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  2. Have: 2g golden wyvern Want: offers, even messy lines for freezing are great! Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  3. Time zone/pre midnight etc stuff. The clock switched to summer time in some countries recently, and all. Then again the OP could have picked up a stunned hatchie from the AP. Doesn't account for that egg though.
  4. I can link you to my vampires, too! I still love my Montagues, even if this project has sort of died.
  5. Anne - HP: 100 Anne’s eyes shifted from person to person, trying to gauge the threat level of each of them. Currently the broad man was the one who seemed to have the most intimidating aura, though compared to Garp and Nomu, the two most powerful people Anne knew, he didn’t seem too far from her own skill level. The woman still perplexed her, though Anne felt herself appreciating her attire, it reminded her somewhat of her own usual outfits before she left her home. For most of her teen years she had solely worn a bikini top, but when she left her home Anne’s adoptive mother had suggested she wear something a bit more conservative, since her first destination would be a navy base. Anne watched with mild amusement as the blue(ish) haired guy made to start running but was stopped by the broad man, the new location must have really been getting to him, Anne wondered if he was from a peaceful little island in the east blue. After a quiet word from the broad man, Anne took the time to properly tie up her boots, the blue(ish) haired man decided to introduce them. “Okay names Cody and he’s, uh…” Cody looked quizzically at his broad friend, who may not actually be his friend. Anne had assumed the two had arrived here together considering how they had been acting. Cody continued, “… and he’s Charles. We don’t know what this place is either”. Anne turned her gaze back left towards the blonde girl, expecting an introduction, but there seemed to be something in the corner of her eye. Was something wrong with her colour of observation? She squinted and rubbed her eye, activating and deactivating her haki, but what she now saw was a line, refused to move. As she was about to comment on it there was a sudden rumble and the stretching green ground began to move. “Oh great, more shaking. This is a hell of a night… day?” Anne exclaimed. She immediately felt concern for Cody, he probably hadn’t been on a ship before and the rocking ground would surely be throwing him off. Anne smiled in bemusement as, sure enough, Cody was falling. She didn’t have to move though, as Charles had already acted to keep Cody from falling. Anne felt a pang of dread and then quickly stepped backwards as the ground beneath her began to descend below the others, with a quick move of her wrist, she gripped one of her batons and cast it upwards, her long hair bubbled and shrunk to above her shoulders as a whip of water was cast out from her outstretched baton. Like a whip it coiled around the leg of the broad Charles before freezing around him. Her water-whip reached its limit and the ground moved downwards and away from Anne, leaving her suspended by her baton. “Hey up there, Charles! Keep standing there for a bit, I’m just trying to have a look around!” Anne called as she slowly rotated, her grip had slackened now that she was safely secured to the strong-man. The platform she’d been on had descended quite a way and she could now see an unending space beneath the ground. “I guess it is just more islands, endless ground was too good to be true. Only islands on an ocean of… nothing… I wonder if the sky islands on the grand line are like this,” Anne thought aloud. She was growing quite impressed by the security of Charles as a handhold, he hadn’t budged since she’d been suspended from him. Though she didn’t want to start to irritate her new companion, especially if she was going to have to make use of his strength at a later date. “Coming up!” She called out. The water began to reel in, as it did Anne’s hair started returning to its normal length. When she came into arm’s length of the platform, she flung her free hand over the edge and pulled herself up, the ice around Charles leg returned to water and the remaining trail returned to her, bringing her hair back to its usual length. Anne dusted herself off and gave Charles an appreciative slap on the back. “Thanks for that bud,” her gaze moved to check on the status of the others and she gave Cody a reassuring smile. “Watch your step Cody, it’s a bit of a drop,” she said as she peered once more over the side.
  6. Verandi

    The Count Project

    I was interested in the Montagues when I first looked over the project and would be delighted to take in an "offspring" of Countess Fuchsia should she be willing to comply. I love her!
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  8. No but the DATE could be the issue.
  9. Any 2G Aeons? I bred all 70+ of my Aeons (almost all CB) about two days ago. Mostly with Anatareans and Xenos. Also, thank you for the Nebula and Black Tea, personally!
  10. Have: Galaucus Drake CB code: 9DROP Want: offers
  11. Have: CB Thalassa https://dragcave.net/teleport/5c24a43d813d4968add87d0dd219c51d Want: CB mints
  12. Have: CB Thalassa https://dragcave.net/teleport/5c24a43d813d4968add87d0dd219c51d Want: CB mints
  13. 🕶 My vamp love's still there, though I only bite on request these days, and I'm not very interested in joining a revival of this particular project, as detailed here: https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/157053-the-count-project/?do=findComment&comment=8350203 - but I'd still think it's neat if you did revive it, so please don't let me stop you. ❤️ I put a lot of effort into this project in the past, so I know it can be really satisfying to keep tabs on things~! In either case, should you like yourself some Montagues, I have some "2Gs": Count Secundus Count Daedalus Countess Fuchsia Always happy to bite with those for anyone looking for low-gen Montagues. ❤️ (All my Montague options here: https://draco.thorngale.net/dump/compilation/the-count-project)
  14. Ruby Eyes

    Z Project

    Thanks! The Thuwed from above has hatched, luckily it precogs female: https://dragcave.net/teleport/d535de14b665e68022859560298444e9
  15. Funny thing aside - at least one egg and one hatchie died 8 days after being caught/hatched. The green egg that has 1/1/1 stats, for example. Or the sapphire hatchling. Which is interesting because you don't even have the ability to stun your hatchlings yet.
  16. The chance of a there being one or more repeat winner each raffle is actually much closer to 70%. The chance of a particular person winning multiple times is what's vanishingly small. The chance of a particular person winning two times in sequence is even smaller. See the birthday paradox for some discussion about this counter-intuitive statistical behaviour. See here for TJ explaining the odds: (That said, the statement "it would do very little to increase your odds" is definitely also true, since you're not competing against the 70%.)
  17. Even so, limiting repeats would take away some of the randomness there is. I still don't support it. (NO I have never won...)
  18. Fuzzbucket

    Z Project

    It's a night. If you have them unlocked it actually says !
  19. As true as this is, there's the problem that there are some suggestions around that have quite a bit of support - from making CB prizes available in the cave to putting them up in the market. And whether limits to raffle Prizes should apply might depend heavily on the other options. @Zalom: Your numbers are wrong. First of all, in a raffle, where everyone can only enter one ticket, everyone can only win one prize during that one raffle. Repeat winners on DC don't happen in one and the same raffle, as far as I'm aware, but in several different raffles. Also, while the chances of winning don't increase by much if raffle winners are excluded from entering again, there's the fact that there are quite a few two- or even three-times raffle winners around. And each repeat win that makes one person feel super extra special *again* could also go to a person who has never had that kind of luck.
  20. Oh my goodness that sounds so good! But its rainy here. I am at my mother in laws. We are coloring Easter eggs today.
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