust, feel free to use it in sigs or avatars if you want.
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  25. These are SO GORGEOUS. Well done, spriters! I can't even pick a favorite because they're all so pretty!!!
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