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  2. < STATUS: Stable; Curious > < LOCATION: 3rd Floor Library > < AGENTS: Theo | Sorey | Cure Scarlet > < OTHER PARTICIPANTS: Mikleo | Lailah | Edna > “Ah, ah!” Arch chastised as Theo raised his arms over his head to smash the box. Arch quickly pulled Theo’s arms down and wrapped himself around Theo’s arms. He ducks one arm underneath Theo’s armpit, snaking it around Theo’s forearm while his other hand finds Theo’s. “You can’t go around smashing things that don’t belong to you,” Arch said casually, trying to ignore the chorus of “Theo, no!” behind him. Arch’s fingers intertwined with Theo’s, warm and slotted perfectly together as though that’s where they were meant to be. Arch subtly scooted closed towards Theo. He leaned in closer until he could feel Theo’s hot breath tickling his skin. “I think it might be better to see if anyone else knows how to operate the box before destroying it, don’t you?” Arch asked softly. He met Theo’s gaze, titling his head to the side ever so slightly. “Oh, you know how to use this machine, Miss Scarlet?” Arch asked as Towa approached from behind. He pulled himself away from Theo, allowing his fingertips to graze Theo’s arm before he lowered his arms down to the sides. “Excellent!” Arch exclaimed ecstatically. He took several steps backwards to give Towa the room she needed to use the machine. “I’m afraid we don’t have computers back in our world,” Arch explained, motioning between himself and Theo. “We won’t be much help in operating them, but I’m glad you know what you’re doing!” Arch’s face brightened as he was filled with a surge of admiration. Even as a self-proclaimed human expert—because who else would know humans better than an angel—he was always amazed by how resourceful they were. Even when he thought he knew everything about a subject a human would come along with an idea or perspective he had not considered. Seeing Towa so confidently approach the computer made him shiver from all the pride swelling in his chest. “Sorey,” Arch said turning to the other human. “Are you perchance acquainted with computers?” If one human knew about them then surely two humans could know about them.
  3. @Lantean_Pegasus Have you been checking your Junk/Spam folder? Sometimes the email filtering system doesn't always recognize the messages as unharmful or 'not spam'.
  4. Gifting: Aria hatchling - Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Duotone hatchling - Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Hellfire Wyvern hatchling - Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Hooktalon hatchling - Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Ridgewing hatchling (purple) - Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Black Capped Teimarr hatchling - Claim my eggs/hatchlings! You may freeze.
  5. Took the above 4 + the 1 rejected from batch 1 Thanks so much! I love hatchies!
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  7. HAVE: (click image for lineage) 3EG F Bronze Tinsel x M frilled checker WANT: bloodswap offers Make me an offer I can't refuse I use decline! If your offer stands, I'm considering it or haven't seen it. Cheers! Shala
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  12. Took the first batch thanks! Giving one back
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  14. Thanks to all who make this possible. I'm in! Yay. Good luck to everyone!
  15. [ duke ; -- add. d. ; for. k. j. f. t. ] -- status.  vylcan ; secondary ] by your sword -- shield me from judgement! -- Hearing Jowan's laugh is reassuring, even if it breaks the silence in the otherwise quiet room and is a little too loud. Privately, Duke thanks whatever spirits lie above that most of the agents are still elsewhere; many are preoccupied on another mission, and the rest of their scattered group seems to have wandered off for their own amusements. Briefly, he wonders what they are up to. Have Stan and Lara finally resolved their tension and gotten together? No, he'd eat his entire shoe if that would happen in the span of only an hour or so. Jowan talks about Vylcan, and it is strange; the mage seems uneasy, and Duke remembers that sharing minds is something that people from other universes seem to find strange. It is weird, considering it is the highest honour on his world. "Yes," he confirms. "But he's friendly, and never intrudes. More of a mentor, than anything -- just a dead man who can't take physical form, but that's a story for another day. He quite likes you, actually." I have no particular feelings towards this man, Vylcan says. But you seem rather fond of him. Waving it off, Duke sets the mugs down on the counter and tips the small switch of the kettle, boiling water. Huh. Was there water in the object before he started it? Well, he'll find out if it starts steaming and shrieking eventually. Having water or not isn't the big concern -- the issue is, Jowan doesn't seem to know ... chocolate? "Chocolate," he repeats, staring at the other man with a raised eyebrow. Huh. That is a ... first. Most of the time, food from other worlds are relatively the same, and once more Duke wonders exactly what kind of place Jowan sprung from. For what it was worth, it didn't sound like a very nice area. Well, he doesn't have to return now, or ever. Humming to himself, Duke folds his arms and waits for the water to boil, explaining as he does so. "It's a sort of ... delicacy, I suppose. Lots of people eat it as a bar, it's sweet and melts in your mouth. But for our purposes, we're just going to be drinking this" -- and here, he smacks the top of the tin of hot chocolate powder, stored away from stormy nights and a mission well done. "Because Xander doesn't allow large blocks of chocolate in the kitchen anymore after someone tried to boil whiskey and pour it on top of the chocolate bars to make alcoholic hot chocolate." Who could've done such a thing, Vylcan asks, amused. "Anyways, he's not here, so I can't go pester him to make something for us. Plus, I feel like getting him to come would be awkward right now; he permanently moves in his armour and I always have the temptation to stick a knife in there and see if I can flip it, like a lobster. That aside -- it's delicious, trust me." While he was speaking, the water -- so there was water inside after all! He wonders who could have filled it -- boils and screeches to a halt, and he casually dumps the powder into the mugs and pours the water over top of it. Then, Duke pauses. You should probably let him decide his own condiments, Vylcan says carefully. "Here," Duke says, passing one of the mugs to Jowan. "Careful, it's hot; blow on it." Then, he slides the stools until they are facing one another, and sits down as well. Grabbing his own mug, Duke takes one of the small bottles on the table -- he hopes it's the cinnamon and not the salt ---- and lightly sprinkles his drink, watching Jowan the entire time. "Do you like it?" he questions, staring at Jowan with bright eyes.
  16. Take 'em if you want 'em - 4 hatchlings from random AP eggs, 3 CB and one nice checker Take 'em if you want 'em - 4 deep sea hatchlings from random AP eggs, all EG
  17. Can anyone help me babysit 4 hatchies for ~12 hours?
  18. I love it! The warm theme is perfect for me on a cold day here. Congrats on success!
  19. Jowan Allies: Duke Location: Kitchen When they arrive Duke busies himself by pulling dishes out of the many cupboards that cover the walls of the kitchen. Sitting still while he works is awkward, but Jowan wouldn’t know how to help even if he did know where to find anything. "Don't bring up my embarrassing sexual history." Jowan startles and they look at each other with the same wide-eyed expression. Duke laughs and Jowan laughs with him; it’s quiet and a little hysterical, but it’s something. He doesn’t understand what… sexual history (something that he shouldn’t be thinking about) has to do with talking, but for all he knows it’s some kind of in-joke. Duke’s… head-spirit, Vylcan, is still disturbing, but for another reason. “Is he… always watching, then?” Duke can’t help it, he knows, it just feels strange to have a not-quite-spirit spying on a private conversation. With luck Vylcan wouldn’t make any more helpful comments and he’d be able to forget about him. He’s deflecting, anyway. Vylcan isn’t why they’re there. “Sure,” he says, then blink. “But what’s… chokolat?” Some strange drink from the multiverse? Duke’s world? Status: not thinking about Duke's sexual history
  20. Stan - Stan's Room [post-shower] - [dirty laundry] Stan closes his eyes at her touch on his face. A good person, huh...? The words send a warm ripple down his neck. Yes... he remembers. The feeling is much different compared to physical lust -- that had faded already -- but somehow it feels much more intimate than the kiss they had shared earlier. When she touched her forehead to his, he thought he could feel a little dampness still on her cheeks. It wasn't sexy, but that's what true relationships were, weren't they? Ultimately, they were messy, ugly things that showed their true natures once the initial sparks were snuffed. It is the resolution, the acceptance of each other's faults that he had never really experienced -- he was too busy trying to set the room on fire, either romantically, metaphorically, or literally. That was his job; that was his nature. It was telling that Lara was willing to give him a chance -- he still thought that she was crazy in wanting to trust him. Did she even think she could know everything about him? Despite his perceived openness and extroversion, Stan was a very private being tangled in many lives and many secrets. But... he had to trust her, too. It couldn't be all about himself anymore. He internally scoffs at the closed loop he had crafted for himself -- how could he trust anyone to know him, if he didn't trust them with any knowledge of him? So, like he promised, he tries. For the first time since he got out of the shower, he smiles. "I love you, too." The silence hangs in the air following his affirmation, but it isn't awkward; if anything, it was relieving now that he finally said it out loud, as if it had suddenly become a tangible truth. He did fancy her -- even in this entire organization of two dozen people, Lara was one of the few people whom he enjoyed the company of, and who he could begin to trust again. He had just forgotten that, recently. But, she had asked him to open up a little about himself, and that was why he couldn't say silent. He nods slowly then bursts out laughing, unaccustomed to this kind of honesty. "...Usually when I say that, I don't mean it. Not in this way, Lara. I'm sure you've noticed that I don't particularly get close to any of the ladies I court, or at least, not as close as they assume I am. It's the problem that comes with being naturally charming, interesting, and polite." He grins at his own sarcasm. That was a joke about his own narcissistic tendencies -- of course the charisma, the pleasantries, everything, was manufactured! It had to be, if he were to con his marks successfully. "Where are my manners, as a gentleman?" he says, playing it up. With the earlier tension gone, he feels a lot more relaxed and falls right into his usual step of casual pleasantries. "You're my guest, and I should offer you some refreshments." He gets up slowly, gently shaking himself out of her embrace. Standing up, he uses the towel to dry his hair one more time before making his way to the drawers on the far side of the room. He pulls the second drawer open, looks inside, and pauses. He eyes the pack of cigarettes within, unopened since the day he moved into this room, but ultimately he reaches beside it and takes out a bottle of whiskey and two crystal drinking glasses. He pours drinks for the both of them. After handing one glass to Lara, he turns the chair and sits down, facing the bed. "Cheers," he smirks and clinks her glass, "to acknowledging our dirty laundry."
  21. Have CB Yellow Zyu with wordcode 'LIP' Want Good Offers Toss me some offers!
  22. Yay for broccoli!! I actually caught it open this month, best of luck to all!! Mothers day is coming dont forget to give your mom some broccoli!! 😍
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