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  2. This is what I agree with and what I do. I just did a quick count of the Nocturns on my scroll and, counting a baby on my scroll, I have 76 of them. The hatchie is one of the rare CB Nocturns that I actually found in the AP. Needless to say, it was not part of a wall or I would not have picked it up. Now I might refresh a wall a few times to see if something interesting (aka non-wall) pops up, but that soon gets tiring. Then I look in the biomes to see if I can find a newer release or an egg to raise for the limited amount of breeding I do for my scroll, but that fills my slots quickly if I'm in luck. It's really hunting in the AP that keeps me active on the site. Frankly, since I feel I have more than enough Nocturns (or, with just a few possible exceptions, probably any breed the wall might be made of) I eventually wander away to a different site. So, this leads me back to the line I quoted above. It is not logical and it doesn't make sense, however it has been said (but not by Albert Einstein) "Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results." IMHO, many of us have become addicted to this site and, since we do sometimes get nice rewards, we continue clicking even when we know we are being abused by a small number of members who force their unwanted eggs on the rest of us. Sooner or later there will be a new release, or the wall will end, and we can enjoy DC again. At least, until the next wall comes...
  3. I don't support showing the eggs. I like a little bit of randomness added to the game, and I find it exciting when I pick up a red CB frill, or a tan ridgewing. It would also mean pygmies and drake eggs would be much harder to pick up. And to be honest, it would get confusing - a lot of the eggs already look like eachother. I don't want similar descriptions and similar eggs at the same time.
  4. I had a good number of encyclopedia entries completely unlocked before the Market was introduced, which was a bit of a relief after finding out the Market was tied to the encyclopedia that way. I used hatcheries, as others have said, those are especially good for newer breeds. I also had a list of actual user's scrolls that have a lot of dragons (a lot of frozen hatchlings, or a lot of zombies, etc), that was very helpful just to go through scrolls and click on everything. The scroll list I had was simply made from clicking forum-users signature links.
  5. He got up when she touched his shoulder and walked to the inn, picking up his mom and then took the secret tunnel to his den, then the river tunnel to the grotto. He sat and started plucking the red petals off the flowers and dropping them into the basket. He then kissed Sam and his mom then went to collect the ones that grew where his blood had fell in February when they delt with the monster.
  6. This weeks round of gift exchange is now open! Hope you have fun! ❤️
  7. My 1st Ylw Undine stage 2 hatchling, for those who need to fill in your Undine alt sprites. Current project for however long before reality or another game reclaims me 😅 28 hrs and counting left before adulting
  8. Auto abandoned eggs also count towards your eggs owned stat, so no waiting for a slot needed. The Encyclopedia Helpers thread sometimes has rarish eggs available to be clicked. The Graveyard might also help when it's open? I think I've been too active to notice any delay in unlocking; I usually get any newly released eggs unlocked 2 days after their release when they drop in AP, and most everything I have was already unlocked trying to get the Encyclopedia done.
  9. We need to evolve a Feebas AND a magikarp or just a Feebas? D;, I'm so close to getting my 1st Gyarados and theres no way I'm doing it a 2nd time lol Also for people who need friends my code is: 0485 5480 3983
  10. It used to be, but TJ recently changed them to match. Are they still showing different times? And the DC time is accurate to when they can hatch/grow etc
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  12. Fail rate, as in not always getting the breed you want? That is sort of built in if you are only increasing the chances of one breed over the other. I see it as something like fertility, which does not guarantee that you will get an egg from a given breeding, but increases the chances.
  13. I stand in awe of those who have raised 40, 50, 60, even 90 or more! I don't expect much from entering my paltry few, but here goes anyway! Ticket, Please! Scroll link: My Scroll Lineage link(s): Pygmy #13 Pygmy #14 Pygmy #15 Pygmy #16 Group link: purplehaze's Lotto Entry
  14. I suppported this suggestion when it first appeared about shimmers/tinsels, and I still support it now. The current mechanics don't make any sense to me.
  15. I’ve noticed that the egg timer (when the egg will hatch and/or grow up) is different between DC and other hatchery sites. It’s 1-hour difference. In this case, should I go off of DC instead of the hatcheries or vice versa?
  16. I agree, I'd love for this ability to go to Arias. I don't think there should be a fail rate per se (as in the BSA has a chance of having no effect), but rather it simply increases the chance of getting the breed you want. Say you're breeding two commons but one is more recent. You normally have 30% chance of getting Breed A, and 70% of getting breed B. The BSA could simply tilt those chances one way: if you use it on the Breed A parent you could shift it to 50% chance of breed A. That way it's not a guarantee but still very helpful!
  17. Have : CB Verdigris Copper Wants : Chicken Red Dino Alt black CB Gold CB Silver Low gen prize low gen salt, word codes, and offers! Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  18. Has now hatched and is influenced male! Have: 2g from Female Silver Shimmer Would like: 2g Kin swap, AUTO 2g from F Silver Shimmer Or an other offers! Must go. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  19. Oh, I see. Well, in that case I cannot really say I'd have gotten the actual solution. I'd only have gotten the same stupid "31" again and probably just trashed all that stuff up there.
  20. Thank you @Montre for dropping a 2nd gen PB black to the AP... it alted! (no lineage link for safety reasons) Edit: Now that I paired it up with another alt black, I realized it is also yours! So double
  21. It was intended, actually. I usually don't write 1 like that in normal cases. That was on 'current thought thread', right? It was just complaint for there was written something else than my actual English name.
  22. Hello! Hope you all are feeling well. I am glad that an egg i breed for a project has a nice code. Oh Europe also still needs rain not as bad as it is needed in South Africa but still...
  23. @Draketeeth, thank you for breeding! I needed this guy, & I can breed him a mate at Halloween - https://dragcave.net/lineage/uhAoE And thnx to the anons who dropped the CB Sapphire & both CB Purples I picked up yesterday, too !
  24. Mass-clicking eggs in hatcheries. Silvi's and ValleySherwood, mostly. Another option, if you have the adults, is to breed them (you can abandon them afterwards). The AP might also help (pickup & drop).
  25. 3rd hour in a row when Rifts should appear in the Forest. Except they don't, at least not when I'm looking ... edit: I just saw a GOLD pop up, of all things (didn't get it, of course), but no Rift ...
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