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  2. Have: CB neglected, will be female https://dragcave.net/lineage/VOz6a want: best offer of new release hatchies Pm me!
  3. Late to the party, but I'm loving this release, so many different dragons! I like the look of Lihnseyre dragons best, but the rest are also very cool dragons! Happy birthday DC and thanks to everyone involved! Now onward to collecting these pretties!
  4. That reminds me, I should ask my mom to come clean our windows too, since she's done it every year for the five years I've lived on my own certain adult tasks are just too much to handle! My day's been nice. Yesterday felt so much like Friday that I've been in kind of a limbo today, working from home in the morning and then just chilling. Had a good nap in the afternoon and made very tasty chili for dinner, so that's great!
  5. I can't even make an attempt to pick a favorite because all of these are absolutely stunning c'x For the first time I might actually have a pygmy, drake, and two-headed hoard so I really look forward to that when I have the time. But overall the concepts from start to finish were fantastic and the descriptions really take the cake there too! I'm so thankful for these babs so sincerest thanks to TJ and spriters for another outstanding birthday release ❤️ Now I'm going to go put myself in a time loop and catch some more of these pretties xD
  6. OMG these are sensational! I love them all Thank you TJ and Spriters for giving us this awesome release! Perfect for a 13th birthday
  7. I love Vremya with Ochres, Lihnseyre with Pillows and Galvanic with Aqualis! So many pretty pairs. I also really like these: Lihnseyre with Autumn and Red Nebula: Geminae with all Two-heads:
  8. @KimPlb Here's yours! Lihnseyre and Aether Corporeal Celestial with Aeria Gloris Vremya and Aria
  9. Would anyone be able to do Geminea with Nexus, Blancblack and Bauta?
  10. Have: CB New Coast Red hatchie, precog MALE (5/21) - Make an offer on my hatchling! Want: CB New Coast Red egg from 5/21 -------------------------------- Have: CB New Forest Green hatchie, precog MALE (5/21) - Make an offer on my hatchling! Want: CB New Forest Green egg from 5/21
  11. I think I might like the Aeria Gloris with Starsingers, Celestials, bronze Lunar Heralds, Antareans and Aeons. For the others I'm still trying to gather ideas.
  12. ((okay and edited the post to put conservatory in place of greenhouse room)) Sam had read to the next chapter before placing the book on the table in front of her and then closed her eyes for a little while to get a bit of rest. It was the shout that came from the dining room about twenty minutes or so later that made her jump and open her eyes. She was blinking the sleep stuff out of them when Bell came into the conservatory in human form. She listened to everything that he said before reading the newspapers he handed to her to see what he was talking about for she was a bit confused. She then understood when she read a bit of each newspaper article and started to tremble a bit with rage. "Why that good for nothing, egotistical red gorilla!" she shouted but not as loudly as Bell had done awhile ago and then said after she had calmed down enough to do so, "But of course. Can't wait to give him a heart attack when he sees me as a demon if that'll be allowed." She then stood up before petting Zen as an apology if she had startled him with her sudden shout earlier so as to calm him down again if that was the case and then walked into the foyer afterward to wait for the other two to be ready to go.
  13. Oh somebody already did the third combination!! I really like it. think it would look nice with corporealized celestial:)
  14. "Yeah her. " He said sitting as still as he could. The way he was seemed his hand was hidden behind her back where he fiddled with a strand of her hair unable to sit still for very long. After a good solid half hour, Andre told them to relax and can talk but don't move their legs as he was working on fine details and shading of them.
  15. Slightly lethal as in, kill you slowly. As opposed to the pygmies themselves, who just grab you with their claws and rip your face off.
  16. How about Lihnseyre and Aether? or Aegis with Lihnseyre? or Celestial with Aeria Gloris? I'm also very curious about Vremya and Aria as well. I know I can't breed them for real, but I just really wanna see how the color would look like..
  17. 'Slightly' lethal is an interesting phrase, lol (And oohhh there will be info in the encyclopedia?? Yaayyy! We don't get enough info-filled encyclopedia entries with new release, imo)
  18. Really liking all the new breeds, they are all excellent! I think the Kovos is my favorite, which was a surprise because pygmys aren't usually the type I gravitate towards. Their sprite is just great, and it suits their description. They really do look like (very cool) little demons and I like them a lot!
  19. Have: CB New Coast Red hatchie, precog MALE (5/21) - Make an offer on my hatchling! Want: CB New Coast Red egg from 5/21 -------------------------------- Have: CB New Forest Green hatchie, precog MALE (5/21) - Make an offer on my hatchling! Want: CB New Forest Green egg from 5/21
  20. H: Green copper dragon with nice prize lineage (6G) W: Alt black hatchie(prefer it had a nice lineage) Green Nebula Hatchie One new release hatchie Any Hybrids I don't have Offers? https://dragcave.net/teleport/7957101967e4bbde9a07997fd1f5e522
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  22. ((correct and it's called a conservatory)) Jach let her relax after such a trip, munching on a tea cake and reading each newspaper he missed the past two weeks. After reading the last week's worth of papers, he went to the portal of one of his brothers, unlocked it and brought him back dragging Bell by the horn who complained quite loudly as his hooves clopped against the marble floor to the dinning room. Silence followed for about twenty minutes then a "WHAT?! THAT ARROGANT FAT MAN! Give me a pen!" Came from Bell. Then Bell came in to the conservatory, as a human, finely dressed in gold towed shoes, black pants and a shirt that complemented his tanned skin and accented his muscular frame. His black hair was combed yet unkept in a unique style that made him look irresistible and his pale silver blue eyes where peircing. "Hello love, sorry to interrupt your nap but your husband has .... Business to take care of with me and I wanted to know if you will love to see La Roux squirm like a stuck pig. He made a grievous breach of contract with me so I signed his soul over to my little brother to handle. He is insisting that we go handle him now. Considering he was once your fiance we thought you would like to see how he fares against my little brother's wrath." He said and handed her three specific newspapers that detailed a sexual assault and murder of three women and was pinned on Jach with a demonic nature about them. The articles went on to say how her father's business was starting to lose stock for the involvement in the murders, and in a fourth paper he handed her showed a blurry image of them in demon form taking a flight around the spires of his castle with the tag line 'Confermed Demons in Hell's Castle!'. "The third girl was supposed to be my new concubine after he failed to get you, and the first two where of my own sucubi I sent to keep him busy and as a symbol of my vocal contract agreement. Unlike us, lesser demons can be killed and if killed on the surface, they are gone forever. They have no soul to return to the fires. So.... You want to help scare the piss out of this man?"
  23. Gosh, all the Aqualis combinations make me wanna drool. Especially the Lihnseyre combo! Aaaaaaaa. now someone show me a geminae x bauta!!
  24. I dont think anyone would put their eggs into trades just to not get views - it's the same as fogging but with more steps and potential annoying notifications. And even if they did... okay? Yay? Lol. It doesn't really abuse a no-view mechanic because we already have one. It would just make trading anti-viewbomb-proof. I'm all for this idea (with being in trade NOT pausing the timer) because any and all viewbomb-abuseable mechanics may be removed in my opinion
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