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  2. you know what's funny about that I finished mass breeding my Antareans! x3 https://dragcave.net/group/91579 I almost never mass breed...
  3. I want to change my request! Today's Date (for inactivity checks): August 24th Will you accept an inbred dragon?: no Will you accept a messy lineage?: no Original Dragon List: Aeon New Dragon List: Spinel wyvern (violet) (Optional) Any specific conditions that must be met? 2nd gen violet spynel wyven from Mistletoe
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  5. I want to train: User: Tigerkralle Dragon Name + Link: Bulraz Blackfyre Do you have enough points?: Yes How many hours since you last trained?: 20 hours Still no skill unlocked, but next training should reveal his first skill. @OutlawQueen So my commander is a Blackfyre will that change anything?
  6. Welcome ... and enjoy !!! Hope you love it here too ..
  7. BeLovE

    Heya o/

    Welcome ❤️_❤️
  8. Kaini

    Heya o/

    Hello Eseriel! Welcome
  9. Heya, I'm Eseriel and I'm new to the forums
  10. Thank you everyone for all the explanations (and your time)! I understand now. 😊
  11. I know, but decided to not get too technical because it's often too complicated. KISS... The "top of the hour" thing, though, is news to me. I know I've seen eggs some time or other which were far in the negatives, sometimes even days. @Confused Cat Who of us got confused now? Oops.
  12. Next Saturday is the mass breed!! I will send reminders out Friday to all those who wanted them.
  13. Kozmotis

    Prize Central

    Have: 3g Bronze Tinsel Stair, (light) x F Vine. Lineage | Teleport Want: Idk, offers. Offers from my signature 'wish list' a plus. Preferably hatchlings only or one egg per offer, I am currently egg-locked. If shimmer/tinsel swap, I will reject lineages I already have.
  14. AP has a nice color scheme today!
  15. 47,970 *Waves at Darien*
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