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  2. I want to request a gift! Forum Name: Radugalati Scroll Name: Radugalati Scroll Link: https://dragcave.net/user/Radugalati Message Link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=186098 Today's Date: April 23, 2019 Will you accept an inbred dragon?: no Will you accept a messy lineage?: no Dragon Breed List to be placed on: Gold Dragon (Optional) Any specific conditions that must be met?: 2G from green nebula x female gold
  3. Shame, but if you're happy with the price then all's good. What was wrong with the paper? Wrong size? What's happening with the dress up thing?
  4. Admin, actually. He should see more than anyone else!
  5. I've gotten about half of them so far and I really appreciate the MBMBaM egg and of course..... the magnificent Leg Egg
  6. No... we don't really do phone contracts like that here anymore. But the deal is good. It's in my price range and I like the phone. Well the printing problem is, is that no one believed about the printing shirt paper. I had to make one to prove them that they are wrong
  7. Plus, TJ has stated that eggs behave differently on scrolls they were bred on than elsewhere. He said so with regards to sickness, but I imagine that the same holds true for egg development requirements.
  8. Of course, because TJ also isn't all-knowing, and everything appeared just fine for him. As I said, I see my own artist badge, but only when logged in, and don't see the artist badge of any of the other artists. TJ and moderators said that they see the artist badges without problems, regular users said that they don't see them at all. Naturally, I could be overlooking something, but if all that doesn't hint at a privilege thing, then I presently don't know what else could be the cause. And the moderator badges have been missing for longer, and misbehave differently, so they are likely a completely separate issue. On a somewhat less related note, because I think it wasn't clear from my previous post, I am surprised by the remark that artist badges are now supposed to be missing completely on the mobile version, because I am still able to see mine even there. Most of it is just hidden behind my avatar.
  9. Do you get any freebies with it? What's your printer plotting?
  10. I'm starting a phone contract again so that I can get a new phone and give mine to my mom. Dang that's a problem! I'm having a printing problem as well. People here never believe me
  11. Well I hope you at least get all the ones you like! Yeah I've just been checking my bank statement. Not happy numbers T-T I'm trying to change the ink in the printer but someone has stuck the delivery stickers over the bit that tells you what colour is in the box. I have no idea which one is which without opening the boxes.
  12. As a Chrome user, I can confirm that the (artist) badges are completely missing. In addition, when I open up "Inspect" while viewing a thread that has posts from those who are supposed to have an artist badge (including this one), the console throws up a 404 error for a specific file/path that appears to be the same on all pages that are supposed to display the badge image.
  13. This is my egg! It's a reference to the show Popee the Performer, and it's supposed to look like the main character Popee. I started making the egg just for fun about a year ago already, thinking that it'd be cool to take part in spriting an egg for the Festival of Eggs. Then a year later the egg actually made it to the event. It looked different in the beginning though, with bigger ears.
  14. @_Z_ sorry for the delay got busy ^^' Thank you ;v; i'll keep note of it for future reference ;v; I really appreciate the help ;v; @sh20000sh oh damn X'D That's honestly unexpected, wouldn't have thought a minecraft forum would advertise this place and thanks mate ;v;
  15. I started on my phone but forgot. Kinda hard when the flu is causing you to sleep a lot. I doubt I ever will. So poor at the moment
  16. Today
  17. Super Mario bros 2 (lost levels) First trolling games from Nintendo
  18. I've just been grabbing them on my phone while farming on The Lost Child. Do not buy this game. It's terrible
  19. Bred quite a few more or less messy reds to the AP and also this pretty: 4aLG3 Will possibly go through my pinks and xenos later today. Once I'm not scrolllocked anymore I'll make sure to post a few here.
  20. Yeah doubt I'm going to get them all. I wish I had an extra day cause I avoid my laptop mostly on long weekends
  21. *pets better* Having the flu sucks! Well you might be able to get them all if you remember to check every ten minutes for *does quick math* 12 hours...
  22. Lol... Don't worry I'm caught up with my GoT Weekend was good... but I got my mums flu now 😒 I've only gotten 12 so far
  23. SPIRIT! Spoilerhugs! How many have you found so far? And how was your weekend?
  24. 53/62 and I still don't have mine... (This event is so tedious to complete when you have an adult life:( well, and no mobile Internet. I'll barely make it today)
  25. And NOTHING displayed where the artist badge used to be. (And I don't THINK it's a privilege thing, unless by accident, as @TJ09 says they are displaying properly for him, and said nothing about that being because he is a mod...) My firefox is brand new up to date - and has the placeholder thing showing.
  26. Morning everyone! Not at all. I only started late last night
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