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  2. Just when I thought there would be no FF related eggs this time, I stumbled over the BLU job stone xD
  3. Update on my ferrets. Bandit, or Lucy Bandito Three-Tears as my brother named her, our lovely almost-9-year-old sweetheart, passed away on April 8th. Old age, older than we thought she'd get. Right before spring too, sadly. RIP, you candy thief. So, how did I cope? ... I was dumb, went to the pet store for fish stuff the next day, and came home with a squirmy baby ferret. No regrets. His (yes, it's a boy, our first male ever) is named Duke Chipper Nipper, or Duke for short. He's two and a half months old, according to his papers. Duke because ferrets "dook" when they're happy. Chipper because he had a chip in one of his front fangs when we got him. Nipper because when my bro first held him...little Duke took a big chomp right into his beard, barely missed his chin. Duke gets along happily with his four older sisters. Rosie and Lily Adams turn 3 years old this spring. Whisper and Snickett Sunshine turn 2 years old around the same time. Bandit would've turned 9 years old. Hopefully I can post photos of little Duke soon.
  4. Love the Stargate egg. Got it while watching SG: Atlantis. @Tikifish
  5. This one is mine: There isn't any references attached to it, I just like pandas Haven't sprited that much so I'm happy my egg got featured on this event.
  6. Remember the Festival of Eggs going on now! Lots of things going on via DC and the Forums, so also consider in some of your time to also create your own "eggs" and send some colorful, lovely, highly sought after, and/or eggs that may be good at hiding to help get that AP time down and let those hunting the AP find some special eggs and gems along with the great spriting submitted by so many artists, both old and new!! Enjoy your Festival of Eggs and Share the Egg Love!
  7. This one's mine as I said before: I'm too lame for references, so I went with the traditional Easter paraphernalia. Yeaahh eggs! Yeaahhh flowers! Yeaahhh bunnies! Slightly disgruntled because why not! @Daiyachiri I love the feesh egg! One of the first eggs I caught and it's still my favorite! And @yellow_gellow thanks for explaining! That little one-eyed fish skeleton egg intrigued me too! Like I knew it had to be a reference, but I had no idea where from @Cowfish249 Aha. Ahahahahaha! It is a wonderful egg and one of the references I actually get, but it will forever look to me like Shrek in a bikini! ISOSORRYPLEASENOHATE
  8. It's my biggest favorite, I love circuits!
  9. Shala

    Prize Central

    HAVE: (click image for lineage) 3EG F Bronze Tinsel x M frilled checker WANT: bloodswap offers Make me an offer I can't refuse I use decline! If your offer stands, I'm considering it or haven't seen it. Cheers! Shala
  10. The colors in the "nucleus" is probably where that connection came from, yeah. Hahaha, such an egg would be the combination of both space AND time.
  11. Here we go! -- - Starting at 8:00 PM EDT/DC, Monday, April 22, 2019, today is Day 9 of the Cirion Lunar Cycle. The current Moon Phase is Waxing Crescent. - Also, today is Day 25 of the Aurax Lunar Cycle. The current Moon Phase is Waxing Gibbous. There is a much higher probability of catching/breeding Dark Luminae than Luminae today.
  12. I am wishing that the time to catch the eggs could either be extended, or the gap between picking up eggs is shrunk a lot. Right now it seems to be more than 15 minutes between eggs appearing, which means only four per hour . At that rate, I will never finish picking up the eggs.
  13. This one was mine He shreck. It was my first time doing pixel art (excluding ms paint as a kid). I also made these befor the limit was introduced. If TJ makes a public egg contest again I have an animated one in mind. 👌 Loving everyone eggs btw! So many creative ideas! ✨💕🥚💕✨
  14. The atom egg reminded me of an aeon egg for some reason. Something about the colors?
  15. Only a bit late today! -- Day 25 Phase Change Today @ 8:00PM EDT/DC! Aurax (Gold Moon) : Waxing Gibbous; No Phase Change. Aurax is expected to stay more than 50% illuminated! Cirion (Blue Moon) : New Moon --> Waxing Crescent; Phase Change! Cirion is expected to stay less than 50% illuminated! Eggs are expected to stay Gold!! Cave Lunar Herald Eggs are expected to be Gold! Bred Lunar Herald Eggs are expected to be Gold! Enjoy breeding and catching eggs! Pinkgothic's imaged-based cycler that shows the whatever Lunar is dropping): Pinkgothic's Daily Dragon Fix page that shows what's dropping and when the others will drop: Link Millie_Azure's Lunar Herald long term calendar: Link DC Moon Watch Document: Link Shokomon's version of the cycler (also made by Pinkgothic):
  16. I suppose I'll jump on the bandwagon. This here is my egg: I am a huge nerd when it comes to all things science--after all, that is what I am currently in university for. So why not celebrate this love of scientific progress by designing an egg after our favorite outdated atomic model? Perhaps I'll make the Schrödinger model next year, once I've figured out how to place pixels without being certain as to where they are at any given time.
  17. The White has grown up and I am ready to try breeding the pair in hopes of a Vine offspring. I have reached out to @TempestSea to make sure they are ready to receive any such offspring. Will keep you all posted!
  18. Yes, it is indeed a Wolf Link reference. =D
  19. Yesterday
  20. seventeen just plain seventeen ('cause I'm too brain-dead to come up with anything good for it )
  21. Free messy Gaia for who ever... https://dragcave.net/teleport/f2f8ad5e420ee52655aef6c41d04d2ac
  22. I love the Stargate egg with the little replicator crawling out of it. Kudos to whoever made that one.
  23. What might be throwing me off doing vamps is officially Vamp's Habitat is Listen as Unknown. https://dragcave.net/dragonopedia/126 However, this clue seems to conflict with the vamps info page: "P1d. Currently, I can be from all habitats, including Cave and Market." However, I was able to successfully convert a market egg (black tip) to a vamp. Without a repulse happening. https://dragcave.net/view/2cPtI As for a cave born Fell dragon: I'm trying to figure that out forgot some old topic got damaged by the original form upgrade.
  24. ((okay. I can do the ts if you’d like me to )) Alex was back working at the castle and protecting the queen after her and Zane’s quest regarding the assassins that had tried to kill the king and queen and had injured her (Alex). She and Zane had also talked about plans for what they’d like their future house to look like as well as more planning for their wedding. She was currently in her usual position of standing outside the queen’s door on the left-hand side and waiting for her charge to come out so that she could accompany her to the garden as usual while also having a conversation with her. A few minutes later, the queen emerged and they left together while another guard took her place for the moment. They talked about if they had figured out when the wedding was yet as well as if they had a house yet that they were living in together to which she replied that they hadn’t yet to both but that continued planning for both were still underway. She’d let her know when they had a definitive date figured out yet as well as the house. Just as they talked about this last thing, they found themselves in the garden and at their usual seats in which both sat in while enjoying the nice weather they were having.
  25. "I will, when we get back. " Zach said to Parker ins nose touching her mark sending a jolt through both of their bodies. "It is my job as your mate to explain. I am deeply sorry for the shock..... " He says licking her cheek softly before shifting back and made a splint from the oak board Sabrina tore off the window and wrapped up her wrist as Adonis did another purification spell, a small one this time, and shrank to a small wolf that looked emaciated and old. The iron marks still shone on his white fur. "I will be okay. In a good deal of pain and my power has drained from the iron.... I'll be stuck like this for a while. I'm more concerned about you must love. How is your wrist my dear Cassiopeia?" Adonis looked up at her as her arm got bound up. "Talk later, let's get going." Zach said ushering them up the steps to the trap door then passed a very messy scene of the witch torn to bits and wine bottles broken everywhere, with golden red afterglow of his magic sealing the place. He wrapped his cloak around himself, whistled for Bruce as soon as he stepped outside flipping the closed sign in the window before locking the door and shutting it behind the two girls and his brother in wolf form. He guided them out of the city gate and into the woods where he shifted telling them both to get on. Adonis was too small and weak to carry Sabrina the whole way back.
  26. I liked this one, too, even if I did feel silly for a while over my mistake.
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