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  2. I did a little pre-breeding to hopefully help breed a shiny. I even worried i might forget to clear a space for breeding, and even still i forgot and auto-abandoned this pretty Shiny. Hopefully i can trade for it back, at least i was able to breed another!
  3. 3G Seasonal PRIZEKIN HATCHLING from Gold Tinsel x Summer! If you pick up this hatchie I would appreciate if you include "Lore" somewhere in the name. Thank you!
  4. @The Dragoness I sent you a PM about which prize I would like.
  5. Today
  6. Being that so many prizes were donated this month (thank you all!), I am bending the rules to allow everyone a prize! Grand Prize Winners First Place: 2G Gold Shimmer x female choice of Holiday @TerraAnne Second Place: 2G Silver Tinsel x male choice of Holiday @rihannalexis Third Place: 2G Silver Tinsel x female choice of Holiday (from @osean) @purplehaze Runner-Up Winners Runner-up prizes will be dealt on a first come, first served basis. One prize per player. Once you have chosen from the list of available prizes, please ping me here. I will cross prizes out as they are claimed. @Kigyptnee, @Dracaena, @becondethuong1307, @tjenni, @Aqub, @Dirtytabs, @osean 3G Purple x Tan Ridgewing Thuwed checker (sibling) - Dirtytabs 3G PB Common Pygmy Thuwed checker (sibling) 3EG Thalassa from CB Prize & HM (sibling) 3EG Black Stripe x Electric Thuwed (sibling) 3EG Purple x Albino Thuwed (sibling) 3EG Hellfire x Royal Crimson Thuwed (sibling) - Aqub 3EG Stripe Thuwed (sibling) 3G Gold Tinsel x Caligene (sibling) 3G Silver Tinsel x Omen (sibling) 3G Bronze Tinsel x Rosebud (sibling) 3G Gold Shimmer x Valentine '09 (sibling) 3G Silver Shimmer x Radiant Angel (sibling) 3G Bronze Shimmer x Heartstealing (sibling) 3G Black Truffle x Omen SA (sibling) 3G PB Prize (sibling) 3G Silver Shimmer x Omen (sibling)
  7. this is adorable ^^ cute ^^
  8. Actually, observing could be another/different bonus to the feature. There are quite a few breeds in the encyclopedia which need a large amount of dragons raised or observed, and adding one observation per interaction would allow long-time players to get some use out of it too, esp if they have lots of dragons who were raised before the encyclopedia and thus need to unlock it the hard way. Allowing relatively frequent interactions is more useful than the once per month per dragon limit on observing your own dragons.
  9. If we should all be different, I call dibs on being in the state of not caring! Thus defeating the purpose. Six.
  10. fiVe (By the way, what is the opposite of indifferent? Should we be different?)
  11. Another gorgeous Carina for my collection. Thank you so much! ^-^
  12. Round 3 is closed. Except for T1... in case anyone still wants to give it a shot. Last secret is on my scroll
  13. Yoinked the Soulpeace for a friend. TY Aqub!
  14. 2G Hybrids- Carina Hellhorse Daydream Storm Rider
  15. Must be careful not to look indifferent, apparently! three
  16. The Lineage gets longer! Proof: kQRmp What Gen are you on now?: 15 Forum Name: scalesofgrey Challenge Group Link (required): Boop It's always been Aeria Gloris.
  17. Wait... that's actually a thing with the Two-headed Lindwyrms? I had never heard about this before today even, not to mention that the wiki doesn't mention anything about it either. Support from me!
  18. Does anyone remember who collects '007' codes? I know someone around here does...
  19. *Throws hammer down on all the indifference to smite it* ZERO! You're welcome.
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