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  2. “Eukyo” https://dragcave.net/teleport/828c2cce3a78217f30a13794a55ab903 want: anything! wl stuff, or just 2nd gen hybrids
  3. Raffle Closed! Thanks everyone for another great raffle! The Prize Descendants Raffle is now closed for entries and I will be drawing the winners followed by posting the results and sending out the prizes ASAP.
  4. thanks to an amazing and beautiful gift from an incredibly nice person , i have achieved my goal of collecting a 3rd gen baby from every SA sprite (though not, obviously, from every individual SA dragon). and just in time to start all over with the madness for halloween!
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  6. Hmmmmmm maybe I'll just mark everything as read, but what if I miss something interesting, hmmmmmm
  7. 778vm a7UMU e2AjB Gone. mSdfs ZUiEb Gone. 1tuAd Gone. mmyjn HFGMZ Gone. Rceko bazia Gone. Qy0AX Gone. j5mHs All are fogged. All are rare. Most are caveborn. Test your luck and choose one! One per person, please. One paper, two cheese, one red dinosaur, one 2g prize, one magma. And the 2g prize is the same gender as its respective same-breed parent.
  8. I HAVE: 2nd-gen gold female from arcana. https://dragcave.net/teleport/0dce53979a741adced3a1a7489a1ef71 I WANT: 1) 2nd-gen gold or silver egg from omen. 2) Two 2nd-gen commons from omens (nicely named parents only.) Looking for blacktip, purple ridgewing, female ash, female azure, male falcon, or male aether. 3) 2nd-gen red from alt sweetling (nicely named parents only.) 4) 3rd-gen common from Halloween checkers: male marrow/female white, male marrow/female red dorsal, male marrow/female flamingo, male marrow/female black, male stripe/female marrow, male shadowwalker/female blusang, male shadowwalker/female black, male gaia/female witch, male yellow zyu/female witch 5) Something from my sig. PM me or offer on the link above, thanks!
  9. Just do your kills and hope for the best. I always get some Zombie outside the "best dates", you just need to groom a horde of Sacrifices and try not to get too attached.
  10. I have found two wild Golett and caught enough Yamask (?) to be able to evolve it, but other than that, the event is a little underwhelming? I'm bummed that the starters have been made raid exclusive, since their raids seem to be extremely uncommon. I have found only Squirtle so far and I live in a big enough city. I do work a full-time job now, so I hope I will be able to find the other two as well.
  11. You learn to live with the frustration. Just come here and moan about a success rate of nil and losing count of the dodges like the rest of us do!
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