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  2. I like both the monkey and Sobble. the evolutions will make my decision from there. Hopefully the grass evolution will look way better than Chespin's line. He was cute, but the two he became? ick. no thanks. I pick Delphox every time.
  3. [Ready Player: [USS CV-8] Hornet] [HP: 100% | Status: OK | Rigging: Active/0 planes] [LEVEL ~ I] A sound of something landing. Heh...? Hornet turned a bit to see a woman. She definitely hadn't been there before. Weird. And then she was a puddle. Hornet clenched her teeth, but the woman reformed. The woman then buttoned up a shirt before coming over with the same question as Hornet herself had had. Apparently the man with brightly-coloured hair was weirded out too - but to a greater degree? He tried to leave after stating his name as Cody, but the large man grabbed him by the arm. It was then that Hornet noticed that the larger man had an aura of power power. Command. Danger. Not someone she wanted to provoke for any reason, it seemed. The larger man stated that running away wasn't a good idea, and Hornet found herself nodding. Figuring out what the heck was up would at least be less dangerous with backup. Because it was too quiet here. A few moments later, the large man released Cody from his grasp. Cody seemed to take a minute to collect himself, before introducing himself, and then introducing the commanding man as Charles. "Cody and Charles, hm? I'll remember those." Hornet responded. Hornet readied herself to speak -- And the ground started shaking. "Whoa!" Hornet shifted her body and feet, suddenly reminded of when the seas became rough and ready to toss ships and shipgirls around - even sink those who weren't careful on occasion. A flicker through Hornet's vision. Level One: Start.... Hornet hissed a bit of air in surprise. No sooner had the letters appeared than they disappeared. And that was when a green bar popped up. "Okay, what is going on here...?" Islands of white in the grey sky. A void yawned beneath them if she looked down. She was nearly at the edge. "Oh, Creator. Damn." Hornet scuttled back as though burnt. It honestly made her dizzy to look down upon - she was no creature of air. A distant... city? She remembered hearing Raleigh and Omaha talk about visiting one, once.... And then s commotion caught her attention. She turned to see Charles catch Cody, before spotting whip of water lashed around Charles's leg. The other woman then came, and slapped Charles on the back. ...this wasn't gonna end well, was it? Hornet barely heard the eoman call Charles 'bud' and then try to reassure Cody. The shipgirl remained in her spot, not interested in come closer to the edge immediately after that huge of a shift. She looked around again, before stepping closer when she was sure the ground and void had settled.
  4. I'll sign up! Here's the group.
  5. # Reshiram # Reshi's holding cell is small and different. Barely five paces deep and two paces wide and blank walls on all sides and a door closed on one end, it feels stuffy and claustrophobic. There is a bed touching the wall on three sides, and a desk placed near it, its arrangement uncannily recalling one of a doctor's office. The officer had left the manakete on the bed after bandaging the worst of their injuries, and other than the camera installed on the ceiling in one corner of the room, it appeared that they were alone. ~~ Perhaps an hour had passed. The officer watching the room noticed the human in the room had changed their breathing and begun to stir. The rhinoceros -- the bulky officer in charge of this area -- watches these events remotely and, after waiting a moment to verify that the puffy white-haired human was truly awake, he reached for his walkie-talkie. "Chief, our charge has woken up. Do you want us to do anything?" He listens for the response. "Bring them to the boardroom. There are people here to see them -- and I would like to ask them some questions myself." The officer grunts in affirmation, downs his coffee, and begrudgingly gets up from his chair. ~~ A knock on the door. A low voice comes from the other side: "Are you awake? The chief said she wanted to see you personally. I do not think you are in trouble, but I've been sent to get you." The door creaks open slowly and the officer pokes his horned head, peering at Reshiram with small eyes and feeling pity at their sorry state. "Come," he says. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ # Xander, Raine, Natsuki, Illidan, Nora, Bowser # Marketplace Police Boardroom Interrogation Crossworld Bazaar Police Chief Carmen S. Durmad had her hands full, both literally and figuratively. There were too many attendees for them to all fit in her main office, so she requested that they gather in one of the smaller boardrooms. They all insisted on coming along, including two shirtless horned men and one of the many incarnations of Bowser Koopa, and at the risk of having them wander off and cause even more damage, Carmen had allowed Xander to bring along all the people who were associated with him. Pushing the door shut with her heel, she placed her name tag down onto the table, followed by a close-topped mug of coffee and a stack of old fashioned pages backed with a clipboard. Printouts were tough to get compared to simply using screens or holodecks, but there was a certain permanence inherent to ink on good quality paper. She shuffled through the papers when she sat down at the head of the table. “King Xander, from the Extra-dimensional Rescue Squad… XDRS. I have your bazaar registration and right of transport. A kudos to who whoever filled in the paperwork! It’s a work of art. No one else really knows how to do it properly, or takes it even remotely seriously. Really, it was a breath of fresh air.” Raine kept her expression blank, but couldn’t help but feel some amount of satisfaction at the inconsistency. So Twilight did slip in a few smart lies the official paperwork — Restoration was a word that was a little too loaded for a multiversal exchange hub, and even within the organization no one could really agree on what the R in XDRS meant, anyway. This also meant that it was likely that Twilight was obfuscating some of the squad’s other activities. Natsuki’s expression didn’t change much, but the corners of their mouth twitched upwards and their eyes brightened. It was rare that anyone respected proper paperwork at all, and even if they were only doing their job it felt good to be praised for it. “I’m glad you’re willing to discuss this diplomatically, instead of blasting another hole in our building,” the chief continued, relieved but clearly displeased. “This kind of trouble is unprecedented. While I do understand the desire of you and others — who are still at large — to be citizen heroes with your powers, sometimes it causes more trouble than if the police handle it on their own.” She sighed and rubbed her chin. “That said, understand that all we want is to clarify some information for us, to help us keep control over the situation. As you might know, the sheer variety of abilities out there makes enforcement a daunting task.” “We would be more than happy to clarify our involvement in today’s events,” Xander said. He folded his hands in his lap, straightening his back to make himself as presentable as possible. Xander was intimately familiar with meetings regarding the terms of a prisoner’s release, although he was normally the one being bargained to. Xander cleared his throat. It mattered not. He knew what he was dealing with. “We are not blind to the severity of what has happened and I formally apologize on behalf of Extra-dimensional Rescue Squad for the damages we may have caused,” Xander said. “From my understanding, my friend was not in their right mind when they attacked the market stalls in jail. The gray dragon—the one that ran off after unfusing with my friend—had forced themself onto my friend prior to them becoming…” Xander made a vague motion with his hand. “Whatever it was that attacked the market. I can say with full certainty that Reshiram had no intentions of conducting any criminal activity before arriving here.” “That said, I’m afraid I do not have the full story.” Xander glanced over at the other agents expectantly before looking back the chief. “I believe some of my colleagues could fill you in on some of the other details. If you have anything more to ask from us we will be happy to tell you what we know.” Illidan and Nora were both very much uncomfortable, but it wasn’t Carmen’s appearance that unnerved them. Not that they could’ve seen her, anyway, but neither of them could see at all now due to the anti-magic effect robbing both men of their Spectral Sight. It especially made Illidan on-edge, as he’d already ended up startling himself with one of the chairs just a few minutes prior (and thus he’d decided to remain standing from that point onwards). Nora, meanwhile, was sitting down in one of the chairs, simply being careful not to move it. Raine gave a nod when Xander passed the podium to the rest of the group. Since no one else seemed like they were going to provide information -- not that she trusted them to say anything not incriminating in some way -- she knit her fingers together and began explaining what she knew. "That grey dragon had attacked the northern sector. A couple of people stood against it, including Bowser's attempt to hold it down, but I haven't been keeping track of them -- they're unaffiliated with us. Those heroes seemed to have pursued the dragon as it attempted to mask its escape." Raine herself hadn't seen any more of the fight than Xander had, though she recalled how Natsuki had explained the situation to them and simply reiterated the facts. She waved a hand towards her fellow agent. "Meanwhile, Natsuki led a team to evacuate the area. Thankfully, there didn't seem to be any civilian casualties, but we did not have the opportunity to verify this before your forces put the entire area to sleep, Chief Durmad. I don't blame you for that decision, but it seemed to have done more harm than good." She shook her head. It was a gamble to critique the officer -- but the half-elf had a feeling that Carmen would respond positively if faced with honesty. If the chief was offended that Raine was telling her how to do her job, she was doing a good job hiding it. "Natsuki and I woke up imprisoned here. We were uncertain if we were wrongly accused of causing mischief. That was short-lived, however, as the dragon's rampage returned to this very building and this time, as you've seen, Reshiram was separated out after sustaining enough damage. " Raine paused. She uncrossed her fingers and sat up straight, holding Carmen's gaze. "From my understanding, they are currently in your custody." Seeing that the silver haired woman had finished with her report, Carmen let out a hum to signal that she acknowledged all the presented information. She finished writing the final sentence on her notepad, then looked up. The two horned men were suspiciously tense and nervous and the Bowser hadn't spoken yet, but the other three seemed to be at ease. "And you are?" "Raine. Raine Sage, Sylvarant." "Thank you, Raine, for your report. And thank you Xander, as well." Xander was professional and apologetic, but Raine was bold. The officers had put the surrounding people to sleep and held them temporarily until they could bring them out individually for further questioning; Carmen did not explain herself at the silver-haired woman's accusation. Hanging onto that would simply give the other woman more leverage. With their immaculate record, Carmen really had no reason to suspect foul play from this group, and they did aid with evacuation... And yet, it was her job to keep the pressure on, and cross-check the information from the XDRS with the testimonies they had been collecting. "Reshiram is indeed under our care at the moment. An officer reported to me shortly before this meeting began that they are alive but still unconscious. Since they are still sleeping, Xander, would you have information on the nature of their powers? What they can do, and why they've been specifically targeted?" Bowser stood nearby, watching the entire situation. “Extra-Dimension Rescue Squad?” That was a new one. He continued to listen, noticing that none of them seemed particularly intimidated by the officer. Instead, the ones who'd talked were plenty confident. Heh. He looked around again, before returning his attention to the main discussion. The only sign of Xander’s relief was the slight slumping of his shoulders. It made perfect sense that the police would ensure Reshiram’s safety, but having confirmation that they were out of harm’s way eased some of his worries. “Reshiram is a Pokémon,” Xander began “One that’s capable of switching between their natural form and a humanoid one.” To his knowledge, Reshiram hadn’t spoken to him, if they even could speak, about their past. Considering how wary they were of strangers and agents alike, Xander doubted that anyone knew more than him about Reshiram’s past. Still, his time with them in Ylisse had given him a strong indication of what made them so timid. “They were a servant back in their homeworld,” Xander said. “A servant that, to my knowledge, wasn’t treated fairly. As you could probably already tell, they are exceptionally strong. Their powers mostly rely on fire, but I’ve noticed that they prefer to keep to themselves than start a fight. I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if whoever Reshiram served before came to collect them with little care for the well beings of everyone in the market, Reshiram included.” Xander couldn’t imagine anyone hearing Reshiram’s screams, seeing them struggle against the gray dragon and then continue to believe that their attack on the market was voluntary, but it was entirely possible that none of the officers saw it. Xander didn’t want to lay all his cards on the table, but giving Carmen an idea of how much of a victim Reshiram really was seemed like the best option. "A pokemon..." Carmen trailed off. Her pen stopped on the page. "We can run a search on the pokedex. It would be the best place to start, and then we can find out from what derivatives they're from." Reshiram. That sounded familiar. ...that was that dirty great furry dragon that set the Unova Pokémon League on fire, the white one. ...the same kinda Pokémon that grey thing had absorbed. “I've seen a Reshiram before,” Bowser interjected. “Had these powerful balls of flame like the stuff that weird eldritch dragon threw at us. Didn't look much like the eldritch thing though, and that's when the thing had that Reshiram absorbed. Heard someone else saying it was a legendary. Whatever that means. I've punched out eldritch before, anyways.” He huffed. Carmen raised an eyebrow. The Bowser spoke up with more information regarding Reshiram. He sounded growling and aggressive when mentioning that grey dragon. A vendetta, perhaps? Though it seemed like he knew just as little about that 'eldritch creature' as the rest of them. "Sounds like it was borrowing Reshiram's power, in this case. It could be that it has little power on its own. I will issue out a notice to be careful -- in case Reshiram isn't the only thing that that creature could bind with." It was hard to say -- Pokemon didn't typically shift between two forms, though it was entirely possible that this one just came from a world from which they did. The testimonies of the XDRS corroborated the idea that Reshiram was an innocent in this scenario, but that didn't change the fact that the dragon-in-human-form was their only real lead to find the true culprit, nor did it fix any of the damage caused in the crossfire. Carmen wanted to massage her brow, lie down, and wallow in her frustration, but she focused instead on finishing her notes. "We will continue to gather information on our end and find whoever else was involved," she continued, "but we will have to stay in close communication over this matter. The Marketplace police doesn't have jurisdiction over anything other than the Marketplace, which is why it occasionally relies on world-hopping organizations like yours to collect bounties." Everything was polished and clear. They had all the reason to release Reshiram to the XDRS, once Carmen could ask the pokemon a few questions to verify the story on their end. Still... something didn't sit well with her instincts. She looked towards Illidan, although she didn't think he could see her with his blindfolded and dimmed eyes. "I assume all of you here were in a degree involved in the two fights? Can you recall any of the other people on the scene?" "A woman on a unicorn," Raine said immediately. She would not have this perfect plan get derailed, now that they were so close to leaving this room with Reshiram. "She was present in the first conflict as well." Illidan opened his mouth to speak before Nora beat him to it. “There were also four other Blood Elves in the first fight. One was my father, another was my brother, and the other two, a brother-sister duo, were friends of my father. Said duo was involved in the second fight, as well. ...there was also this octopus-girl-creature-thing, I don’t know how to describe her, but I haven’t seen hide nor hair of her ever since the first fight’s conclusion.” Illidan simply nodded, agreeing with Nora’s account of the fights and relieved that he had the young Illidari here. He wasn’t sure what he would’ve done had Nora not been present. Carmen noted this on her page. Interesting... Some of the fighters were related -- which made sense, if they were helping each other up. It was really hard to say if the dragon would have caused more or less damage without the intervention of civilian heroes. It was easy for Carmen to assume less to be able to pin some responsibility on those people getting in the way, though maybe these people were right and that the dragon simply would have rampaged with hits new power. In the end, though what had passed had passed -- and she would have to reprimand the marketplace patrol force for not responding quick enough to the threat. Before she could say anything, though, the communicator on her shoulder sparked to life. It rang once, before Carmen picked up the call. "Chief, our charge has woken up. Do you want us to do anything?" Carmen paused. Good timing. "Bring them to the boardroom," she spoke into the two-way radio, unhooking it and talking into the device. "There are people here to see them -- and I would like to ask them some questions myself." Hearing a grunt from the other end, Carmen nods to the room. "Looks like you will end up getting what you want fairly soon, Mr. Xander."
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  7. Kind of late, but I’m signing up as well. Here is my group link: https://dragcave.net/group/82279
  8. True, I have a Wii and a nintendo DS, my boyfriend has all 4 playstations, a gamecube and a SNES (They aren't technically mine but can use them as I want as we live together) TPBM still live with their parents
  9. Have: 2G Aqualis prizekin from Gold Shimmer (precogs as wrong gender) 3G Aeon Stairstep prizekin from Bronze Shimmers 2G Aeon from Male Sapphire Want: Specific 2G prizekin - 2G Gold from Female Gold Tinsel (not Clio's Kiss) 2G Spirit Ward from Female Silver Shimmer (not Scintillating Noodle) 2G Magma from Female Bronze Shimmer unrelated to her & her PM me if you tried but didn't get any egg/got the wrong breed, we'll work it out. Purple line in sig applies! Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  10. Will go with purplehaze p1.4 bingo: https://dragcave.net/view/mMkAM
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  14. Request: Alex (BrgmN) needs a 3G female Silver from M Red Fire Gem checker It's Undying Love needs a 2G male Canopy Dragon from F Undine Z'ychotic needs a 3G female Xenowyrm (Chrono) from F Heartstealing checker
  15. I'm having terrible luck with refusal lately, I've been gone for so long that I forgot that it's a thing. >_< I'm going to have to ask for another, they refused to go near each other.
  16. hello its me and my headcanons qzgs fans look away replacing vincent please and thank you! i’ll bring him in with the 4ths rather than mission 2, since i think that mission's not really in a place to accept new people rn (??) Name: Vaccaria [ 王不留行 ] Origin: The King’s Avatar Info: A legendary witch known only as ‘The Magician’ in his homeworld, Vaccaria brings devastating elements down on his foes with calm mastery. Although he has a reputation for being ruthless against his enemies, he is fiercely loyal to those who win his trust. Likes birds better than people. Abilities: Witch [ class ] - The Witch class is a magical user with high attack and speed, specialising in casting spells and creating elements to rain from the sky. The main weapons of this class are the broom and various potion bottles. Flight: Vaccaria is capable of flying through the area on his broom, to quite a large distance and range. This is his preferred method of transportation when on the battlefield. Potions: Vaccaria is capable of creating elements through the various potions and bottles tucked away within his cloak; how exactly he gets these is a mystery. Usually, this is used by throwing the potion into the air or on the ground, shattering it. Spells: Vaccaria’s various spells have different casting times and mana costs. A full list can be found on Discord. Enchantment: Vaccaria is capable of enchanting the end of his broom with fire or ice in order to rain down that element on the ground where he flies over; as a result, environments when he is fighting can get messy very quickly. Link to wiki: x Extra: Vaccaria is technically pulled from Glory itself so he doesn’t have a player per se, but his personality and interactions are based on Wang Jiexi. His class, Witch, has high attack and low defense -- I’m translating this as him being light and agile, but physically weak. Vaccaria is known as The First Witch. His second nickname, the Magician, comes from his unexpected and erratic playstyle on the battlefield; in fact, his actions are so unexpected that even his allies have a hard time adapting to his shifts. As a result, Vaccaria has had to restrain and change his method when working with the guild, but he has a secret fondness for one on one battles in which he doesn’t have to worry about others. His broom’s name is Stardust Extermination this is very important please address it properly
  17. Have: CB Astrapi ~{offer}~ CB Gemshard (on cooldown, please message me!) Want (1 for 1): CB Spirit Ward CB Zyumorph (any) CB Xenowyrm (any other than Pyro or Astrapi =P) CB Sapphire CB Common Pygmy (female or egg) 🍎 Signature applies!
  18. [ duke ; -- add. n/a ; for. k. j. ] -- status.  vylcan ; secondary ] by your sword -- shield me from judgement! -- Duke arches a single brow at Kelsier's words, even though the older man's baritone sends a shiver down his back; his words are familiar, recalling a distant time of revolution and glory that he desperately wishes to relive. He surges forward almost instinctively, wanting to hear more -- wanting Kelsier to speak further. However, the spell is quite easily broken by the sudden rebound of the spoons Kelsier had directed -- where had they come from? -- towards him, originally. Duke watches, feeling the faint twinge as his barriers are hit by a series of dull objects, and then can't help but let out a sudden laugh, gone as quickly as it had come, when Kelsier stumbles back, cursing. It seems Jowan follows suit a second later, casting a familiar-looking spell that glimmers faintly before fluttering across his invisible wall as well, fading into nothing. The other man seems surprised by this action, and -- huh. Hadn't Jowan been listening? He is near-certain he covered the specifics of Vylcan's power in his earlier explanation; the other man should have realised magic would not work. At least, his explanation had seemingly made sense to him -- and Kelsier had liked it, too! Maybe Jowan was just confused? Well, no time to think about that now. He holds a single finger, grinning triumphantly to himself; Duke paces across the short strip of grass, eyes fluttering closed as a smug look overtakes his features. "An invisible maze!" he says. "I like to welcome everyone this way." He directs his stare towards Kelsier, and then sliding over to Jowan. "If you can find a way out, I'll give you my dinners for a week." You can't keep repeating the same tricks, Vylcan says, but at least the spirit seems in much better spirits now that he isn't getting beaten on. He'll take that as a win, regardless.
  19. Jowan Allies: Duke, Kelsier Location: Outside Duke’s distraction causes him to be hit by both the lightning and a spoon -- if this is him “paying attention”, he really needs to work on his situational awareness. Perhaps another shock would help teach him. Before Jowan can do anything, Duke leaps out of the dome completely. Jowan's eyes widen in surprise, Duke’s actions completely unexpected. Weren’t they fighting? The barriers begin to crumble around them, and with a lurch of his stomach Jowan realizes how much danger he and Kelsier would be in had this been a real fight. He’d seen Duke destroy a bridge with his barriers; the violent imagery of him doing a similar thing to the dome comes easily to his mind. More pressing is the matter of the spoons Kelsier scattered around the battlefield, but the only way he can think of to deal with them is to hit Kelsier first. Remembering how Arcane Blast had passed through Duke’s barriers earlier, he throws one towards Kelsier… ...and the purple energy splashes harmlessly against the barrier. It’s unexpected, and Jowan doesn’t have much of a plan to deal with it. He takes a step back, the surprise evident on his face. Why didn’t it pass through now, when it had last time? Had he misseen what had happened? Hoping to buy himself some time, he hurriedly casts Disorient on Kelsier. A faint shimmer appears in the air around Kelsier’s head, but the spell otherwise lacks the flashy visuals of his previous ones. Too late, he realizes that he may have made a mistake. His mana is running dangerously low, being disoriented probably wouldn’t stop Kelsier from pelting him with spoons, and Duke’s still free to try something with his barriers. oh no
  20. Sabrina was no longer smiling on the inside when she heard what Gustav said in his first statement before paling slightly when he leaned a bit closer to her and she heard the rest of what he said. She glanced over at Parker and knew that she had to figure out a way to get her out of there before anything else happened but would have to continue to think of that later. Her blood went cold a bit when she heard his maniacal laughter after hearing what he said about how a cainin acted when his mate was in danger and started to get a bit scared again but it wasn’t enough to overwhelm her senses too much. Parker was just trying make sense of everything that was being g said and going on around her. --- Bruce nodded and took off to look for Zach as he was told after he and Adonis followed the scent of the vervain to an alleyway. When he found him, he started barking excitedly before starting to lead him towards the alley where Adonis had gone. Both girls had their attention go to the stairs that Gustav had come down earlier when they heard loud noises coming from them. They then jumped a bit when they saw Adonis trapped in the iron chains. They were both silent for a time before Sabrina said with sad eyes along with a bit of fear and even some tears in her eyes at seeing her mate in pain and wishing she could help him, “I’m so sorry Zach.” Parker looked at her with a bit of surprise in her eye before realizing why she had called him Zach and then that feeling completely vanished quickly to be replaced by a blank expression instead.
  21. Awesome, thanks for the update! That seawyrm's right. Remember to use Fertility to drastically reduce the chance of a refusal. Naming your seawyrm is up to you! Pick some Seawyrm, pygmy or Dragon Cave trivia you think would be neat to mention and then see if you can squeeze it into a short phrase to split over those two dragons. (For example, for Seawyrms, the fact the artist refers to them as Sea Glories might be a fun little piece of trivia. But it really is up to you~)
  22. Thank you for this one! I've been looking for a mate for him for so long. https://dragcave.net/lineage/jgVDR
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