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  2. Individually, they're still plain stairs, but I will give you half a point for perseverance.
  3. "Finally influenced someone"? Do you not have pinks or do you not consider your dragons 'someone's? Or maybe you don't personify dragons and also lack pinks. ten
  4. Round 4 Regular R29. Something that is forever nameless bingo! R32. Prize-fail that's also a miscolour of the non-prize parent bingo! R33. Something with one or both parents with messy lineages but the subject's lineage is "clean" (has a pattern in its shape) - one way to do it is if a parent is messy and the user built the other parent's lineage to match or mirror it. Like this. There may be other ways. bingo! R35. A 2nd gen. aqualis dragon with a non-aqualis parent bingo! Cascade Cas2b. CB nebulae of all four variations bingo! https://dragcave.net/view/Hd4HS https://dragcave.net/view/ymb68 https://dragcave.net/view/QbNYV https://dragcave.net/view/xgCL
  5. Man, why can't people cancel an agreement *before* leaving the darn game? Would save me so much time trying to breed one frigging hard-to-get egg for NAUGHT ...
  6. Full support and I like @Keileon's idea. I collected all the eggs this year, but I was absent for a few years and it'd be cool to see those eggs in my basket as well.
  7. Who do I have to slip a 20 to breed prizes for the ap so I can add to my army for my mass breed in June? also I bred a lot of BSA for the ap
  8. Thank you! Fan girl screams all around!
  9. Would definitely appreciate this. The timing of those events is very limited(fery short window + too long intervals) and not always doable for adult people with an adult life, and not only to them but to any people busy with various real life matters they can't give up. I myself would gladly take part in anything related to collectibles and even badges if given an opportunity.
  10. Today
  11. Egg-locked with trade eggs that no one appears to want. I'm not even asking for that much in exchange either. *Grumbles here 'cause this is the appropriate thread to grumble in*
  12. Full support, as someone who was on hiatus multiple times during FoE in past years. I would rather they just start dropping after collecting all of a given year's eggs and treats, possibly working backwards in years (so getting the full set of the original one, if you missed it, is still somewhat special). So for example, after collecting 2020's eggs, you'd start getting 2019, then 2018, etc etc.
  13. As the event is over, I will close this topic.
  14. Wouldn't be a DC event without complaining, I guess. Thank you to all the spriters, and to TJ for hosting the event! There were a lot of eggs I loved, my favorites were either the Lugia or the spinning think egg. The one with the purple eastern dragon wrapped around it is also in my top three.
  15. This is the first time in... probably ever I've managed to get all the eggs. I got 23 last year, 10 the year before, then one in both 2015 and 2016 B: I've had the same amount of free time across the years, but managed to get all the eggs this year without lurking for the whole time but that's just me.
  16. Have 2nd Gen Monarch f/ (F) Bronze tinsel https://dragcave.net/lineage/SInFo Looking for 2 second gen soulpeace eggs from (M) Daydream x (F) White please https://dragcave.net/teleport/acd898633cc6381e36846492589d2e60
  17. Derp, I don't know how I missed that but I did. Thank you for responding though!
  18. It's not about schedules/timezones, it's about unplayability for NORMAL ADULT people (represented by unreasonably many hours of active hunting within a VERY tight timeframe to get sprites you won't be able to graw anytime in the future, those intervals and so few days are good for kids, not for adults most of the olders users are afrer 10+ years of the existence of this game). YES, it IS your fault you FORGOT, NO, it's NOT your fault you are an ADULT(it's impossible to be a kid without responsibilities forever! this is just how the world works and you CAN'T help it) and have a JOB since you NEED money to live among humans at all, damn it... Having a job is NOT a choice, it's a necessity (unless you live a parasitic lifestyle, which only a minority of people has any opportunity to have). It's not your fault the real world functions the way it does! And so it's not mine or anyone else's. The world cant' be changed. The game can be.
  19. Aw, but you gotta pick a side. You really don't have a preference? Edit: I have an update! Update: Count Daedalus bit a very salty egg and it turned~! Dragon: (022IQ)
  20. It's under your recorded references-- the blue egg with the fire. Though again, I should have been a bit more diligent. I wouldn't say no to more time but I'm more than happy with the eggs I got!
  21. Entered. Had broccoil and green beans for tea. Good luck, all!
  22. One description out of hundreds in the queue is still rare enough for the comment to apply! The two commenters who took umbrage with Obvolute last year didn't even stop to appreciate my brilliant writing. Sorry, KoD! There was a double space somewhere, and it bugged me so much I had to fix it! Edit: Also there's a comment saying holiday dragons can't dig corpses. Why not? Surely, he needs something to do on the other ~350 days of the year.
  23. Which one was your own egg? Also, all the egg credits/references I could find on the thread: Anyone else make eggs with (or without) references this year? (On a different note, I would like shorter drop times. Like on the same level as Trick-or-treats. I have an easier time with those.)
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