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  2. I swear I'm not 12...but this code DOES make me giggle: https://dragcave.net/lineage/EpoOP Thanks, random person in the Public trades!
  3. Wonderfully done! A great tribute to an amazing game.
  4. It was me! Glad you like it!
  5. Bless whoever made the Transistor egg. I also wonder if anyone will understand my egg's reference.
  6. -FireClaw-

    Z Project

    Took the silver. Thank you!
  7. Clearly the eggs with white backgrounds is a simple error putting them into the site. One of the spriters in question has already said they definitely submitted it transparent. I'm sure it'll be fixed. Calling them 'problem children' and acting as if it's the spriters fault isn't really helping
  8. I have got 61, but the last one hasn’t shown up for more than 20 min😂
  10. I just cleared my cache, didn't fix it...they still have white backgrounds. *shrug*
  11. Wiz

    Z Project

    I took the Green, thank you.
  12. Haven't cleared my cache, the problem children are
  13. I've never heard of that, so...that's probably not what I was thinking about. XD; Oh well.
  14. Agreed on both counts! I just got the squid one and it is amazing!
  15. They're not meant to be that way - I thought this was fixed, or it was fixed for me (the ones I've found anyway). Which ones are you having problems with, and have you cleared your cache? Edit: Yee looks like the fix isn't out for everyone yet but they're meant to be transparent and it'll get fixed ^^;
  16. Awww just got the sleeping panda, so cute! And that one with the squid on it is awesome.
  17. Syiren

    Pokemon Go

    awesome, thanks. And congrats on your shiny Latios! I got mine today too!
  18. @Fuzzbucket Oh, I got that one this morning!
  19. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! 2G aqualis x mageia gone, enjoy
  20. EEE! 10 more to go! Loving the variety this year, although the multiple eggs with white backgrounds are a bit jarring, but they're adorable nonetheless.
  21. I second that, white backgrounds don't work on such things^^;
  22. I'm loving the fishbowl and drumstick eggs!
  23. 29 left for me to find. So many fun, interesting, and beautiful designs.. I can’t pick a favorite.
  24. Dracaena

    Z Project

    A couple more Z's from the AP. CB Green. Silver Shimmer, 4th gen spiral.
  25. Today
  26. Mother fans unite! But yes, lovely work on that! Also just found one that's just a leg of chicken. These are brilliant.
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