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  2. P1d Bingo? https://dragcave.net/view/xON5h
  3. Seems like blacks matches very well but they have 'alt'... Looks link I'm one of those 12% I guess.
  4. The top one looks fine in your post on my mobile, if that helps at all.
  5. Nectaris

    Pokemon Go

    I would have been ok with up to 250 a pop. I do like some of the poses, but it is unlikely I will ever get any due to their price. In other news, I hatched a shiny igglybuf, and caught a second shiny bunneary!
  6. Tornadoes (tornados?) are scary! Stay safe! Our wind has stayed heavy all day. I have enjoyed my day off. Back to work tomorrow.
  7. Does the worth of 2nd-gen Prizekins vary greatly depending on rarity of the breed? I know Prizekins in general are often wanted, but if it's a super-common breed (or a rather new release that's still plenty common...) does that make it worth less?
  8. Kelsier - Outside the Castle [fight fight fight!] - [the sky is falling] Kelsier raises his eyebrows as Duke quite literally taps out, exiting his own barrier with a backwards lunge almost as if he were steelpushed. He could move his body through the walls? That was a surprise. As a result, the sky begins to crumble around he and Jowan -- and for a split second Kelsier instinctively protects his face from the flying glass shards, except the barriers are not made of glass, and do not so much shatter as they did melt away around them until they faded away. Duke holds his hands up in surrender. Kelsier scoffs but smirks, putting a hand to his hip. "Never give up. Even if it involves you running away." He holds his remaining spoons up to his face, glancing at his reflection within them for a split second, and pushed them forward -- this time without an exaggerated wind-up. The spoons shoot forward only a few feet before they bounce back against something unseen. Kelsier feels another crack at his forehead, and his body gets pelted by spinning metal before he could react. He stumbles backwards and curses to himself -- loudly -- for falling for Duke's ruse.
  9. I looked at your scrolls and can say with certainty that at least 88% of you have the subject of the Ponderous Puzzle.
  10. But those cannot have Location: Cave ...
  11. I finally got a platinum trophy! It snuck up on me, and it only happened because I was loading up on zombie fodder, haha. Eventually enough dragons will be released that I'll have a platinum for real though. I also caught my first CB baikala in ages.
  12. I got a cactus. It now sits abandoned on my windowsill, since apparently I don't even need to water it very often. Yay?
  13. Or just a bunch of pre-provided images.
  14. osmarks

    Do Trophies Stay?

    I don't see how it would be unfair, since they would still have had to put in the work for platinum.
  15. “They were very nice and I enjoyed the tour a lot. Thank you for showing me all of the passages here. Yes I think that would be good,” she said in reply before following after him towards the grand entrance once again.
  16. Okay, I have made up my mind, here we gooooo! Replacing Tara and Kouji with Chika and this moron. Posting Chikako's sheet again because I'm signing her up as a PC this time. Name: Chikako Tanimoto Origin: Naruto OC Info: A tough kunoichi who has a knack for the blade, she’s also caring and knows when to step up for the people she loves. Abilities: Weapon(s): Twin blades Special Jutsu(s): Water Style: Raging waves, Liquid bullet Trademark Jutsu(s): Water Clone jutsu Special Move(s): None Trademark Move(s): Tosses one blade to pin you down and uses the other to attack Link to wiki: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DFyeGEwxOcHt0KeKUSByW58LTFcAMRG6dFkFPdi4yBE Extra: She’s also good at hair and makeup, she does her entire family’s hair. Name: Utakata Origin: Naruto Info: A young man who left his village, he is the host of Saiken, the giant six-tailed slug. Don't call him master. Just don't. Abilities: agile and nimble in battle Very observant Knowledgeable in tracking and herbal remedies Fights with water-release jutsus, mainly bubbles. Yes. Bubbles. In a variety of offensive and defensive techniques. Explosive bubble- Sends explosive bubbles at the enemy, offensive. Can create ink-filled bubbles that can immobilize/kill, offensive. Drift- used to transport and conceal himself. Bubble barriers, defensive. Jinchuriki transform Taps into Saiken's power, allowing him to enter different tailed beast forms, up to the full six-tails form, although he never wishes to use that form. Can enter Version 2 with ease. Version 2- can secrete a corrosive substance Link to wiki: https://naruto.fandom.com/wiki/Utakata Extra: Other info
  17. Thank you. I love black dragons. How about a 2G GW with an interesting code. Looks kinda, sorta like either (got milk) or (gMail) Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  18. Yes, you will lose your trophies if you purge. It'd be rather weird/unfair (in my opinion) if somebody hit platinum, then purged everything and suddenly they're at beginner numbers...but with platinum perks.
  19. False? (not sure) I played some kind of old nintendo game at a friend's house but that was years ago when I was like 7? so I don't remember. ; TPBM owns more than one Game Console. (switch, PS, Xbox, etc.)
  20. 4th-EG black You're welcome
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