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  2. "I know but during around this time when you need to nap due to hibernation so that's why I asked which room we'd put the crib in. Okay our room it is and I set up my room for the girls. Should we get him baptized first before putting his name on the scroll?" she asked before hearing the trailed off statement he started to say and she looked a bit confused before hearing the rest of what he said. "Oh no," she said with a concerned expression on her face when she heard that the little baby was Envy's before hearing the protective growl that came from him after the last statement he said about him (Envy) not getting him (the baby). Her concern then grew a bit more but more towards Jach and not the baby this time. She gently rubbed the sleeping baby with a finger against his head before hearing the rest of what he said that was comparing his siblings being fathers and was very interested to know that Lust was the one who raised Zeroth but then that turned into sadness when she heard about not all of Envy's children make it to adulthood. "Don't forget Aunt Sam," she said when she heard what he said next after he let out a somewhat protective growl that was also part protective purr when he looked at the baby. She then smiled a bit again when she heard everything that he said and asked to little Helena as well as to Dawn and company after pulling her into his lap. "I can help the girls get dressed in clean warm clothes in my room," she said while offering to help the girls get dressed.
  3. ` Mikleo - Dining Hall [Tea and Biscuits] - [Sorey is doing The Thing] "Like me," Mikleo echoed. He put to fingers to his lips. Sentient spren and non-sentient spren... Seraphim were, for the most part, sentient -- but if the definition were expanded to other spiritual creatures, then the concept of a world invisible to humans did seem quite common. Why was that? "I think seraphim too are content to live in their own realm, now... Although they tend to be solitary, with my village being an exception..." His voice trailed into a mutter, and Tien's attention was already elsewhere. Mikleo followed the taller boy's gaze to where Sorey held hands with the caramel haired girl. "Oh. He's doing the thing." With overzealous Lailah and troublesome Edna, this was bound to be a total disaster. While everyone seemed to be distracted, he reached over and took a cookie from the pile. He'd watch the events unfold. His eyes drifted to the mugs of steaming hot tea. Well, if Sorey wanted their presence known... ~~ Sorey - Dining Hall [sorry, sorry!] - [tea with ev, tien, towa, chikako, lailah, mikleo, edna] Sorey didn't quite expect Evonna's reaction to be quite so loud. Eyes still shut, he winced at the curse and his focus wavered. His brow scrunched and his lips pulled back into an nervous grin -- maybe this wasn't the best way to introduce his friends after all? It was easy for Alisha to believe him because she wholeheartedly believed in Seraphim in the first place, despite her nonexistent resonance. "It's alright, Evonna! I take that as I sign that you can hear us. Wonderful!" Having gotten up and moved to stand behind the two, Lailah nodded to herself in satisfaction. Sorey's abilities were developing quite well. He barely needed to hold his breath anymore, but just a little more and perhaps Evonna could see them, too. Excited, she clasped both her hands around Sorey and Evonna's to let the girl know where she was. "Cause we are ghosts," Edna added with a smirk in reply to Scarlet, even though the only humans who could really hear her were Sorey, Tien, and Evonna. "We're here for revenge..." Placing the heel of her boot on the edge of the table, she leaned back in her chair and balanced it precariously on two legs. "OoooooOOOoooOOoooo... " She and Mikleo made eye contact and the younger seraph held back a laugh that sounded like a snort. Taking the cue, he reached across the table. He touched the porcelain of one of the mugs of tea and in the span of an instant the liquid went from piping hot to frozen slush. Cracks of frost formed over the surface of the table and the icy aura even froze the other cups, dropping the air's temperature a couple degrees. Sorey wanted to say cut it out, guys, but resigned to continue his job as a spirit medium.
  4. OK How DIS ? Secret Bingo ? https://dragcave.net/view/kRepB
  5. Congratulations! You just returned back to your academic life :v
  6. Yeah, just don't have a need for a desktop in my house. We had one, but we never used it, so we sold it. The mobile way is tedious, but if it's the only way, then oh well. Lol
  7. OutlawQueen-->Iamartistic2: Alt Undine ( ACCEPTED)
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  9. @Rise of the Targaryens I did some scouting too! I want to train: User: TerraAnne Dragon Name + Link: Mereoreona Vamirion Targaryen Do you have enough points?: yes How many hours since your last post?: Last training post was 15 hours ago
  10. Have: 2g from Female Silver Shimmer Would like: 2g Kin swap, AUTO 2g from F Silver Shimmer Or Offers Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  11. Have: 2g from Female Silver Shimmer Would like: 2g Kin swap, AUTO 2g from F Silver Shimmer Or Offers Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  12. Reminder that August 31 is the last day to breed if you want to participate in next month's mass breed.
  13. I think they mean the Two-headed lindwyrm? They are obtained by biome in the cave, forest for green, alpine for blue/purple. https://dragcave.fandom.com/wiki/Two-headed_Lindwyrm
  14. White altkin needs home Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  15. The Lineage gets longer! Proof (link to egg's lineage): Egg What Gen are you on now?: 20 Today's Date: 08/17/2019 Forum Name: purplehaze Scroll Link (optional): Scroll Challenge Group Link (required): Group Just a little over 6 weeks left in the challenge.
  16. I feel this on the highest of levels >.< Meanwhile a pair of a lineaged Thunder and Flamingo gave no eggs for 3 weeks. If 4th week this continues, I'll be forced to use Fertility >.>
  17. Thank you, mesprilovr! https://dragcave.net/lineage/sveCN
  18. TempestSea

    Z Project

    https://dragcave.net/teleport/36c187f12a3f5e95c0447f11ac4fda1a got a z out of my 2nd gen pair - anyone here want it? For one of you I'll take about anything lol darn not influenced yet - will remove it from trade and do it if noone takes it soon
  19. Yeah... when I want to group/ sort dragons, I generally don't use my mobile devices... fine for HUNTING and HATCHING but... a pain for sorting. Just my observation. THOUGH I should clarify that with I don't FREQUENTLY use my mobile to access this site, so I MAY just not know how.
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