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  2. HAVE: EG3 Copper (checker x BS m) - Make an offer on my egg! EG3 Royal Crimson (checker x BS m) - Make an offer on my egg! WANT: EG3 BS m KIN - Green Copper (unrelated to RIvcu & rqCxd)/ Anagallis/ Floret/ Green/ Leodon/ Khusa/ Monarch/ Pyralspite/ Storm/ Thalassa or White Zyu OR a different EG3 PrizeKIN - Auto from list in profile
  3. I'm hoping to see it this Friday, but chances are only at about 15%. If either of you spoil this for me I will curse you, your entire family, your children and your children's children and your children's children's children to always lose a sock when doing laundry.
  4. HAVE: EG3 Copper (checker x BS m) - Make an offer on my egg! EG3 Royal Crimson (checker x BS m) - Make an offer on my egg! WANT: EG3 BS m KIN - Green Copper (unrelated to RIvcu & rqCxd)/ Anagallis/ Floret/ Green/ Leodon/ Khusa/ Monarch/ Pyralspite/ Storm/ Thalassa or White Zyu OR a different EG3 PrizeKIN - Auto from list in profile
  5. HAVE: EG3 Copper (checker x BS m) - Make an offer on my egg! EG3 Royal Crimson (checker x BS m) - Make an offer on my egg! WANT: EG3 BS m KIN - Green Copper (unrelated to RIvcu & rqCxd)/ Anagallis/ Floret/ Green/ Leodon/ Khusa/ Monarch/ Pyralspite/ Storm/ Thalassa or White Zyu OR a different EG3 PrizeKIN - Auto from list in profile
  6. I've gotten 56 eggs and dont seem to be getting anymore. In the morning, i got a few eggs and my total went up to 56 eggs. Then now in the evening, i cant seem to find any. I have refreshed the page multiple times. I'm confused. 😕
  7. I got 12. Started collecting yesterday. Kinda forgot about it since I've been busy with work.
  8. I was very lucky to get into the imax, friend booked ages ago. It was at 8am so it was literally one of the earliers non-premiere screenings in the world Yay future powers! Super fort.
  9. Lol. I'm going to see it next week. The imax here has been booked out for the whole weekend/week FORTUNE! *huggles broom*
  10. Six eggs. I collected six eggs. I didn't have nearly enough time to collect them all. Frustrated that I couldn't see all the amazing little artworks, but I can't fathom being able to collect 62 eggs in the time I dedicate to DC every day ✖〰✖ 
  11. I missed half the eggs due to my full time job but however.
  12. Dang, first year I missed out! The whole holiday kind of snuck up on me this year...
  13. I missed some of the eggs too. 62 was just too many without gluing myself to the screen. Damn. We're not exactly paying him for services. He's never fixed any of the other event stuff that people complained about and yet we're still here lol.
  14. Good morning peeps! *uses a broom to gently pet Spirit from a distance* I love you but I don't want to get infected. Seen too many zombie films.
  15. I loved the eggs, thank you to everyone involved in the design and the actual Easter Egg Hunt! ❤️ I too would have liked some more time, just another day would have been fine, since there is so much to do on the actual holiday that I can never dedicate as much time to the egg hunt as I want to. It would be awesome to have another day to gather those amazing eggs!
  16. Yup! I know. Sorry if it sounded otherwise. The point of their mention was to give Ruby a reason to consider instead letting you use the first set of suggested names.
  17. Considering how little sleep I had i'm not that bothered. Probably help that I started today watch AN AMAZING MOVIE!!! Hope I don't set your expectations to high about THE AMAZING MOVIE I SAW!!
  18. Hi MP! It's just a nice way of saying the snot is killing me Basically a word we use around kids. I'm getting the sense that your feeling great is a bit twitchy
  19. Snozzies? I don't think thats a proper word spirit. Is that some african word? (I know there are actual dialect names but I don't want to say the wrong one or be somehow incensitive) I fell asleep probably around 1:30 last night and got up at 5, so I'm feeling great! 🤪
  20. "Hi Claudia!" Tras said. She suddenly felt very sorry for the dragon. "I will protect you!" Tras said defiantly, "No one will get to you before they get to me. And we will help you, won't we guys?" Tras watched as Mike pushed the egg forward to Claudia. Tras was excited for another drahon to feel the love of Lavada.
  21. Actually, for Dragon Cave the Easter has already passed. From what I gather from your post, you are following the Eastern Orthodox Church Julian calendar, which does state April 28th as Easter. What you should look at is Easter Sunday from Gregorian Calendar, which is what Dragon Cave and even my country (Finland) follows. And as far as I can tell, majority of countries have their celebrations according to Gregorian Calendar, not the Julian Calendar. So this purely depends on which calendar you are looking at.
  22. BlueLatios

    Z Project

    CB Coast Zyumorph with a funny code. Send a dummy :v
  23. Good morning everyone! Ugh... the snozzies is killing me
  24. While I was able to catch all 62 eggs...I feel bad sometimes for people that do not have the time. I really wish, sometimes, that it wasn't against the rules to help other people out. I mean, more or less, if they gave you access to their account - you could help them find eggs. But, I get that counts as multi-scrolling or whatever, and, it's risky, AND...........the risk people would harass you because YOU have a life as well. It's possible people would just get more entitled and think you're their personal egg finding slave and not try to do it themselves :/ Maybe.
  25. ♫ Name // Lara Croft ♫ ♫ Players // Stan ♫ ♫ Support // lol what support idk maybe Cicero is there but I forgot the poor dog ♫ ♫ Status // Recovering from her train wreck of thought ♫ ~~Love me for me, it's all I ask~~ Baby, what’s wrong? Her heart had, admittedly, skipped a beat when he called her “baby”. Lara didn’t want him to see her ugly crying face, but there she was, out in the open. Her tears fall onto the carpet, leaving small spots on the carpet. Little ghosts of her past, scattered in a sporadic pattern on the floor. She doesn’t respond, trying to get her bearings. She wants so badly to run to him, to bury her face in his shoulder and let her piteous cries float through the air and dissipate. And for a second, she almost does. Look, I'm sorry if I was too forward. If you don't want to get hurt, then it would be best for you to forget about all this. Too forward? No, he hadn’t been too forward at all. Lara’s cries are finally quiet. It’d take some time for her breathing to adapt, but here he is, right here and right now. Something about his voice is almost comforting. She stares at the ground, tracing little constellations in the teardrop marks. Lara quietly wipes at the tears still in her eyes, knowing that she has to woman up. Something about her knows that he could hurt her, and badly, if things went awry. Yet… She can’t bring herself to forget anything that just happened. No, no, it’s impossible. She knows herself- when she loves, she can’t just turn back. She’s fallen down the rabbit hole, and for once she doesn’t want to crawl back out. But… If you're serious about this, I'll try. I'll try to love you like I haven't ever loved anyone else before, Lara Rochelle. This makes Lara smile, and she lets out a laugh/sob. Hearing her middle name escape his lips is one of the more intimate gestures she’s received from him throughout the months they had known each other. She thinks about it, how they had grown progressively closer, how this was probably going to happen at some point. And this makes her smile stay a little longer. Nobody knows her middle name, no…. Nobody but Stan. It’s nice, that he knows more about her than the others. They’re close, and she’s alright with that. It’s a minor detail that nobody else has to know. Lara stands up from her spot. She hesitates to take a step, looking at him in a state she’d honestly never seen him in. He’s looking at her with those green eyes, eyes that remind her of people she’d known and loved. Henry, her mother, and perhaps some others… Finally, she thinks she can speak. “I’m not running away from this. I know what I said, and I meant it. I love you. And I’m willing to give this a go, even if it means that I fall on my ass a few times.” She approaches the chair, just a few short steps. As she reaches him, her hands carefully touch either side of his face, her right thumb stroking his cheek. “It’s just…. Hell, I’m more than ecstatic that we were on the same page- or perhaps so I think.” She sighs. “I have some doubts, I admit. But doubts are normal, I suppose. It’s just…I… A lot of things came rushing back to me at once, and my emotions became a bloody train wreck.” She leans her forehead against his, not wanting those emotions to come back after she just recovered. “I… I want to do this with you. I’ve never been more serious about anything, besides my job, than I am right now. Love me, is all I ask. I.... I know there’s a good person there. I’ve seen it plenty of times, and I know there’s probably something there that’s planting seeds of doubt in you too. I hope I can be what you need- a kick in the pants, a source of comfort, anything. I’m not sure what you see in me, and perhaps I might not really ever know. But Stanley Westley, I’m yours. For as long as it lasts.” She lets out a wry laugh, surprised at her own dramatic flair. When was the last time she’d been like this? “Baby, hm? Not a nickname I’ve had before, but I like it. I ought to hand it to you, love, that might be one of the better things a significant other has called me.” Her smile drops, but not quite to the level of a frown. She moves her head back up and meets his eyes. “But…. I know what you’re implying. You have some dirty laundry, as do I. And that’s alright, if we’re doing this thing, then I suppose we’d need to know, would we not.?” She rests her lips against his forehead, her hands moving from his face to his shoulders. Something about the wet steel of his left shoulder grounds her into reality. He’s a man who’s been hurt before, and she can tell at least that much. Her breathing is now calm, serene. She hopes that he knows he has this effect on her. It’s a strange feeling, falling in love again, but perhaps it’s what she needs. She hopes that she can provide what he needs, and that he can provide for hers. She knows it’ll be a journey, but she’s willing. She’s willing to give it a try, even if it means falling backwards again. She’d gotten up the last few times, had she not? “And if you’re willing,” she whispers, “Then I’ll tell you about mine, and if you wish… I’m willing to listen to yours.” Every step I go Is a step to you Take my hands now, You are the cause of my euphoria. -JK
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    The Count Project

    I want to request an egg. Either family is fine as long as I can change its name. I want to become a breeder too, once I get an egg. Thank you!
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