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  2. Thank you all~! I might actually do that! I would love to share my work with other users. ^ ^
  3. I want to train: User: Chaosdawn Dragon Name + Link: Jaina Targaryen Do you have enough points?: Yes How many hours since your last post?: 14 And that should max out my Commander. =D
  4. Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy!
  5. Yes, it is, but then, almost every suggestion made to adjust the AP boils down to people wanting to cherry pick the AP for the good stuff and not have to deal with the stuff they don't like. The only one that isn't like that is having eggs abandoned multiple times loose time, and even that is super easy to abuse in other ways. Especially at Holiday time. So yea, can't support this latest one, either. Cheers! C4.
  6. Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy! How about making your own thread at Original Works subforum?
  7. Have: Two 3eg pb Aeon eggs https://dragcave.net/teleport/4f0d12271db7e96a4ce2bb6a9b7c2012 Want: Offers please...
  8. Enjoy the night out! It's a tad cooler here this evening thanks to this morning's storm.
  9. we did! we got here about 3:30, and now it's a little after 6:30, and she's all moved in. we're staying out here tonight
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  11. Have 2nd gen Sitting Alt Black, Black/Silver, great code https://dragcave.net/lineage/YtlOV Want 2nd gen Shimmer or CB metal Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Be well, Monica
  12. ((just focus on Avery and Cody now. K?) "We go outside. This is the portal room of the sorcerers palace in Sahar. We meet both him and my contact, his apprentice outside. They already gathered all the materials I just need someone to accompany me outside being a girl, they don't know about my secret so me showing up as a guy would confuse things. " He explained to him as they walked through airy corridors to a terrace along the wall then down a narrow staircase with the wall on one side and a drop off a cliff on the other as they wound around a curve in the wall and stepped into a gigantic mosaic courtyard filled with magic circles and transportation spells all formed from tiny square white tiles amidst a sea of blue tiles. Three men where there, standing at three of the cardinal points leaving the west one open for Avery. One was tall and had deep coffee colored skin and had a large Panther with a multicolored hide as his familiar. It had a sweet smell coming from it. The next man was as tall as Cody, olive skin and had a African spotted dog by his side. The third was Avery's teacher and his phoenix hoovered over his head. Avery joined them . With a cry of the phoenix they began chanting, the large crates of soil and rocks started to to get different hues around it. East (Avery's teacher) was red, Avery (west) was yellow/gold. South (Sahar apprentice) was royal purple and to the North (Sahar teacher) a sky blue. The familiars then started circling around them counter clockwise as the colors went clockwise. They continued until everything was a blur then with a sharp "pop!" The colors shot off to the sky and the items disappeared. Right after this the Sahar apprentice and Avery's teacher collapsed. "I'll clean up sir. Cody take AAbdu inside. Sir Delu has master Riko. I'll be right inside." He said waving him over to help the apprentice who had passed out. "Nobody around here so there's no worry about people seeing me. I need to clean the magic residue from the tiles. It'll only take me twenty minutes."
  13. @Draketeeth What a lovely lineage! https://dragcave.net/lineage/otLPy Is the poem from somewhere or an original of your own?
  14. 4G Summer Seasonal PRIZEKIN from Gold Tinsel x Autumn If you pick up this egg I would appreciate if you include "Lore" somewhere in the name. Thank you!
  15. @ninish, thank you for this baby. I had a good laugh and was slightly sad it wasn't a horse dragon: https://dragcave.net/lineage/xqfY2
  16. Lagie

    Z Project

    Ooh, pretty! Thank you!
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