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  2. Me neither. Scary stuff. A few of mine have actually fallen out of their groups.... unless I am stupider than I think.
  3. Oh yikes! This is a horrible bug! Well at least I sure hope it's a bug. Guess I won't be doing any organizing right now!
  4. I think I'll have to hoard Aeria Gloris and Lihnseyre. So many nice combos with them! Silver x Aeria Gloris and Lihnseyre x Mageia are at the top of my list right now. Oh, and also Vremya x Honey.
  5. Hi @missy_ & thank you for the request I am going to begin working on it today. The Mentoring Project is a great resource & more banners for it would be great
  6. Hiya! I was going to breed some things now and wanted to check in to see if you'll be running the raffle this week? Hopefully now that the new release + Thuwed AP drop has completed, people will be clearing up some space in their scrolls to breed & accept donations
  7. News! Hey guys! Due to having a shiny new job, as well as a coming convention in early June, Alternate Lives Raffle is going to have to take a small break. During this time, I will be figuring out a new (though only slightly different) schedule for running the raffle. ALR will return during the week of June 17th, and the exact date will depend on how I want to set the schedule up. During that time of hiatus, if you have any thoughts, suggestions, concerns, etc, you're welcome to get ahold of me, although I'm not certain how quickly I'll be able to get back to you. Obviously, you're always welcome to PM me here, or you can DM me on Discord if you're on the unofficial DC Discord (I believe I have messages from random people turned off). Thank you all for your time and patience, and I hope you have a wonderful day! ~Rosastrasza, with Alternate Lives Raffles
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  9. Yes, pretty much. Just pick up eggs that are at the right age (TJ's eggs are at 2d14h right now) and check their lineage. Good luck!
  10. Try the AP, a few eggs might still be out there.
  11. How do you know its a thuwed in there? Luck?
  12. ?????? What the? How? I copied it straight from the script I have on page 14???? And it's all normal on that page? Why are the images forum uploads now??? I never uploaded them here!? ?????? I mean I can fix it, but why? Why did that happen? It happened on the last two posts... That's so weird. Maybe I'll make a post today to check? Edit: Fixed now.
  13. Aw man, the colors were so perfect...! :’D Nonetheless, tysm for the previews! I think I’m gonna stick with Kovos/Pipio, but I’m still thinking on the rest. There’s a bunch of awesome ideas here!
  14. A look at the AP can also be worthwhile sometimes.
  15. managed to get 2 of each ^_^, been a couple releases since I managed to get a pair of everything lol
  16. Have: CB male Space Stone hatchie (I forgot the real name) Want: CB female Space Stone hatchie Offer here? https://dragcave.net/teleport/1a04d990dc1197fa9eb8687690992702
  17. Well - then I have no idea. Post in the thread and ask ?
  18. 2/3 favorite spriters on a 3 person collab means one of us is unworthy. Is this where Skwoolf, TCA, and I fight to the death to figure out which two of us get the mantles of favorites? I’m scrappy. I feel good about my odds.
  19. I was very disappointed that the soul stone ended up being in a random planet that was never mentioned before instead of Heimdall, but oh well. Yes, the black/dark grey belly scutes are from the aether's container, and the dark markings on the body come from the dark billowing colours of the freed aether.
  20. Nothings been posted in the thread that I can see and the irc seems like a ghost town...
  21. Its been a while since I posted in here. I'll get pics of the aviator setup sometime soon anyway - I forgot I had posted it here. I while ago I requested a paid commission from an artist to draw a scene out of one of my fics. I need to post those sometime soon as well, blood of Primus is progressing very well. This is the result of about 16 hours discussion with the artist while they were in stream - from them making mesh models to post to them doing the colours it relates to the fics I am posting. Grungewerx Commission & Link to fic links The two characters, Megatron and Starscream are fighting to the death in a snowy mountainous region in northern Canada. Megatron has put pay to Starscream but he has an ace in the hole. Grungewerx called it On Destiney's Blade - which I think I may call the chapter that.
  22. Just snagged some new eggs from the AP
  23. @TJ09 - have you seen this ? Can you help us ?
  24. Have: 2g silver from female GoN Want: Bloodswap Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! or PM me please
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