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  2. Thanks, it's really helpful
  3. I'll note as well that general negligence to the scroll will kill more often than any viewbomber. Sure, MOST of the time you can "fire and forget" and throw your eggs into a hatchery before just forgetting about the site for a week, but there is still a very real risk of the eggs dying by starvation. Hatcheries have different amounts of traffic at different times, so it's fully possible that in this particular instance there were too many dragons in the hatchery and/or too few people viewing. This Is death from negligence, not bombing.
  4. - Starting at 8:00 PM EDT/DC, Thursday, April 18, 2019, today is Day 5 of the Cirion Lunar Cycle. The current Moon Phase is Waning Crescent. - Also, today is Day 21 of the Aurax Lunar Cycle. The current Moon Phase is Waxing Crescent. There is a slightly higher probability of catching/breeding Dark Luminae than Luminae today.
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  6. The reason they may have done better when listed on the hub is that people will have been viewing them to see your trades. Those eggs and hatchies did NOT die of bombing. They died from too few views. Another indication is that they all died at the 7 day mark. 7 days + that few views is death by starvation. Sorry - but that's the way it works. And as Heather says - if they had been bombed, it would say they died of sickness. Just because it didn't happen before doesn't mean it didn't happen this time. Now it is POSSIBLE that someone took them OUT of the fan sites. That is the kind of thing everyone needs to watch for. But they did not have enough views, plan and simple. https://dragcave.fandom.com/wiki/Dragon_Sickness Also: Note the message. That isn't the message yours have.
  7. I have never been able to get on the list or even findout when it's open, but looky what I grabbed from the AP: ~0> 9t9Ix <0~ I missed an even prettier 2G thuwed from a green copper pairing, so thank you to the person who abandoned it! ❤️ "9t9Ix" is my first 2G thuwed! 🤗
  8. Eh not really, I live in logan. They asked me if I'd seen anyone suspicious and all I could think of was "everyone in my neihgbourhood is suspicious... it's logan mate!" Plus they complimented me on my secure fence and dogs
  9. In small raffles with maybe 20 or so people the odds of winning a raffle is relatively high, so if you're raffling two eggs in that way it makes sense to say "if a previous winner gets chosen again, we'll pick a different one". Doing some rough calculations: In a raffle with two eggs and 20 entrants, the chance to win at least 1 egg is almost 10%. That's a big chance. The chance of winning BOTH eggs, however, is 0.25%. See how vastly different these probabilities are? The chance of obtaining multiple eggs gets even smaller beyond two eggs, especially with the hundreds (if not thousands?) of entrants in the DC raffle. You'll find very quickly that limiting previous winners from entering again does very little to increase your odds: if 1000 people enter a raffle for a single egg but 10 are limited from entering, that'll only increase your chances of winning that egg by 0.001%. You'll see similar "gains" in successive raffles. In this case, I don't believe it's worth antagonising 10 people for a minor gain of 0.001%, especially because the odds of anyone winning two eggs is already extremely small (and three even smaller). The alternative solution that is proposed is limiting 2 CB's per type. There are 6 types in total. Before someone'd be affected by this they'd have to win one type at least three times. There might be a few people around who got this lucky, but I personally don't know if anyone like that exists. So then what does this accomplish? It needlessly adds convoluted rules to the raffling system that, because of the way probabilities work, already makes sure people with multiples (3 or more) of the same egg are few and far between if not completely non-existent. The rules don't even significantly improve anyone else's odds of winning, either. At best, such rules would be confusing. At worst, they'll piss off the people who've been lucky enough to win once or twice and generally take away the magic of winning a large raffle.
  10. Jowan Allies: Duke, Kelsier Location: Outside Jowan grins with the thrill of managing to hit Duke. It had been so long since he’d had a chance to spar that he’d almost forgotten how fun it was. A wince of sympathy briefly interrupts his smile when Kelsier kicks Duke, but it’s back soon after. Not his fault that Duke, the only one in the fight that could create barriers, couldn’t manage to defend himself. “Try paying more attention,” he taunts. “I find it helps.” Even better, Duke turns his back to him to focus on Kelsier. It’s as if his attention span is so short that he can’t pay attention to more than one threat at once, and Jowan fully intends to use this. He almost feels bad for attacking Duke while he’s focused on Kelsier, but it’s not as though real enemies would give him a moment to rest. Neria had never allowed Jowan’s moments of distraction to go unpunished when they spared, and she had managed to stop a Blight. Clearly she knew how to do something right. Across the hall another apprentice’s robes catch aflame. They’re quickly doused with an ice spell from their partner, but Jowan turns his head for long enough for Neria to hit his gut with a well-placed jab of her staff. He swears, clutching the bruising spot with one hand. “What was that for?” “All’s fair,” Neria says, a pleased glint in her eyes. “Let’s keep going?” Jowan rolls his eyes and retaliates. He almost falters at the memory, the sparks gathering in his hands nearly fizzling out, but he manages to send the crackling lightning at Duke’s back. Once again the spell wasn’t meant to cause injuries, but it would be an unpleasant jolt. He wishes that he had his staff with him; not having something in his hands to defend with is an uncomfortable feeling, and it’s difficult to focus spells without one. zap
  11. Thank you kind breeders who have been dropping BSAs into the AP! I collected some reds and magi for myself ^^
  12. Have CB Red Hatchlings x2 CB Purple Hatchling CB Blancblack Hatchling Want CB Thalassas or Male Thalassa Hatchling Reds Purple & Blancblack PM me if interested in alternate hatchie combo
  13. Have CB Red Hatchlings x2 CB Purple Hatchling CB Blancblack Hatchling Want CB Thalassas or Male Thalassa Hatchling Reds Purple & Blancblack PM me if interested in alternate hatchie combo
  14. [ duke ; -- add. n/a ; for. k. j. ] -- status.  vylcan ; secondary ] by your sword -- shield me from judgement! -- For the second time that day, he is stunned. He reacts slowly -- too slowly, to Jowan's sudden movements, mostly because he is not expecting it. After all, it was Jowan -- the man looks as if he has never heard a joke before in his life. But perhaps his assumptions are wrong, for as soon as Duke makes his pun the other man blinks at him, face unchanging, before there is a movement and -- It's cold. That is the first thing he notices, but not dangerously so; it seems the other man is not so much attacking as he is reprimanding him, and the thought makes Duke grin despite himself. So he had appreciated -- a very special way -- his pun! He is just about to say something, to perhaps slide his arms around the other man and lament his sudden frostiness, when suddenly his mind blanks and there is a shout -- Duke! Vylcan's warning comes a second too late, as the heel of Kelsier's boot collides with his back dead centre, and Duke staggers forwards, a cough startled out of him from the sudden attack. He tries to recollect his thoughts, but they are confused -- he had been admiring Jowan's friendly play only a second earlier, and now -- You are in a terrible position, Vylcan says disapprovingly, the spirit stirred from his rest in response to the sudden attack. Without even a blade. He acknowledges this with a faint groan, his back suddenly throbbing, and Duke folds his arms to turn around and stare at Kelsier. In the thin distance between them, a wall grows upwards until its faintly-blue form separates them. "Not fair," the blond complains, almost sulking. In response to his words, the top corners of his dome droop inwards, as if reacting to his emotions. "I didn't know were fistfighting." With a wary glance, he watches carefully for Kelsier's next movements. [ theo ; -- add. 0 for: a. ]  -- status. legios ; dormant ] grey ; knight of loyalty -- "If he continues, he won't have a throat to tell stories from," Theo mutters in response to his husband's words, although his body language shows otherwise; the knight physically relaxes in response to Arch's words, comfortable once more. Perhaps he had been a bit ... quick to action. Friends? At Arch's words, Theo tunes into the conversation with his full attention; he draws himself away from his self-introduction to Cure Scarlet and stares curiously. What ... was Arch referring to? Hidden attackers, or something else? With every passing second he grows ever more suspicious of this 'Sorey''s actions.
  15. 2nd gen Shimmerkin from Sinomorph I'd really like a sinomorph prize/shimmer checker, kin or otherwise... the later the gen the better (5th being the latest I want) But since that's not likely to happen how about a swap! And since that's also not too likely... how about any shimmer-kin or prize-kin checker, the later the gen the better (still no higher than 5th gen please)
  16. I hesitate to say something serious. I always worried about it could be heard as just affectation.
  17. 5G gold x f sunsong checker
  18. Round 3 Regular R17. Something that's yellow and orange BINGO! R18. Something that's yellow and purple BINGO! R19. Something that's blue and orange BINGO! R20. Something that's blue and green BINGO! R21. Something that's blue and purple BINGO! R22. A perfect copper checker (or parents of a checker) that would be impossible without at least one dragon coming from Market (no using Cave breeds) Nope! R23. A code whose first, third, and fifth characters are numbers while the other two are capital letters Still looking for this one! R24. Holiday checker/stair with purple dorsals Nope! R25. Halloween checker/stair with canopies Nope! R26. Valentine checker/stair with brimstones Nope! R27. Christmas checker/stair with plated colossi Nope! Challenge Ch2. A described undead drake Nope! Tricky T1. Warfareboat! 2 points 1. Solve this puzzle. 2. PM me with your bingo. Later!
  19. ((I was in Budapest, Hungary @Griffin_Lokison)) Tras saw the signal from Mike and she slowly let the basket to the ground. Being very wary of the dragon, Tras slowly revealed the egg. Suddenly a happy pulse filled Tras, as if the egg were saying, "This one is a friend." Tras felt more relaxed and came upnto the little injured dragon, with a smile, and said, "Hey, I'm Tras. Welcome to the team."
  20. Congratulations! You just got rid of two potatoes!
  21. Welcome to DC forum! See you around!
  22. Welcome to forum! Hope you enjoy!
  23. Hello and welcome! We have the Festival of Eggs coming up, so you joined at a good time!
  24. Hello and welcome, I'm glad you decided to join us! I absolutely love your username.
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