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  2. Starscream also seems to be malfunctioning by not responding to any of our communications. two
  3. 7g Silver -- not sure the name for this lineage pattern https://dragcave.net/teleport/ccba7135e269bda1324f689386494c52
  4. Took the silver/floral crown , thanksgivings
  5. ((it’s okay and k )) Sabrina could only watch everything that Gustav did to Adonis and was starting to cry at one point, not being able to help it. She just felt so useless and helpless that she couldn’t do anything to help him out of the iron chain net. She was a bit happy that Parker could go free without any harm but that didn’t stop the tears from falling down her cheeks. When she heard the bell come from the top floor and noticed the woman leave to go back up to the top to take care of whoever had entered. She took the opportunity to get up and go over to the barred up tiny window to take off the boards blocking the light coming in and then opened it a bit to let some air in. - - - Bruce also heard the yelp as well that came from Adonis and his ears flattened a bit before hearing Zach’s order for him to stay there and did so while the former entered the building. He laid down where he was told to stay and waited. ((sorry that I didn’t reply earlier. was helping my mom clean the house for company later as well as help make some things for tomorrow. also sorry that my reply as Sabrina is so short compared to yours as Adonis; only thing I could come up with))
  6. Took this one, thanks so much! 2g silver x female nhiostrife
  7. Got my PB Pipio spiral lineage to get to the point where it actually starts to look spiral-y: https://dragcave.net/lineage/QM8U3
  8. Also make sure that "keep growing things at the top" is unchecked....
  9. I'll join in. I just bred all my Reds and sent 80+ to the AP. I'll get to my pinks, purples, and Magi later tonight (est)
  10. 4G silver x val'09 checker gone, madao13 enjoy, also thanks for the silver egg 4G silver x solstice checker 4G silver x heartseeker checker 3G silver x heartstealer checker 3G gold x RA checker 3G silver x floral crown cheker
  11. Been there, done that It was a pain but the veteran coat was definitely worth it! I live on the other side of the world, but we can try to coordinate something if you'd like to. Also, just had one of my most amazing PoGo days today - hatched a Happiny , hatched a shiny Pichu! and on top of that, caught not one, but three shiny Shuckle! I feel like I've used up all my luck for the rest of the year
  12. Quick update: I added some information to Charles's sheet as Extras. I felt it might become important through the course of the thread. Everyone is welcome to make additions to their sheets overtime as well if they feel it helps clarify something about their character(s). Just let me know so I can reflect those additions in the first post. [ Ready Player -- Charles Cornick ] { Support -- Cody ; Hornet ; Anne ; Status ; Health -- 100% ; Brother Wolf ; Alert ; Shape ; Human } Howl ; Born Moon Called Charles still believed he was never good with people, despite his wife's assurances. When Cody started to panic and retreat, Brother Wolf stirred with the anticipation of a hunt. It took Charles's quick action to dampen his brother's desire to give chase. Unfortunately, it left the human's arm in his grasp. Which left Charles in the awkward placement of coming up with something to say that would hopefully reduce the human's need to run away. However, he didn't think 'my wolf will hunt you if you run' was going to be helpful. So he tried something else instead and, after several heartbeats, it seemed to work. Cody was no longer inclined to flee, much to Brother Wolf's displeasure. As introductions proceeded, he left Cody to speak as his own attention turned to something in his eye. He couldn't make sense of what it was, but it ended up not being something to be concerned about for the moment. Charles staggered as the ground began to shake violently. Trying to find a rhythm to the abrupt tremors, he caught a glimpse of Cody staring at the ground. He'll fall. Brother Wolf reacted faster than Charles. As the land pulled away from beneath the human's feet, Charles took a quick step and reached his hand out, snatching the back of Cody's shirt. Without hesitating, he pulled the man to more-stable ground. The blonde woman was her own segment, within jumping distance if Charles had gauged it correctly. He almost missed the other woman, noticing her descent at nearly the last moment. Hurrying closer to the edge of his--tile?--a watery tendril shot up and wrapped around his calf. The denim of his pant leg started to become saturated until the water solidified, icicles spreading to the fabric. He heard her shout and folded his arms over his chest. The ground had ceased its quaking and, eventually, the woman climbed onto the platform. Then she slapped his back and called him 'bud'. Her name is too similar to our Anna's. But she is nothing like our Anna. He agreed with Brother Wolf. Charles's gaze became half-lidded, concealing his eyes so she couldn't meet them; there was no need to put her in her place. Yet. "You. Do not touch me. I am not your 'bud'." Very rarely did he ever need to explain something that was well understood by nearly all who had stood in his vicinity. It was how he kept others at bay. Once in awhile, however, a wolf or a human (never the Fae) decided to test his boundaries. Most of them learned quickly enough. Robert had learned almost instantly not to call him Chief a second time. (Although his manners hadn't improved before the pup returned to his pack.) This woman, like the blonde-haired one, smelled like the ocean. However, she was also clearly human, not a Fae. A wizard, perhaps, then; it explained her ability to manipulate water. That left two humans, vulnerable to whatever was happening in this strange world, under his protection. What of the third? He inhaled, trying to catch her scent on still air. She, too, smells like the sea, but there is oil tainting it. Not human, but she can't be Fae either. The metal piece she had ruled that out, as far as he knew. Brother Wolf couldn't provide Charles with anything more to hint at what she may be. It bothered him, not knowing who or what he was in the company of, but she had so far not presented herself as any kind of threat. However, it could just as easily mean she was the biggest threat to him here. Many old and powerful Fae had no trouble hiding the level of their power. So could his father, for that matter. Unfolding his arms, Charles moved closer to the edge that faced the woman in yellow and black. "Cody. Can you jump this?" The man approached, noticeably avoiding the possibility of touching Charles, and shook his head. "No... No I don't think so. It looks a lot farther." He figured as much, but it felt courteous to ask. Glancing back at Water Whip (he refused to address her by name unless he absolutely had to), he motioned with his hand. "You. Make your decision: jump if you can or wait for me." "Wait. Wait, no--" Charles ignored Cody's protesting, ignored the spike in the human's fear, and grabbed the man's shirt before he could think to flee. The man gasped as his feet were lifted off the ground and his body was hoisted over Charles's shoulder. "No! Pu--You'll kill us!" Charles sprang off the edge of the tile, passing over the descending darkness, and landed on the segment the blonde-woman stood upon. He lowered Cody from his shoulder, keeping a hand on his shoulder until the man was steady. The human remained silent, hands covering his face. "You're not dead." "Yet. I'm not dead yet." At least he removed his hands from his face. He may be right. But that was a concern only Charles felt. Brother Wolf was much more certain in their ability to keep the humans safe and alive. Two strides and Charles leapt again, returning for Water Whip.
  13. I mix both but if I use table custom for finetuning I'll pop into the value one quickly and reset the things I want up there to -1
  14. Wiz

    Z Project

    3EG SA in the hub https://dragcave.net/teleport/18c7a4d9b7af0299fccdf75bf196e0ab
  15. Magma x Pyralspite Checker PB Silver
  16. Starscream, I am worried that you may be malfunctioning. Repetition of a word or phrase is not a sign of good mental health in robots. Please do the responsible thing and visit a robot doctor. 1
  17. Today
  18. Take 'em if you want 'em - 4 hatchlings from random AP eggs
  19. I think that would be the best- some people write a lot of description and it may end up "spamming htem" edit, noticed TJ's remark up above about ending a notificaton one per day, great idea!
  20. Have- 2G Blue Firegem Tinselkin Want- Lowtime BSA Hatchies please. Send me a PM if interested, I don't have any adult Magis at the moment.
  21. I don't know about your browser, but mine updated several things while I wasn't looking and it's driving me nuts trying to find out how to turn them off....
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