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  2. It's not a game of who had it worse, but white people (like myself) have to understand and acknowledge that we have a completely different history than POC. We cannot experience racism like they do; that is a fact. Racism is not an individual flaw, it is an institutional and socitial handicap that white people/ people of institutionalized power have leaned on. Any people can be victim of racial prejudice, but only minorities have suffered it on an institutional level. That is the difference. It's not a pity party and it's not a competition. But trying to brush off the history and the DAILY struggles that PoC have gone through and continue to go through as equivalent to struggles of white people helps no one and only serves to pointedly ignore everything that they have suffered/continue to struggle. We do not have the same experiences as people of color. We never will. It is literally ingrained into our society that way.
  3. CB sunstone free to good home Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  4. Hi folks! I have a question about the upcoming DC Birthday event. I have missed the past few events, and would be appreciative if anyone can describe the drops during the DC Birthday events; i.e., frequency and length of drop. Do the new eggs drop solidly for the first 24 hours without new eggs mixing in? Do they drop very frequently after the 24 hours? I am asking because I am considering taking on a longer timed egg; but I am worried that it will interfere with the Birthday event. If the eggs drop for at least 24 hours fairly solidly, I should be okay, but if they start rapidly mixing, I would like to know that, if possible. I realize this year's event could be different from previous years. I haven't been to a birthday bash in a few years so any help/advice on drops would be appreciated. Thank you.
  5. oh of course! recently have returned to dc so the stun bsa is new to me, so i totally forgot about it! thank you!
  6. OreoQuack


    How do I make a trade? Like, I know how to answer a trade but I don't know how to make my own.
  7. Hi Yogurtmoo! It is because of the Stun BSA.
  8. Look at you, assuming you know how I live my life. It's not a victim mentality. It's called justice. Victim mentality would be if I didn't try. I'm just telling the truth. People have been oppressed, yes, but when it comes to oppression on the basis of race, that's something only POC experience.
  9. Hi mukuro! As DragonLady86 mentioned, if you meant original stories for your dragons, this might be the spot: It seems to focus largely on art but does mention "original stories." https://forums.dragcave.net/forum/25-original-works/ If you want to add a description to an individual dragon, you can add it so that it appears on their individual dragon page. The descriptions appear after being approved by a moderator. More information here: I am not well-versed with the Role Playing section of the site, but perhaps they may have something you are looking for? https://forums.dragcave.net/forum/48-role-playing/ Good luck!
  10. There's the victim-mentality speaking again. You need to realize that it's not a game of "who had worse". Everyone's been suppressed at one point in their lineage and race. You don't wear it like a badge of honor, you learn from it and do the best you can in life without repeating the past and echoing the crimes.
  11. may have been asked before, but this is the 2nd time i've seen this and have been wondering about it! sometimes i see hatchlings with more than 7 days left, the most ive seen is 8 days left. what causes this?
  12. I knew of dragcave a long time ago but I was like eleven and never joined, rip. Now I don't have cool stuff.
  13. Y'all honestly need to stop relying on dictionary definitions for everything. Connotation is as much a part of a word's definition as denotation, which is why slurs exist. According to the dictionary, the n word (not the one you're thinking of, I mean the Spanish word for black) is just another word for a black person... but we all know what it really means, don't we? Just like when you say someone's racist, you know what that means: they don't like people of color, and/or are discriminatory against them in some way. White people cannot, have not, and will never experience racism like black and brown people do daily. That's literally just a fact. Unless black and brown people were to suddenly enslave white people, which ... would be impossible and also very crappy, it just won't happen. That being said, I've looked at the arguments against the gender pay gap as well as the race pay gap, and it still boils down to gender and race in the long run. If we are to assume that your education is determined based on your race and/or gender, is that still not racism and/or misogyny? Thus, my point still stands. Not to mention, you can ask just about any black or brown person if they've experienced racism or discrimination in the workplace and they'll tell you they have, versus a white person who maybe got yelled at by a black dude once and now he's mad about it.
  14. omg I hope hope hope I can get that 3 gen gold tinsel from snow cause I have a decent mate for that sucker. Awesome donations though thanks guys!
  15. https://dragcave.net/teleport/8ccee40cefc99dcb3e56511d21f21fa3 Third gen Thuwed https://dragcave.net/lineage/uNPNL
  16. Red hatchlings https://dragcave.net/teleport/9097c2920155f0ff6df940d48446720a https://dragcave.net/teleport/36bb4264ee0333d573aefb613e246026
  17. Yeah, I probably will be too unless something changes real quick.
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  19. Technically, no one has a choice. It’s all decided by your environment and genetics, which isn’t surprising because free will is nonsensical. Here’s a good talk about it and some articles. The stability of educational achievement across school years is largely explained by genetic factors The inconvenient truth about genetics and success “[...] By reminding us that we don’t have perfect control over every aspect of our lives, genetics can encourage us to be more compassionate of ourselves and more tolerant of the differences we see in other people. But genes don’t just shape our physical and mental health. They also shape our success in life. […] And in a society that prizes being good at school above almost all other skills and talents, having genes that make it easier for you to achieve academically is yet another form of privilege. Reminding ourselves of our privilege makes it harder for us to be smugly self-satisfied when things go our way and harder to condemn people for just not trying hard enough. Now, new genetic research is showing that our DNA can be another source of privilege, and it’s time to acknowledge it.” 'Course he does. X D It has been awhile, but I still remember how beautiful you are. https://www.nytimes.com/2004/07/11/weekinreview/ideas-trends-sex-may-be-happiness-but-wealth-isn-t-sexiness.html “Furthermore, the economists compared the levels of happiness produced by a vigorous sex life with other activities whose economic values had been calculated in prior research, allowing them to impute, in dollars, how much happiness sex was worth. They also estimated that increasing the frequency of sexual intercourse from once a month to at least once a week provided as much happiness as putting $50,000 in the bank. A lasting marriage, by comparison, offers about $100,000 worth of happiness a year -- that is, on average, a single person would need to receive $100,000 annually to be as happy as a married person with the same education, job status and other characteristics. Divorce, on the other hand, imposes an emotional toll of about $66,000 a year, though there may be a short-term economic gain from the immediate relief provided by leaving your spouse.” Conventional wisdom among economists is that it’s not a problem or not nearly as significant as some claim it to be. https://www.bls.gov/opub/mlr/2017/beyond-bls/the-unexplainable-growing-black-white-wage-gap.htm "For the past several decades, black workers have fared worse than white workers in the U.S. labor market. Despite government policies designed to reduce or eliminate racial disparities, black workers continue to experience lower wages and higher unemployment rates than Whites. The latest evidence comes from a recent study by economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, “Disappointing facts about the black-white wage gap” (Economic Letter, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, September 5, 2017). Authors Mary C. Daly, Bart Hobijn, and Joseph H. Pedtke show that black workers still earn less than their white counterparts in a worsening trend that holds true even after accounting for differences in age, education, job type, and geography. […] The authors found it most notable that a significant portion of the racial wage disparity is attributable to unexplained factors, factors that are hard to characterize or measure. While a sizable portion of the gap arises from explained factors, including occupation choice, educational attainment, and age—the share due to unexplained factors accounts for much of the growth in the wage gap over time. The authors suggested that unexplained factors could include discrimination, differences in school quality, and differences in opportunity. In 1979, unexplained factors were responsible for about 8 percentage points of the earnings gap for men, about 40 percent of the total earnings gap at that time. By 2016, that share had risen to about 13 percentage points, nearly half the total earnings gap.” The race wage gap is similar to the gender wage gap. A lot of the race wage gap can be attributed to the large (~12 point) black-white IQ gap of which we can argue what environmental factors cause the difference. I could point out that despite polling showing the US is much less racist than decades ago, the gap has hardly closed and contrary to popular belief, school districts roughly spend a similar amount per pupil regardless of race. https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2019/03/22/gender-pay-gap-facts/ Twenty-something women make roughly 90% a man makes. The majority of the discrepancy (i.e. the 10%) has nothing to do with discrimination. Yet this is fussed over so much because of people being disingenuous when presenting the data. “Much of the gap has been explained by measurable factors such as educational attainment, occupational segregation and work experience.” Not true. Sociology textbooks make a distinction between institutionalized racism (what you're sort of referring to) and personal racism. From Cambridge dictionary: Racism: social studies the belief that some races are better than others, or the unfair treatment of someone because of his or her race. Each part of the “or” statement is possible. It does not matter which group has the most CEOs and politicians in society. That's silly.
  20. “Maybe I should this more often then,” she said in reply with a small smile before eating the rest of the piece she was currently eating and then also licking her fingers clean of melted chocolate afterward. Then she also kissed him back before she was picked up and brought to the bed. ~-~-~ The next morning, Sam didn’t want to wake up but she did just a little bit when Jach carried her into the shower. She then completely woke up while she washing her hair and body before rinsing out the shampoo and conditioner from her hair and then rinsing off the soap from her face and body afterward. She then dried off, dressed and followed him to the inn for breakfast after putting on her jacket, hat, and gloves. After she ate, she followed him back to the cabin where he got the sleds and then followed him to the hill to try them out. She smiled when she heard him giggling and couldn’t wait to show him how to do it.
  21. HAVE: CB Red/Volcano Zyumorph WANT (In order of preference): CB Gaia (AUTO) Any other CB Xenowyrm Hatchling (AUTO) Any other CB Xenowyrm Egg (AUTO) CB Purple (multiple) Multiple CB Pillow or Common Pygmy Hatchlings Any Eastern-type dragon hatchling, any lineage, will be used for zombie fodder! Vampire hatchlings OTHER OFFERS WELCOME (I use decline)! CB Volcano Zyu or PM me!
  22. HAVE: CB Red/Volcano Zyumorph WANT (In order of preference): CB Gaia (AUTO) Any other CB Xenowyrm Hatchling (AUTO) Any other CB Xenowyrm Egg (AUTO) CB Purple (multiple) Multiple CB Pillow or Common Pygmy Hatchlings Any Eastern-type dragon hatchling, any lineage, will be used for zombie fodder! Vampire hatchlings OTHER OFFERS WELCOME (I use decline)! CB Volcano Zyu or PM me!
  23. I like 'em all! Let's go with https://dragcave.net/view/jeS5H A 2nd-gen. with one named parent and one unnamed parent?
  24. Illidan Stormrage, Lord of the Illidari <Status: Stable> <Location: Gateway -> Stables> <Agents: Xander> <Other Participants: Soren, Sieghorse> ~~ The stables? Illidan hadn't expected anyone around here to be used to any sort of mount, and if the word was what he thought it was, a stable usually meant there was at least one horse present. He follows Xander as the two go to the stables, wincing a little at the smell of hay and that heavy musk he could only guess belonged to the horses. He watched carefully... ...and was a little surprised. Soren was... really big. Probably big enough for Illidan to ride on, now that he thought about it, but sweet Elune, he hadn't expected a horse to be so large! "Glaring like a demon, huh? Could've fooled me... Then again, I can't exactly see his glare, so..." Illidan shrugged, looking at what he could see of Soren. Yep, that horse definitely looked large enough to be able to fit Illidan on his back... That was, of course, assuming he'd let the half-demon ride him. But that'd have to come at another time. Illidan then watched as Xander interacted with the only other horse in the stables. Quite affectionately, as well... so it didn't surprise Illidan too much when Xander referred to this horse as his partner. He then heard Xander ask if he had experiences with horses. Or any mounts, for that matter. "Well... not horses, exactly, but I have ridden plenty of nightsabers in the days before I became a Demon Hunter. They're, um... They're a kind of big cat native to Azeroth, my home world. Kind of like sabertoothed tigers, but with a panther's colors... Does any of that make sense? Anyway, the nightsaber is the mount of choice for the Kaldorei - the Night Elf people... My former people before the whole 'Demon Hunter' thing happened..." Illidan's face sours a little - the events leading to his exile from Kaldorei society were a bit of a sore spot. "I... don't exactly like talking about it." And he left it at that. ...and he hoped Soren didn't try to eat his hair.
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