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  2. Aww thanks, @purpledragonclaw Happy Easter my friend! One!
  3. I also wondered, with so many people having to fog their eggs, what if one of the eggs we're hunting is on that page?
  4. WOW! I haven't found some of the one's you all are describing yet.
  5. Well, given there's no way to remove views or get a natural 0/0/0 neglected, I assume it is possible. But the DC forums does not allow neglected discussion in public so further explanation should be done elsewhere.
  6. Yeah, it's usually no problem to re-save to a .png file after removing the background. A little tedious, but I don't think it's bad. I've never been able to save a transparent background in .gif OR .jpg. LOL
  7. Haha, I see, well, good luck with fixing it because I thought the personality of the egg was cute. I love the rest of the eggs too, I got a Pink Soul Egg (Gem), a Shrek egg, a family of Totoro eggs with a leaf, a Hollow Knight mask egg, and a Lancer egg. I love the egg discovery aspect, it's fun.
  8. [ duke ; -- add. n/a ; for. k. j. ] -- status.  vylcan ; secondary ] by your sword -- shield me from judgement! -- Kelsier's reserved air momentarily changes; the older man stumbles briefly and Duke falters in his pacing, distracted by Kelsier's actions. Then, a second later, the blond turns around and barely manages a step forward before he smacks into the other wall before him, and Duke gives a wince of sympathy. What happened? Kelsier's condition is concerning, and for a second the blond almost wants to give up on the play, call the situation off. However, he takes a wary glance around him, just now noticing the various spoons scattered around their feet, and instantly his suspicions are heighhted -- very obviously he had just played them with a ruse, and Kelsier is smart enough to return the favour to him. For the moment, as they were practising anyways, he sees no reason to be too concerned over medical issues. Jowan's voice draws him away from Kelsier's plight, and the blond blinks. The other man's offer is tempting, and he would give anything to have a nice, enjoyable chat with Jowan while they watch Kelsier bump into things, but his dinner is at stake here. He greatly values every meal of the day -- it was important, after all. "Sure," he yells back instead, pretending to think hard for a second. "But only because I looooove you." He exaggerates the word greatly, dragging it out with a smile on his features. Then, he watches with absolute delight as the other man makes a move to get out and ends up smacking headfirst onto the barrier Duke had erected there for that specific reason. "But I believe in you more," Duke grins. "And we were interrupted last time. Do your best! I'll do your paperwork for an entire month if you get out. It won't be great, and you'll probably have to redo it and get a scolding, but I'll do it."
  9. Heeey that one's mine I believe! The white background thing was definitely not suppose to happen(and it was sent as a .gif) I messaged the Festival of Eggs account about it. Really hope it's something that can still be updated with a fix! On another note I found the cherry blossom egg that's gorgeous! (but also suffers from a white background) Happy Easter!!!
  10. I've noticed some of them do. I thought they were supposed to be transparent. May have misread though, because they could also have been sent in a .jpeg I believe?
  11. Just got a sleepy panda...but it has a strange white background for some reason? Is it supposed to?
  12. LOL, MOST references are lost on me. Like a movie that is supposed to have some significance? I just like it cause it's sci-fi, horror or something of the sort.
  13. Yeah I agree haha. No doubt people have made amazing eggs x) Also I just found a black egg with a glowing pattern that cycles through colors, I wonder if this is a reference I don't get lol.
  14. Black x Yulebuck checker, correctly influenced Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  15. @Eggy0 so far they ALL look awesome! ❤️ Now I see why mine wasn't picked. LOL
  16. I had just found an egg with sakura branches on it. I like Another thing is that people have mentioned a few different eggs they found and one of these happens to be one I made, do I reveal which one it is or do I wait? Decisions, decisions, decisions...
  17. I SUPPORT Oh my goodness this would be perfect especially when your trying to unlock a dragon in the encyclopedia I'd rather search for that breed then to blindly look through countless pages only to find out that user didn't have what I was looking for in the first place.
  18. @Isabella Fae Graycin I think that one is a reference to hollow knight, a platforming game.
  19. yay! One of my fav events!! Love those eggs!!!!!! Happy Easter DC!!
  20. Just begun the egg hunt, good morning and happy Easter! I am only 1 egg in and I am already excited x)
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