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  2. Is it too early to go to bed now? Ugh, but I"m so tired...
  3. Happy Birthday Dragon Cave man it would have sucked to have missed this event especially with all these epic new dragons !!!
  4. Heres to thirteen years and for many more! Please release a black cat type eastern for Halloween (or if there is a Friday therteenth sometime this year) to go with this (un)lucky number! That'll be wonderful! Thank you for this wonderful fun sight! I got all 6eggs and two of the Eastern dragon ones. I love esterns we need more!
  5. Happy Birthday DC!!! *party cannon explodes* And a big Thank you TJ and your team of awesomeness for bringing us this awesome site and community!
  6. Just seems to be that one page. Everything else I've tried seems to work perfectly well.
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  8. I am happy to support and make at least a bit of room. I mean, if you are going to have a birthday week, it is going to go into the weekend too, additionally, it is a fun way to tie up the birthday weekend too. Those are my thoughts, but others should share too, even if it is I don't care or I agree, or I hate free raffles to win great prizes because .... we should all know you are certainly different than most players but you do you! Glad to see you around, Dragoness! Thanks for doing this good luck on the catching!
  9. Late, but at least, it's still 8:something PM. -- - Starting at 8:00 PM EDT/DC, Wednesday, May 22, 2019, today is Day 7 of the Cirion Lunar Cycle. The current Moon Phase is Waning Crescent. - Also, today is Day 23 of the Aurax Lunar Cycle. The current Moon Phase is Waxing Crescent. There is a much higher probability of catching/breeding Dark Luminae than Luminae today.
  10. Alright, we can do it this weekend. How does Friday night through Sunday afternoon sound? I don't want anyone to feel left out because they didn't catch their eggs early on. I mean, I myself showed up to the party late, so I do understand how that coule be difficulg for some donors. Thank you for the feedback!
  11. Same here! I went to my encyclopedia to check. It doesn't seem like the are any others broken if I just click some randomly.
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  13. That's wonderful @hedy! Long drives are so much easier when you aren't alone. I worked today! I didn't work at all last week, and only 1 of my normal 2 days the week before. Combination of returning depression and worrying about leaving my mom alone. But I did it, I worked today! And I didn't cry. Well okay, I cried a small bit right before leaving for work, but not while at work, and that's an accomplishment!
  14. Happy Happy Joy Joy!! Thanks for 13yrs of fun TJ!! Loving all these new eggs!! Great job spriters! I can hardly wait to see them mature!
  15. Shokomon

    Can't Access Group

    Actually, by this logic, why doesn't the Dragons page crash? Is it the "Add Group" dropdown menu being loaded causing the issue? And yes, it's still broken. Edit: Getting the dragons per page count to 300 fixed it, but I don't like having it that low.
  16. Can't believe I'm late to the celebrations lol. I hope I can get them all. Happy hunting everyone.
  17. People are going to be hunting, since there are so many dragons being releases at once, for multiple days. So I would suggest potentially waiting until the weekend, at least. I will be happy to donate if I have any space, and I give lots of value to egg slots for donations. But there is also the flip side of possibly having some less, but more valued, donation round. On the other side, you may also have less people with room to enter because they are egg-locked. Now that said, for certain donations/prizes/wins, I'm sure people would make room. Just a few things to consider, but regardless of when you decide to have it, I will happily promote and support. Just wanted to lay out some things to consider with time during a big birthday multi-dragon multi-biome release.
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