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    The Count Project

    As long as it's a noble, I'm in (And both side are noble so lol) Thanks for the egg pinkgothic, now to hatch it into my first noble of the night
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  4. You gotta be in it to win it, and I am in it, but if you don't tell at least one other person, the science has shown that you may decrease your chances of winning, even though these seems to defeat logic!! That is how Randomness and Chaos work!! They De-feet Logic and Reason and Order! And it is the only Weesh of the Feesh. Do you like that Feesh does all this for nothing but your joy? Tell at least one other person, it is all the Feesh asks. You don't want to make Feesh cry. I heard that Feesh can drown in their own tears. It is true. They are different water sources. Feesh Tears are so sad and dangerous that if you witness them, you will vicariously drown as well in pure sorrow and loss. And we don't want to lose, we want to WIN! WIN in LIFE and WIN in Raffles!! Oh yah, and post about broccoli or something. So people know stuff is cookin up in this thread!
  5. Ooooh definite support. I'm always too busy at easter to be able to collect all the eggs- I'd love a chance to be able to get missed eggs again.
  6. Jowan Allies: Duke Location: Kitchen “Yeah, okay,” he agrees, biting his lip. He’s not sure he wants to talk about it or explain why he overreacted so much, and he definitely doesn’t want to hear Duke reject him, but he doesn’t have much of a choice. Running away from problems doesn’t work. It’s something that he should know by now. They walk in awkward silence. He wonders if he should say something, but his throat is dry and he doesn’t know what to say. At least the walk isn’t too long. His thoughts are unpleasant enough; he doesn’t want to be left to stew in them for too long. Inside the kitchen is a high counter with several tall stools beside it. He picks one and sits on it, then looks down at his hands, not quite sure where to start. An apology? Had he already made too many of those? where to begin
  7. WHO WANTS TO WIN A FREE ND?!?!?!?!?!? TIME TO ENTER FEESH'S FREE ND RAFFLE!!!! If you want to increase your chances of winning now or in the future follow these scientifically proven steps to winning a super rare cannot be gotten easily dragon!! 1. Follow the thread so you know when all the Raffles are open for Entry because they are only open for a few days, and sometimes have extra flash raffles - Duh?!?!? 2. Tell at least one other person about this thread. ALMOST EVERY WINNER WHO HAS EVER ONE HAS DONE THIS, INCLUDING MYSELF!!! IT IS SCIENCE - Like the Experiments, pure Science! And this is the **ONLY** Thing Feesh asks in return. Wow, Feesh makes tons of ND attempts just to give them away for free, and this is the only Feesh Weesh. Could we not grant this simple request? Maybe your sharing will help make this wish come true for the Make a Feesh Foundation. Feesh can continue to eat and breathe and grow. At least Grow NDs if nothing else. Greedy Altruism is OK as long as it gets the job done. 3. Don't know who to tell who doesn't already know, lemme make a few suggestions: A. Newer & Growing Players. People who Don't have Platinum Scrolls or maybe not even Golds! B. People who Post how they "Dream about Getting a ND" in their Sigs, Wishlists, Profiles, etc. and/or make posts about "how they will never ever be able to get one" DESPITE this free at least monthly raffle going on for several months now. Not everyone has time to sort thru the forums, and not everyone realizes the player community effort involved in fun and helping out and giving away some really nice stuff or doesn't follow this thread for updates, and not everyone posts updates except for in their own threads, so if people aren't posting updates here, please if you use this thread, make sure to post them, but these are the people to tell especially!! Even if they are on Discord or IRC or something else and say they hate the forums. Tell them to create an account just to win an ND! I have gotten people to do this! I'm not sure if they can enter via Discord, but they can check that place out too cuz it has its own raffles and stuff as well with some nice stuff. C. Players who state, sometimes repeatedly to the point of making it an ongoing complaint that never stops about how awful it is they cannot get rare dragons and will never be able to get XYZ. Usually if you drop the: BTW there is a Free to Enter ND Raffle on the Forum that gives away at least one ND a month, that usually gets a LOT of people who suddenly want more info. If anything else, if that individual still believes this or still continues to make excuses, they just want to complain. Ignore them and move on to more positive and productive players in the Community. However, I have almost always found that when you let that be known, people get REALLY excited and REALLY want to know about it and have no idea, and you open them up to a bunch of other things that we do from various raffles, gifting threads, fun games and contests, swapping dragons and free breedings, breeding events, etc. etc. Including just getting to know players better and being more involved, and ultimately that is what keeps the game going and keeps it worth coming back to and keeps others coming back so there is a community worth wanting to check out at least now and again, if not more actively. D. Eat Broccoli. That is what Feesh asks. Posts Broccoli. Even if you hate it. There are also other Cruciferous Vegetables out there too! These are the only vegetables I eat. I am serious. I am very low carb (not Keto) and those are the only veggies I eat. I lost a lot of weight. Let me recommend you put them on your plate. Veggies are great. But these are even more awesome!! Learn about them! And be healthy however you want to be healthy. This message has been brought to you by our Sponsor....FEESH'S FREE ND RAFFLE!!!!
  8. Ray gave Adonis liquids and ran a bath with special herbs, like the ones in the play at the wolf's festival, to help ease his wounds. She still taught Sabrina about what she needed to know. "This helps with iron burns and he needs to soak in them in order to get better and avoid iron poisoning..." she laid him in the water. Zach tried to answer her questions the best of his ability.
  9. Random 4G SAltkin :3 Edit: you're welcome, Kai!
  10. I've posted this same request before: https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/180940-way-to-jump-to-dragon-breed-within-scroll/ Here's hoping a search feature could get implemented.
  11. https://dragcave.net/lineage/RmwmR This palindrome is very easy on the eye.
  12. That would be nice. Bred a tinsel three times to the chosen mate with no results. Finally got an egg. Person had apparently quit DC two weeks before and hadn't even bothered to say "I don't want this anymore"...so it took up a spot on my IOU list at the time, and I had an egg I didn't want. I did gift it to a nice person who's been really active and helping me with my Tea lineage project, but it's still SO annoying. Also annoyed because I can't poke the people in the trading hub. Even though that would be super annoying. Trying to trade some random unbreedables (Dino, Cheeses) for a CB Silver....no acceptance...but no decline either. Do you WANT IT OR NOT!? Hah. Bred a very...disturbing...Script baby named "bozo"...hopefully I can find him a home with code lovers. So far he's truly a bozo and isn't getting any attention. 😝
  13. List of Verandi's ACC dragons sWelR words are Dandi Lady ayezS of Dandi ILOpt-sided Mint Dandi 5ZIn5 of Dandi IDdiO if I could tE5VO Dandi R2I6P Chaos Dandi 8LoBe Trotter Dandi
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    Hello and welcome to the forum
  15. Hello and welcome to the forum
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    Hello and welcome to the forum
  17. Hello and welcome Definitely be sure to check out the RP section
  18. Hello and welcome Let us know if you have any questions!
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