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  2. Yay!! Glad you like it! I was torn between doing that or the Egg of Light from Mother 3, but I'm glad I chose this one because the Salmonid egg was loads of fun to make! 💜 Just logged on and the first egg I saw was the one I designed! Can't wait to see the rest!
  3. I think the forum chose to show one of the pics you posted in that thread as a preview. It appears to have some sense of humour
  4. OK and what on EARTH is that freedom is life's great lie doing showing up under my name on that link ??? It's part of Infinis' sidebar....
  5. I am not alone here - but I can't see the artist's badge in forum anywhere at all any more. After TJ said he could see them fine: I posted this in TLQ. I am not using a mobile. And also If I click on whatever that is below Infi's name, it says I am not permitted to see this page. I am on a PC. The little thing below Infinis' name doesn't appear for every artist, either. Several others have chipped in to say they see the same thing as well - not to mention: There has to be something wrong....
  6. Apologies, I got an answer so this topic can be closed now.
  7. Thanks for posting Taesse. I am glad you enjoy the hatchies!
  8. There's a Shrek egg... Bless the spriter.
  9. I think that might have been my egg and if it was, then why yes you did.
  10. Thanks for hatchies, @Laura-Lana ! I think, 3gen even-gen lineage of Aether baby is good enough. 😊 And I like Xenowyrms. 🙃
  11. Happy Easter all! 😞 Well, I suck at emotes. (Probably because I never learned to touch-type the numbers; I can mostly get, for instance, 5 right, but I can't tell apart 9 and 0. You don't have to type this.)
  12. Time for the festival of eggs - yay! I have three so far, only 59 left to go.
  13. Did I just got a popee the performer egg?
  14. The lineages of the these hatchies are not exactly clean Free pyro hatchie Claim my hatchling! Free aether hatchie Claim my hatchlings! cb magi egg Claim my egg! Happy easter!
  15. Of course you can get transparent backgrounds with GIMP. It's the only thing I use for spriting, including animated gifs. Happy FoE, everyone! I'm really excited to see how much people are loving all the eggs.
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  17. Yeah I know haha, just a bit envious is all x)
  18. Did I just get a MATT MURDOCK EGG???
  19. Thank you! This is a beautiful lineage.
  20. They show up in random order.
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