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  2. Which egg did the two-headed hatch from? Were already hatched when I logged on and TJ's don't have biomes. Side note, the eggs look insanely good. Especially that purple one, tho that could be my personal bias talking.
  3. - 4 = 9 Well, how else am I supposed to post cakes if we're not at 13 yet?
  4. ... Wait, they're Infinity Stones themed? OMG I HADN'T NOTICED THAT'S AMAZING I NEED A MILLION. Don't have a favourite so far. All look immensely cute! Edit: I am laughing SO HARD at the description of the "time hatchie". 🤣
  5. We will get to 100. Eventually. Just remember. They're always listening. Three.
  6. Happy Birthday, DC! Thanks to TJ and the Spriters for all those years of effort!
  7. Noooooooooo! See what you did Pilauli. See what you did. One. No Cakes.
  8. Y'all knock that off right now! *newspaper smack*
  9. Take 'em if you want 'em - 4 brute hatchlings from random AP eggs, all 2G not PB
  10. Today
  11. I would like to be able to catch at least a couple of each of the new release eggs, and not being locked ;w; just for the newest release. Waiting for them to hatch is bittersweet. Also, I'd love to be able to freeze the eggs! Some of them are just too pretty T_T
  12. Happy birthday Dragon Cave!!
  13. Happy Birthday DC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Something about cake. Ninety One. Or Seven Cakes.
  15. Shhh, don't mention them. I want to get to 100. Eighty Nine.
  16. Managed to trade for everything I didn't have time to catch this morning \o/ Got one of everything now, +2 duplicates of the eggs I liked best. Went for a double on the blue and the yellow - which worked out great, because I'm loving the Leviathan look and the other has turned into a Two-Headed. Can't wait to see the adults - loving the orange baby, too!
  17. Hello and welcome (back)
  18. Hello and welcome, nice to meet you!
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