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  2. OMG I just noticed something crawling out of the Stargate on the Stargate egg. Anyone else see it? It looks like a Replicator. So cool! And an little frightening if your a Stargate fan and know that that is lol.
  3. This could probably also go into the Stupid Things thread. Agreed on an IOU with someone for metallics. Today I finally managed to breed my half. And realized that the other person went inactive, with zero growing things on their scroll. That explains why they never reacted to my last 3 PMs ...
  4. Tuesday at the stroke of midnight, EDT. So, you had all day Sunday, all day today, and all day tomorrow to collect the eggs.
  5. So these two together pretty much represent my username (ok, that's probably more of an octopus than a squid but I'll take it). I love them and I'll treasure them forever, thank you! (All the eggs are great. Even the creepy leg one haha. Thank you spriters!)
  6. If I knew anything about how to sprite eggs I would definitely have made a Dead Cells egg. I know exactly how I'd have designed it.
  7. When exactly does this event end?
  8. Got 'em 62! Lots of pretties this year, I can especially appreciate the Hollow Knight and Transistor ones! Also loved the lantern one, super pretty! 💖
  9. Coheart → chandelotic: Aeon Wyvern (OFFERED)
  10. Yes, but they're APNG, not GIF, so not all browsers display them correctly. If they're not animating for you, it's probably your browser.
  11. Set a timer! (Mine's at 14 minutes... ) Then click, then reset the timer. Are the two purple eggs supposed to have actions?
  12. Of course you can. I am living a life AFK and have them all - and there's still a day and a half to go.
  13. Today
  14. Oh boy, no way I can get all those eggs in 3 days
  15. Ah, makes sense! Thank you for the info ^^ Looking forward to next year's even more now~
  16. I never said it was ugly D= it actually looks like a dinosaur skull so I was trying to find answers for it! It's actually one of my new favourite eggs because of that fact and I linked it to Jurassic World at first 😂
  17. My seed orders have finally arrived! Hawthorn, Witch Hazel, Elderberry, Cramp bark, Lupine, Marigolds, and a few other flowers. I'll update with some photos of everything prepared for planting in a little bit 😁
  18. Unfortunately for you, the banner works as a separator: it only appears if you also have eggs from previous years.
  19. Just grabbed the last egg!~ Also, the fancy banner I've seen in some of these posts isn't showing up for me. Am I missing something?
  20. I think I've collected all the eggs now, they're so cool! The spriters have done well. I hope everyone's been having a pleasant Easter.
  21. Yes! It was Gothic, holy , I forgot it
  22. Google is useful. I now know which is the Lugia. The only other I know is Totoro - and Detroit, with help from its creator ! I feel sort of - PURE !
  23. Gothic, old(2001) cRPG game of German origin, very popular in Europe, considered a classic of the genre in Poland (where I live), and probably the first game with a successful living, responsive, open world. A game from the times before RPGs got all destinations marked on the map - you had to find everything on your own, with the help of the clues from NPCs etc. Gothic and Gothic 2 are the games of my teen times^^ You may say ugly, but I say very immersive and enjoyable. This game even inspired the makers of The Witcher games, the pride of Polish game industry:)
  24. Not seeing this problem, or not seeing the badges ? I am on Opera too, as default; but tested also in Firefox, PaleMoon, Chrome and Vivaldi ! (I considered iE, but REALLY.... !
  25. I think I got all of 62 finally
  26. @Bugzilla Pretty cool test. I would love to see you submit an egg next year. And yay. I finally got my own egg in the FoE.
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