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  2. "She saw the blue dress. That wasn't a wedding dress, really a wedding gift. I'll do the dishes." He said with a kiss to her and gathered the dishes heading inside. He went down, washed them and put them away then came up for a shower, dressed and went out tending to the chickens and started to pick the strawberries.
  3. We've got some eggs below 5 days in the AP, and some above - Want to help drive that time down so we can do some fun searching, incuhatching, gifting, collecting and the like before the Big DC May Birthday Bash kicks in? If you don't have time to do a large breeding run at once, consider maybe doing a small number like .... 10-20? Once you start, you might find you do an extra 10 or more get in there as well. If not sometimes I'll pick a particular dragon type (assuming I don't have a large army of them and am pressed for time, and maybe even then), run thru a breed at a time until you are done with your time. Sometimes its fun to resort your scroll by things by age, Name, Color, and just go from there and see what pops up. Sometimes color is a great way to run thru some dragons!
  4. They took a chair to the top of the bunny hill as it was called and he handed her a sled with a grin. He then went up to a group of kids getting ready and watched them carefully. "Whatcha looking at Mister?" A older boy who was looking after his siblings asked him looking suspicious. "Oh, I never got to sled when I was little and I don't know how. You guys are like pros at this, I was wondering if you could show me how?" Jach said, a girl in pink giggled. "I can show you! It's easy!" An boy scoffed. "You never sledded before? Yeah right!" "I grew up where it was warm and didn't actually see snow until I was an adult. I get sleepy in the cold though, so I stayed inside plus I'm always very busy with work. " He explained. The kids looked at each other then pulled him to the spot they were at. "All you do is sit on the sled." One said and Jach got on the sled with his feet out. "Like this?" He looked confused when they laughed and told him how to have his feet on the runners or on the sled itself. Once he got situated he looked at them. "Now how do you make it go waaaahhh!" He started to say as all seven kiddos pushed from behind and he went sailing down the hill laughing until he hit a bank and crash landed in the snow in a drift. He popped out and whooped waving his arms around and running to the chairs to get back up the hill to go again.
  5. Belisar

    Pokemon Go

    As I was invited to a grill party, I was only able to sneak out for about 10 Minutes. Glad I had enouch Torchies already. -.- Luckily I found 1 Shiny in that time frame. Evolved it as IVs of each and every Torchie were crappy anyways. Decided to go for picture unlocking instead
  6. mariner pygmy! theyre so lovely! and thank you so much @Shokomon :D!!
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  8. Love the Donations, lots of variety and lovely lines for people of all levels and was very excited to enter, and hope everyone gets to see this and join in, its free to enter! So join in - can't win if you haven't don't join in! Don't forget to share the news (we want people to have some fun, especially Celebrating this DC Birthday Month!!), so maybe share a bit more than you normally would and consider posting when you enter to let others know this is an active raffle to join in and follow!
  9. SHOULD COME THRU NOW!! Cross fingers!🤞 I saw it! But I wasn't quick enough to catch it. Maybe some nice 20-weeker grabbed it for me. 🤞
  10. "Get him to look at her? Like her more? She should have asked why he was so distant!" Harold roared. He took off his crown and toasted on the chair haphazardly rubbing his face and grey hair. "Guard! Go fetch king Xander and his wife. I want to speak to them." The man rushed from the room. ------ "I already did that love. Apparently I proposed to her, but I cleared up that and told them about the potion. I'm banned from the grounds for the week, your time is extended and Edward is completely heartbroken. He was talking non-stop about this wedding and carefully planned romantic dates and questions to get to know each other better and now he's.... " He sighed hevily. "I don't know how this will go with the other king and queen. " ------ ((No. That'll make him embarrassed, being unwed and exposed as such. )) Avery managed to calm down a little bit. "Not all potions are drinks. Some can be baked in foods but that requires a lot of magic and their gold eyes would give them away. I just don't want to lose you. " He said sniffling looking up at him. ((You can mention it now.))
  11. It's not a game of who had it worse, but white people (like myself) have to understand and acknowledge that we have a completely different history than POC. We cannot experience racism like they do; that is a fact. Racism is not an individual flaw, it is an institutional and socitial handicap that white people/ people of institutionalized power have leaned on. Any people can be victim of racial prejudice, but only minorities have suffered it on an institutional level. That is the difference. It's not a pity party and it's not a competition. But trying to brush off the history and the DAILY struggles that PoC have gone through and continue to go through as equivalent to struggles of white people helps no one and only serves to pointedly ignore everything that they have suffered/continue to struggle. We do not have the same experiences as people of color. We never will. It is literally ingrained into our society that way.
  12. CB sunstone free to good home Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  13. Hi folks! I have a question about the upcoming DC Birthday event. I have missed the past few events, and would be appreciative if anyone can describe the drops during the DC Birthday events; i.e., frequency and length of drop. Do the new eggs drop solidly for the first 24 hours without new eggs mixing in? Do they drop very frequently after the 24 hours? I am asking because I am considering taking on a longer timed egg; but I am worried that it will interfere with the Birthday event. If the eggs drop for at least 24 hours fairly solidly, I should be okay, but if they start rapidly mixing, I would like to know that, if possible. I realize this year's event could be different from previous years. I haven't been to a birthday bash in a few years so any help/advice on drops would be appreciated. Thank you.
  14. Grabbed this one, thank you!
  15. oh of course! recently have returned to dc so the stun bsa is new to me, so i totally forgot about it! thank you!
  16. OreoQuack


    How do I make a trade? Like, I know how to answer a trade but I don't know how to make my own.
  17. Hi Yogurtmoo! It is because of the Stun BSA.
  18. Look at you, assuming you know how I live my life. It's not a victim mentality. It's called justice. Victim mentality would be if I didn't try. I'm just telling the truth. People have been oppressed, yes, but when it comes to oppression on the basis of race, that's something only POC experience.
  19. Hi mukuro! As DragonLady86 mentioned, if you meant original stories for your dragons, this might be the spot: It seems to focus largely on art but does mention "original stories." https://forums.dragcave.net/forum/25-original-works/ If you want to add a description to an individual dragon, you can add it so that it appears on their individual dragon page. The descriptions appear after being approved by a moderator. More information here: I am not well-versed with the Role Playing section of the site, but perhaps they may have something you are looking for? https://forums.dragcave.net/forum/48-role-playing/ Good luck!
  20. There's the victim-mentality speaking again. You need to realize that it's not a game of "who had worse". Everyone's been suppressed at one point in their lineage and race. You don't wear it like a badge of honor, you learn from it and do the best you can in life without repeating the past and echoing the crimes.
  21. may have been asked before, but this is the 2nd time i've seen this and have been wondering about it! sometimes i see hatchlings with more than 7 days left, the most ive seen is 8 days left. what causes this?
  22. I knew of dragcave a long time ago but I was like eleven and never joined, rip. Now I don't have cool stuff.
  23. Y'all honestly need to stop relying on dictionary definitions for everything. Connotation is as much a part of a word's definition as denotation, which is why slurs exist. According to the dictionary, the n word (not the one you're thinking of, I mean the Spanish word for black) is just another word for a black person... but we all know what it really means, don't we? Just like when you say someone's racist, you know what that means: they don't like people of color, and/or are discriminatory against them in some way. White people cannot, have not, and will never experience racism like black and brown people do daily. That's literally just a fact. Unless black and brown people were to suddenly enslave white people, which ... would be impossible and also very crappy, it just won't happen. That being said, I've looked at the arguments against the gender pay gap as well as the race pay gap, and it still boils down to gender and race in the long run. If we are to assume that your education is determined based on your race and/or gender, is that still not racism and/or misogyny? Thus, my point still stands. Not to mention, you can ask just about any black or brown person if they've experienced racism or discrimination in the workplace and they'll tell you they have, versus a white person who maybe got yelled at by a black dude once and now he's mad about it.
  24. omg I hope hope hope I can get that 3 gen gold tinsel from snow cause I have a decent mate for that sucker. Awesome donations though thanks guys!
  25. https://dragcave.net/teleport/8ccee40cefc99dcb3e56511d21f21fa3 Third gen Thuwed https://dragcave.net/lineage/uNPNL
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