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  2. Sam and the kids stopped when Zeroth pulled up with a sleigh pulled by two black horses and she heard everything he said. “Okay,” she said in reply before helping Tim, Georgie and Helena up into the sled before she got in herself and sat beside the latter.
  3. There where menu footprints quickly being covered in snow that still fell steadily from the sky. At one point they came across Jach's tracks, four human fingers, four lizard like, a distinct clawed back foot that would look like a dinosaur's and the tip of a human shoe. They seemed to scattle low to the ground and at one point disappeared for twenty feet like he lept and glided for a bit before landing and following a trail of swept snow to the forest past his gates, heading back down hill to the town. Before they went to far down the hill Zero pulled up with black horses and a slegh of ebony. "Master said she's headed into town. Get in so you don't have to walk six miles to the town edge!" He called to her and the kids.
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  5. Apparently dark luminas only give white stripes ._.
  6. Zinogre

    Pokemon Go

    Seeing as Jirachi dropped today, if anyone wants to add me that has not done so: 6106-1394-7854 SageZinogre is my username in GO :).
  7. Updated! There's only two days left to enter your dragons for this month's lotto, so don't forget to submit those last minute entries
  8. 3G Gold Tinsel x Rosebud Male Hatchling - Grandboy from my CB. Offer any **JUNK** (Not Pretty) Egg if you meet/accept the following conditions: 1. You have read and understood that since I am the one re-gifting this grandbaby from my CB Prize (hey, I found it in the AP and hatched it fair and square, and its from my bebe so it qualifies!!), thus it falls under the conditions in my Profile on naming. You can name it ANYTHING you want in ANY version you want, except for things that DO NOT meet the terms of the ToS of DC and agree to the naming terms in my Profile. Failure to abide by this means I will never speak to you again. I think I make that pretty clear. 2. Only offer a junk egg. Not something pretty to bribe me. I would prefer you to have a CB Rosebud so you can continue the line. Please do not regift or trade. Enter for yourself, not someone else. They can enter on their own. Do not enter if you want to freeze, kill it, or not let it grow to be an adult Prize Tinsel. I am going to sleep to allow as many people who want to be in the drawing for it to enter, offering an egg means you agree to everything I've written so far, and will randomly select someone in the morning. Hatchling is already gendered male. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  9. HAVE: 2G from Male Grave - https://dragcave.net/teleport/db6016774293309cf03a53dd23797bd6 3G from Male Grave - https://dragcave.net/teleport/ac97a202e2edc1861b6790f7f5aef8f5 3G from Female Ice - https://dragcave.net/teleport/ce23cf671d7ed0d44dfc4e4b8db6b1ce WANT: Looking specifically for exact lineage swaps Will also look at other 2G/3G Halloween metal checkers from all EXCEPT Omen Wyrm or Cavern Lurker! I do not collect those really.
  10. Nectaris

    Pokemon Go

    Just in case anyone here doesn't have mine already. 9637 5276 1489 Jirachi research is available now! Also, got a random shiny lileep today!
  11. ((okay)) "Okay and I can do that no problem. I understand," he said in reply before walking with him through the corridors to a terrace that was along the wall that they were walking along and then down a staircase that was narrow. The wall was on one side before there was a drop off cliff off the other side of the staircase and then there was a gigantic mosaic courtyard that was around a curve in the wall that was filled with magic circles and transportation spells that were all formed from white tiles that were in the midst of sea blue tiles. He saw the three men standing around three of the cardinal points of north, south, and east which left the west one open for Avery and Isabo. He nodded in greeting to one of the men standing there that had deep coffee colored skin and the panther familiar he had. He then saw the other man that was the same height as him and also nodded in greeting to him before doing the same to his African spotted dog familiar. Lastly, he did the same to Avery's teacher and his phoenix familiar before the latter joined them in the west cardinal spot in the circle. After the phoenix cried, he listened to all the men and girls gathered there start chanting before noticing the large crates that had soil and rocks in them start getting different hues around them of red, yellow/gold, royal purple, and sky blue. He stepped back just in case he was transported with the supplies, which he didn't want. He watched with interest as the familiars started to circle around them counter clockwise and the colors went in the opposite direction of clockwise. He kind of got a bit dizzy as it all became a blur and had to stop watching but then looked back towards the company when he heard the loud "pop" sound which was when the colors shot up to the sky and the items disappeared. He then grew concerned when he watched as both the apprentice and Avery's teacher collapsed and went towards them. It was then that Avery told him to help the apprentice inside as well as him saying that he'll be inside soon. "Okay but be careful as you clean up. This is a strange place and there could be anyone lurking around," he said softly to him before kissing him softly on the cheek and then helping the apprentice inside behind the Sahar teacher who had Master Riko.
  12. We are ready for war! Commanders in party: Lord Commander Varemon Targaryen Users involved: Mow Taking along a blackfyre?: Yes, Mauria Blackfyre Definitely not going alone, but also not trusting other commanders. I want to train: User: Mow Dragon Name + Link: Lord Commander Varemon Targaryen Do you have enough points?: Yes How many hours since your last post?: 17
  13. -CB Mariner egg, code "kaT1E" https://dragcave.net/teleport/c97e9b7a2c484165247b7e09e8a4499e -CB Tangar egg, code "Dijnn" (one off from Djinn) https://dragcave.net/teleport/40936e34659daeb8afdb1c06a4d432b7 -CB Tangar egg, code "s2sAO" (season 2 Sword Art Online) https://dragcave.net/teleport/ec460343ba32e603e5b1a83145ba9707 Want for any/all: Frilled(s)! Prefer CB or pretty lineages, but mostly looking for holiday checker lineages, especially Halloween. PM me for specific lineage wants please, or check my lineages link in my signature - it should be mostly updated. I will also consider offers. I really like interesting/unique lineages.
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  15. Have 2nd gen Sitting Alt Black, Black/Silver, great code https://dragcave.net/lineage/YtlOV Want 2nd gen Shimmer or CB metal Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Be well, Monica
  16. Thank you all~! I might actually do that! I would love to share my work with other users. ^ ^
  17. I want to train: User: Chaosdawn Dragon Name + Link: Jaina Targaryen Do you have enough points?: Yes How many hours since your last post?: 14 And that should max out my Commander. =D
  18. Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy!
  19. Yes, it is, but then, almost every suggestion made to adjust the AP boils down to people wanting to cherry pick the AP for the good stuff and not have to deal with the stuff they don't like. The only one that isn't like that is having eggs abandoned multiple times loose time, and even that is super easy to abuse in other ways. Especially at Holiday time. So yea, can't support this latest one, either. Cheers! C4.
  20. Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy! How about making your own thread at Original Works subforum?
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