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  2. The API actually delivers the old time, I've been told.
  3. It took three days but I finally got through almost all of my CB dragons. Sent a whole load of 2nd Gen PB of nearly every breed of dragon, a few hybrids and a couple of checkers on massbreed. Should start filtering through to the AP tomorrow.
  4. Commons refusing. No interest or no egg from common pairings. Seriously. I have to use fertility on my guardians, sometimes, to get eggs.
  5. My first breeding failure of the Challenge! The dragons don’t really show much interest in each other.
  6. Zinogre


    This Pokémon was egg #156 in Asbel Lhant's 188-day shiny hunt started on February 16th, 2019. Finally, I'm so happy that I finished this hunt :D.
  7. kill dragon to make a zombies ??? for collecting a zombies........hmmm.........
  8. It's for those people who want to get rid of dragons they no longer want to keep. Or to make zombies. I know releasing is a more "humane" thing to do, but then again these are lifeless pixels; they don't have real feelings. On-topic, I know DC is a pretty passive game and I'd love to have something to do while waiting for stuff to hatch and grow up and all that. But maybe it's not all bad, you're free to go away from keyboard for long periods of time with nothing bad happening for it.
  9. My Liege, I'm gonna risk it! Username: TerraAnne How many dragons?: 4 Total points spent: 8 points At some point I'm going to get a Stark
  10. Thanks to bonvoyage and wheeloftime13 for the lovely eggs. Thanks to Aqub for the extra bonus egg and for running this exchange. Good luck in college. Hope all goes well for you. I hope you can continue this, but your studies need to come first.
  11. Ray hummed as she worked getting half her basket full, the gloves where a little cumbersome picking delicate petals. Adonis came back with a basket and a makeshift basket from his shirt full of the petals smushed down compressing them. "I didn't realize how much blood I lost till I saw the flowers. Some grew out of the trees too. I think this is enough."
  12. - 3G from Green Nebula x Purple Ridgewing Base - 3G from Blue Nebula x Purple Ridgewing Base - 3G from Blue Nebula x Purple Ridgewing Base - 4G from Blue Nebula x Purple Ridgewing Base Thank You's are always appreciated! Take as many as you like, but please be nice to them!
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  14. I didn't come here for a long time, so I don't know any new dragon. i just came back and collect dragons and when i click on action & see "kill" action.. why have "kill" action ???
  15. @Mulan Killing is strictly limited. You can still breed all of your dragons every week. That's good, isn't it? Some dragons have BSAs. Shallow Waters can use theirs every 24 hours, isn't that something for you?
  16. it's better than "killing" action killing is not good
  17. Thanks for the gifts, donors! For those that picked mine, hope you like my gifts Congrats and good luck in the college, Aqub! Thank you for hosting this!
  18. Terrafreaky

    Z Project

    Random AP grab: CB Sapphire
  19. Haha, seeing this topic made me change my avatar. It was a really old picture of my cat friend and I so now there's a newer one, with another cat. I don't really mind having my own picture there because it's so small you wouldn't even recognise me if you saw me on the street. It could actually be fun to meet fellow Dragon Cave players, though.
  20. 6-9 hrs until things hatch. Sorry guys, Imma making ya wait until then to remove my beautiful gifts from your scrolls ! Please be patient with my poor breed planning skillz 🙏. And thank you to the wonderful Aqub for such a fun raffle all summer! Good luck in school.
  21. Thanks to Aqub and Anon#2 for the wonderful gifts. Congrats on starting college, Aqub. May your days be filled with textbooks and your nights with friends.
  22. EG3 Antarean (m) x BT f - GONE!
  23. This round was full of awesome donations! So many that there was actually one-too-many bonus gifts. Normally I put in some bonus gifts so everyone can get one, and I've decided to put in some extra bonus gifts for everyone this week so that everyone can get two! Just to to thank everyone for the amazing support throughout the summer! I'm starting my first year of college next week, and after that, I'm not sure if I can run this every week, though I will try my best to keep this event going as much as possible. This is another reason I decided to give everyone those extra gifts this week. And guess what? If you only donated a bonus gift this round, or you participated in the past but couldn't this week, and you're thinking you missed out on these gifts, you didn't! Just message me if you want a gift from me! Again, thank you for all of the support. I can't believe how popular my little idea turned out to be! Love you guys, and I'll see you next time! ❤️ The results: @Naraku picked Dracleia's gift and Anon#1's bonus! @TheLlama picked purplehaze's gift and rihannalexis' bonus! @Dracleia picked Seriva Senkalora's gift and Anon#1's bonus! @rihannalexis picked Dirtytabs' gift and Anon#2's bonus! @osean picked Anon#2's gift and purplehaze's bonus! @purplehaze picked bonvoyage's gift and wheeloftime13's bonus! An Anonymous Player (1) picked Naraku's gift and osean's bonus! @Dirtytabs picked Anon#1's gift and BlueLatios' bonus! An Anonymous Player (2) picked rihannalexis' gift and Naraku's bonus! @Seriva Senkalora picked osean's gift and Anon#1's bonus! @bonvoyage picked BlueLatios' gift and Anon#1's bonus! @BlueLatios picked TheLlama's gift and Anon#1 and Dracleia's bonuses!
  24. I could not have said it better. @Mulan I know you are not new here, so I am wondering why you feel the need for something like this.
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