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  2. Dang. The only one I can identify cannot be from the Cave (it's too new).
  3. "So you're the one... " The vampire grinned getting of the keg and leaning towards Sabrina. "No cannine would have his mate bathe in Vivian if he didn't know who he was up against. Plus it seems to me that you know more about what I'm speaking about. Good. We only need one, and a cannine can't help himself if his mate is in grave danger..." He laughed maniacally. --- Adonis huffed a yes and said it was a particular smelly flower called Vivian- he stopped and his nose twitched as they reached a narrow Alleyway. "Get Zach! She's down here." He ordered Bruce and took off down the cramped street, coming out on a narrow walkway near the red light district and smelled at a tiny window. She was there! He ran around and hipped the wooden fence to the cramped back yard looking at the windows before shifting to a humanoid appearance and using a spell to unlock the back door. He sniffed the air stepping inside. Both were definitely here along with the vampire. He had taken four quiet steps into the house on wolf legs, clawed fingers ready to strike out..... BAM! Cha-THUNK! "AAAARROOOOOOOOWWW!!!!!!!" "Hehehehehehehehehehehe!!!!!! Got him!" Three things happened in rapid succession. The door slammed shut behind him, wrought iron chains dropped from above burning his skin leaving red glowing imprints on his skin as a withered old hag sprang out of a doorway, heaved the chains over her shoulder and rolled him deeper into the net as she dragged him to the basement trap door throwing it open. "Master! He found us! This one isn't stupid that's for sure! Shall I bring him down?" She cackled. "Absolutely! Bring him down." Gustav said with a cruel grin. Thunks sounded with yelps and whimpers as he was thrown down the stepts then dragged around the corner. His hands where smoking, tears streamed from his eyes as he was bleeding as some of the chains where sharp. He seemed to grow weeker trying to get them off of him. Adonis had reverted to human form after a good minute of struggle simply laying still trying not to breathe too much or the chains would burn deeper in his chest. ((Think Maleficent with the way the iron and her skin gets burned. If you haven't seen the movie I can provide a link. ))
  4. Hey, I'm in need of a few extra friends :v I gotta work through these quests so, if it's alright, I'm just going to plug my trainer code here: 3063 3815 8223
  5. Well I'm glad I'm not going loopy lol.
  6. quinney

    Prize Central

    Have: 2G Silver Prize Shimmer Want: Neglected hatchie or CB gold egg. No other offers please. https://dragcave.net/teleport/15f33dbe6aef63e7224f1e5f02a7d4b3
  7. I can do either but not both, so go fish. A dragon whose father is Air-aligned and mother is Ice-aligned?
  8. According to the wiki, yes, you will lose your trophies if your dragon count drop below the required numbers. https://dragcave.fandom.com/wiki/Trophies
  9. Today
  10. If someone were to purge their dragon collection from say 500 down to 100, would they lose their silver and bronze trophies?
  11. I just googled it and you're right. I'd asked my mom and she attributed that quatrain to Emily; now that I'm looking online and see at least two versions with different text; wikipedia attributes it to the poet William Hughes Mearns. I should have done further research before starting this project. Let me poke around a moment and I will fix that. Sorry.
  12. Arc examined the leaves. ”Yeah, this’ll do just fine.” He took the leaves and crushed them together into a paste. ”Alright, now I just..” He turned and walked to the injured dragon. ”Hi, yeah. I’m Arc, I’m not scary, I hope. Um, yeah, this might hurt a little, but it’ll help the healing process, with those feathers, you know. Lots of vitamins or something, I don’t remember exactly how. Anyway please don’t scream, thanks!” He gently pressed the mush into the parts of her wing that were injured, being careful to not hurt them too much. After he was done, he sighed. “Hoof. Ok, it’ll take a while to sink in, but your feathers should grow back in.. Three, four days. Not fast, but otherwise it would of taken a month, so it’s a major improvement.” He smiled at her nonthreateningly.
  13. We are supposed to have very heavy rains and winds this afternoon. It hasn't started, yet, though. Possible isolated tornado threats? Yikes! We are not in a heavy tornado area here, but have had several in my time here -- none very close but still scary!
  14. Towa Akagi, Princess of the Hope Kingdom <Status: Stable> <Form: Pretty Cure -> Civilian> <Location: 3rd Floor Library> <Agents: Arch | Theo | Sorey> ~ Scarlet smiles a little - Arch was such a gentleman! "Please, Arch, just Scarlet will do. Although, if you insist on calling me by my title..." A flash of light, and Cure Scarlet changed to a form more befitting a civilian; her long pink hair was now short and red (although it still had a similar hairstyle), and she now wore a simple white dress, a white lacy headband, a red butterfly-shaped pendant, and red shoes with little white bows on them. "...then Princess Towa will also suffice, but only when I look like this. There's a reason why I keep two names, and it's to keep my identity as Cure Scarlet separate from this civilian identity." She listened as Arch spoke about him and Theo having been brought to this world through... literally the exact same circumstances as her and Hibiki. "I, too, arrived here not too long ago... though it upsets me that my three friends and teammates back home will have to deal without me for a while. Oh, I hope they're going to be okay against the dark forces..." She paused, thinking about her friends for a few moments. "That being said, I don't have the slightest inkling as to how I got here, either; one minute I was fighting my world's forces of darkness alongside my team, and the next, I was at that strange place people here call the 'Gateway.'" Arch then mentioned Sorey's... friends? What friends? When Towa followed Arch's line of sight, she saw nobody... Maybe he had the ability to see the unseen?
  15. Love them both and all I can say is LOL on French Fries, but how bout them Freedom Fries?!?!?!? Both lovely!!!
  16. I'm really confused. I thought that was Antigonish by Hughes Mearns? Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  17. I'm split on this. On the one hand I'm a collector and of course want to get them all but on the other hand I'm really frustrated with trading. I need on more CB gold to complete my CB scroll goal but it is imposible to trade one if you don't have a ND or can't breed gen2 SA or prizes. Have no clue how some people can offer two CB golds at once for trading sometimes... I see them really seldom and if I see them I can grab them. And my connection isn't slow. There is such a big trading gap that you can't overcome with "regular" dragons (inkluding dinos). So I wish my chances on getting a prize dragon would be a bit bigger. I'm not really for a limit (though probably two of a breed maybe as long as a lot don't have one) but more for either more prizes in the lottery or more options to win them. Randomizers hate me...
  18. Well safety first: P1d: Bingo ! https://dragcave.net/view/zUw5Y
  19. Verandi

    The Count Project

    I probably will be, so just ping me when shes ready again. I'm waiting on my little vamp to start trying for what I am sure will become a horde.
  20. Sweet, thanks for the egg, I don't have any Gemshards.
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