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  2. Take 'em if you want 'em - 4 hatchlings from random AP eggs, 3 CB and one nice checker Take 'em if you want 'em - 4 deep sea hatchlings from random AP eggs, all EG
  3. Can anyone help me babysit 4 hatchies for ~12 hours?
  4. I love it! The warm theme is perfect for me on a cold day here. Congrats on success!
  5. Jowan Allies: Duke Location: Kitchen When they arrive Duke busies himself by pulling dishes out of the many cupboards that cover the walls of the kitchen. Sitting still while he works is awkward, but Jowan wouldn’t know how to help even if he did know where to find anything. "Don't bring up my embarrassing sexual history." Jowan startles and they look at each other with the same wide-eyed expression. Duke laughs and Jowan laughs with him; it’s quiet and a little hysterical, but it’s something. He doesn’t understand what… sexual history (something that he shouldn’t be thinking about) has to do with talking, but for all he knows it’s some kind of in-joke. Duke’s… head-spirit, Vylcan, is still disturbing, but for another reason. “Is he… always watching, then?” Duke can’t help it, he knows, it just feels strange to have a not-quite-spirit spying on a private conversation. With luck Vylcan wouldn’t make any more helpful comments and he’d be able to forget about him. He’s deflecting, anyway. Vylcan isn’t why they’re there. “Sure,” he says, then blink. “But what’s… chokolat?” Some strange drink from the multiverse? Duke’s world? Status: not thinking about Duke's sexual history
  6. Stan - Stan's Room [post-shower] - [dirty laundry] Stan closes his eyes at her touch on his face. A good person, huh...? The words send a warm ripple down his neck. Yes... he remembers. The feeling is much different compared to physical lust -- that had faded already -- but somehow it feels much more intimate than the kiss they had shared earlier. When she touched her forehead to his, he thought he could feel a little dampness still on her cheeks. It wasn't sexy, but that's what true relationships were, weren't they? Ultimately, they were messy, ugly things that showed their true natures once the initial sparks were snuffed. It is the resolution, the acceptance of each other's faults that he had never really experienced -- he was too busy trying to set the room on fire, either romantically, metaphorically, or literally. That was his job; that was his nature. It was telling that Lara was willing to give him a chance -- he still thought that she was crazy in wanting to trust him. Did she even think she could know everything about him? Despite his perceived openness and extroversion, Stan was a very private being tangled in many lives and many secrets. But... he had to trust her, too. It couldn't be all about himself anymore. He internally scoffs at the closed loop he had crafted for himself -- how could he trust anyone to know him, if he didn't trust them with any knowledge of him? So, like he promised, he tries. For the first time since he got out of the shower, he smiles. "I love you, too." The silence hangs in the air following his affirmation, but it isn't awkward; if anything, it was relieving now that he finally said it out loud, as if it had suddenly become a tangible truth. He did fancy her -- even in this entire organization of two dozen people, Lara was one of the few people whom he enjoyed the company of, and who he could begin to trust again. He had just forgotten that, recently. But, she had asked him to open up a little about himself, and that was why he couldn't say silent. He nods slowly then bursts out laughing, unaccustomed to this kind of honesty. "...Usually when I say that, I don't mean it. Not in this way, Lara. I'm sure you've noticed that I don't particularly get close to any of the ladies I court, or at least, not as close as they assume I am. It's the problem that comes with being naturally charming, interesting, and polite." He grins at his own sarcasm. That was a joke about his own narcissistic tendencies -- of course the charisma, the pleasantries, everything, was manufactured! It had to be, if he were to con his marks successfully. "Where are my manners, as a gentleman?" he says, playing it up. With the earlier tension gone, he feels a lot more relaxed and falls right into his usual step of casual pleasantries. "You're my guest, and I should offer you some refreshments." He gets up slowly, gently shaking himself out of her embrace. Standing up, he uses the towel to dry his hair one more time before making his way to the drawers on the far side of the room. He pulls the second drawer open, looks inside, and pauses. He eyes the pack of cigarettes within, unopened since the day he moved into this room, but ultimately he reaches beside it and takes out a bottle of whiskey and two crystal drinking glasses. He pours drinks for the both of them. After handing one glass to Lara, he turns the chair and sits down, facing the bed. "Cheers," he smirks and clinks her glass, "to acknowledging our dirty laundry."
  7. Have CB Yellow Zyu with wordcode 'LIP' Want Good Offers Toss me some offers!
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  9. Yay for broccoli!! I actually caught it open this month, best of luck to all!! Mothers day is coming dont forget to give your mom some broccoli!! 😍
  10. Then there are the little 'extra' scenes after the credits (Monsters University and Big Hero 6 come to mind) which I like because it makes them run the whole credits here. In today's paper alone, @Verandi, we have Brensil, Delucca, Kenniyha, De'Andranique, Jalen, Dentry, Jalisa, Khai, Shaunece, and Anthaya.
  11. I'm in favor of this. I was sick last year and only caught 2. My sister was also sick and managed to get only 10. This year we both managed to catch everything, but last years collection looks rather sad in our baskets.
  12. Thanks for another chance to win the only broccoli I like!
  13. Have 2nd Gen Monarch f/ (F) Bronze tinsel Lineage Looking for 2 second gen soulpeace eggs from (M) Daydream x (F) White please Trade
  14. [ duke ; -- add. d. ; for. k. j. f. t. ] -- status.  vylcan ; secondary ] by your sword -- shield me from judgement! -- Inside the kitchen, things are awkward, at best. Jowan perches on one of the tall barstools, fidgeting with his hands, and Duke sighs. The silence between them is long and heavy, almost suffocating in the air, and the blond drums his fingers on the island's countertop, marveling at the feel of the cool marble underneath his fingertips. X-Dreamers headquarters ... it doesn't compare to some of the beauties of the world he has seen in his adventures, but he can always appreciate a well-kept kitchen. Whether or not the kitchen appreciated some of his more eccentric creations, well -- the jury was still out on that one. With nothing to do, Duke busies himself; he preoccupies himself with pulling two mugs and two plates from the shelves, familiar with where everything is now. He would rather prepare something, than -- is he deflecting? No, that won't do. You'll have to talk to him eventually, Vylcan says, more prominent now that things have settled down and it is just the two of them. I still remember how long you pinned after that other boy. "Don't bring up my embarrassing sexual history," Duke says aloud, louder than he expected; perhaps the quietness of the kitchen had lured him into a false sense of security, one where he had forgotten Jowan is nearby entirely. Staring at the mage with a caught-in-headlights look, Duke gives a faint laugh and taps on the edge of his head. "Sorry. He's telling me to actually talk to you. I suppose he's right sometimes." Then, he holds up the two mugs and smiles. "Want something to drink? I'll make hot chocolate."
  15. oh, i absolutely love this thread! alHH1 (AHHHH), who gets bonus points for looking like they are, in fact, screaming UyknO (U KNO?) and my absolute, all-time favorite, who made me actually yell the first time i saw their code: mYSOn, who is my son
  16. And, they’re starting to add some pretty cool art into the credits of movies these days, too!! As far as RP characters, I usually get my names from google. I decide on the aspects of the character and then search for a name that has the meaning. Im a bit annoyed that JK found “maledictus.” That was something I named a species I like to use in RPs. But now, people are just gonna be like OH HES A SNAEK? 😐 Maledictus doesn’t even have a gosh darn thing to do with den snakes.
  17. Nectaris

    Pokemon Go

    Congrats on the shiny! Lapras is one of several prizes you can get when you get that particular task, like how you when you get the "catch 10 pokemon" you can get a magikarp or houndour, or a bit of stardust. Lapras has been available as a prize for some time, it is only recently become shiny eligible though. I currently have the task itself(battle in a gym 5 times), but rather than a pokemon prize, the prize is four revives.
  18. I'm definitely in support of this. I'm a completist, and have been collecting eggs since the very first Festival. My life has changed a lot over that period of time. Until 2016, I always had enough time to get all of the eggs, but then my life radically changed as I began my PhD work, and a lot of formerly free time evaporated. I was in the middle of assembling my reading lists and exam questions when the 2016 Festival of Eggs occurred, and forgot it was even going on until the third day because I was just that frazzled. In 2017 I just barely managed to grab all of the eggs (my housemate wasn't quite so lucky), but I was in the middle of packing for a move in 2018 and had very little time to grab eggs, and I think I got less than half. This year, I've been sick, and spent an ungodly number of hours sleeping my misery away and then stressing over egg catching; I got all but one of them. Even just the thought, "if I don't catch them all now, maybe next year I'll have time to get some of the older ones" would have upped my enjoyment of the game, because at the end I was just frantic and frustrated and, tbh, cursing at the screen and wondering why I considered this a recreational activity. I collected the second-to-last egg at 11:45 and watched with growing horror as no new egg appeared after every refresh, as the clock inched closer and closer to midnight and finally struck it and that last egg was lost forever. This game has already backtracked on a lot of things being "lost forever," so what we're asking for is definitely in keeping with the spirit of the game. Frills and Arias are back. It used to be that if you missed out on a CB Holiday/Halloween/Valentine's Day dragon, that was it; you would only ever own a bred one. That has changed. Even before that change, it used to be that once you had two of a specific Holiday or Valentine dragon, CB or bred, you couldn't get any more, but that limit was lifted as well. These were choices made to keep the game fun and inclusive for all of the players, and this would do the same.
  19. You have to with the marvel movies! And because they are doing the little hints in their movies it is causing others to as well. It's pretty cool.
  20. I almost bought broccoli this morning but the price was too high for the amount in the bundle so I bought zucchini instead. I prefer broccoli, though.
  21. Pation. OuO That’s pretty darn cool. I’ll have to google her... I usually sit through the credits of marvel movies!! If I’m alone, I’ll watch credits. If I’m with others, they usually don’t wanna wait.
  22. Syiren

    Pokemon Go

    I think the shiny lapras task started the other day, so the ones for that task before it were something else... I think? I don't get it often myself either. I also don't get this very often! Hatched this earlier today. It was the last of three and I was like, "I would love to hatch a shiny." and Universe was like, "Okay."
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