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  2. I'm not sure. I seem to have had more luck breeding them lately, too. And the Gold marketplace price just came down 200 shards or more. I was able to buy my second market Gold this week well before I expected.
  3. Thanks MP and Lagie for the RP help. That is one section of the forum that I have not ventured into. We are supposed to get much-needed rain today. The prediction was for it to start nearly 3 hours ago, but all I've seen is a light mist that hasn't even wet the street. They promised me a soaking rain! I hope it is just delayed and hasn't passed us by! I really should stop listening to weather forecasts as they are so seldom accurate.
  4. Donations Closed! Thanks to everyone for your kind donations! The raffle will open for entrants soon!
  5. purplehaze

    Z Project

    Just realized that my wrong-breed Lovely Common attempt has a z-code. Very pretty 3rd gen Luminox x Khusa checker. https://dragcave.net/teleport/2d5b24e97c87e4d886606adc1ca6a8b0
  6. Bumpity bumping for support in light of the upcoming time of zombie-making! Especially liking the variation of this where dead dragons may be renamed or unnamed the way the living are!
  7. Maybe if I bump it it will attract notice... I may do.
  8. No idea, but it sucks. Feel free to add your support here: Though, that version is two years old and no response, and I know it wasn't the first time it was asked.
  9. Thanks for the Info... though I am not sure WHY actually dead dragons occupy names? Would make sense if they were stripped of their names about the time their tombstone would disappear? Will bear in mind, tho...maybe leave zombie fodders unnamed til after the deed is done.
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  11. Zombies can be re-named. but dead dragons can not. Remove ALL names before you you kill because if it doesn't revive that name is lost forever.
  12. Have: CB Silver; Gen 2 Gold Shimmer from male Gold Want for both: Gen 2 Gold Shimmer from two Gold Shimmer parents Gen 2 Silver Shimmer from two Silver Shimmer parents Want for either of them: Gen 2 Gold Shimmer from male Black Want for Silver: Gen 2 Autumn from Gold Tinsel, or Gold Shimmer Gen 2 Gold from female Gold Tinsel Gen 2 Green Nebula from female Gold Tinsel, female Gold Shimmer, or female Bronze Shimmer Gen 2 Red Nebula from male Silver Tinsel Gen 2 Green Copper from female Bronze Shimmer, or female Bronze Tinsel Gen 2 Blusang from female Gold Shimmer Gen 2 Ice from Silver Shimmer Please PM me (first line in sig applies); thanks!
  13. Question Re-zombies! Do I need to have a dragon named as I want it's zombie name to be BEFORE I try to zombifiy it? OR can they be renamed? I honestly forget?
  14. APL A Programming Language
  15. I was so sure I'd used fertility... Obviously not ­čÖâ At least they can't refuse on the holiday right?
  16. @Ruby Eyes yes! Thats what I mean­čść Non´╗┐-patterned´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ lineage that contains´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ only dragons that released on 2019´╗┐. ­čĄöNope, go fish A dragon who has 16 saltkin in the lineage and no inbred and no black sweetling.
  17. I might have too much tiramisu... But I would like to have one more just ONE more
  18. Got some donations in. Almost forgot to put them in, since two were bred yesterday & I was waiting for things to hatch so I could add a 3rd, but made it in time .
  19. Nope - exactly during the holiday breeding week only. But still - a whole week!
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